Happy independence day to all the Filipino writers out there! It's a school holiday tomorrow so I have enough time to post this fic. Unfortunately it doesn't really have much of a plot just a collection of short drabbles or whatever it is called.


Disclaimer: I shall never own Beyblade. I just own the OC's and the fan made Beys.

Skylark: Hello I'm SkylarkOfTheMoon or Skylark for short. Welcome to 'Blader Confessions' where our favorite IT Bladers admit their most embarrassing moments.

Please welcome on the stage the IT Bladers from Season 1!

*Bladers walk out*

Miranda: HIBARI!

Skylark: Hello Miranda. Nice to see you in person.

Melissa: Miranda, do you know this girl?

Miranda: Duh. She sent me a fan letter. 'Hibari' is my nickname for her.

Skylark: Hello and welcome to 'Sky Studios.'

Wesley: What exactly are we doing here?

Skylark: I'm glad you ask. *snaps fingers and a booth pops out*

*Bladers jump in surprise except for Melissa, Leon and Raiden*

Skylark: Meet the 'Blader Confession Booth.' This is where you're gonna admit your most embarrassing moments for the whole world to see.

Kirito: Uh….Did you say whole world?

Skylark: Yeah. We're being broadcasted right now. Say hello to the world! *waves to camera*

Miranda: HIYA! *waves and others followed in suit*

Raiden: And why exactly would we admit our most embarrassing moments?

Skylark: Because if you don't I'll do this. *pulls out Drakos from nowhere*

Raiden: DRAKOS! *checks dragon gauntlet* How-?

Skylark: Don't worry. I have all of your beys. *points to the screen showing a room where all the beys were placed*

*Bladers shout in anger and check their cases*

Skylark: If you don't say an embarrassing moment then your bey goes bye-bye.

*points a remote and dynamites appear in the 'Bey Containment Unit.'

Skylark: Don't ask how I got them because that secret is with one of my friends 'Skyler.'

Random Voice: We're not friends!

Skylark: I know you!

Raiden: Alright Skylark is it? Why is Drakos the only one outside the B.C.U.?

Skylark: Oh, that's because one my other friends 'Whitney' has a crush on you and she couldn't bear to know that Drakos will be destroyed so if you don't talk, I'll just give it to her so she could add it to her 'Dragon Shrine.'

Raiden: So? I'll just ask her to give it back. She's a 'fan' after all. She'll follow me.

Skylark: Did I mention Whitney lives in a place that doesn't exist but exists.

*Bladers are confused*

Skylark: You know how a person dreams of something and their dreams are so powerful they become real?

Leon: Kinda like 'Sharkboy and Lavagirl'?

*Everyone looks weirdly at him*

Leon: What? I watch T.V. too you know.

Skylark: Anyway, I guess you could say Whitney is a girl I dreamt of along with Skyler. So basically I'm the only who can visit her and bring things to her since it is my dreams. See, a place that doesn't exists but exists.

Everyone: Ohhh….

Skylark: So our first participant will be Wesley Bryan.

Wesley: What? Why me?

Skylark: Because you're the main character. Duh.

So that's how this fic works. I'll only update when I have time but since the embarrassing moments I wrote are short you can expect at least four confessions for every update.

Another thing. This fic will only focus on the Bladers from Season 1.

IT Bladers from the Big Bang Bladers Arc will have a separate fic dedicated to them. For now these are just the Bladers from the Battle Bladers Arc.

Next Chapter: Wesley Bryan