Skylark: Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry *keeps saying sorry*

Skyler: What's with her?

Whitney: She's just apologizing to the readers since she forgot to update last week.

Skyler: I knew it. Even if she's now in school she's still that hopeless author we all know and lo-are acquainted with.

Whitney: You were about to say 'love', weren't you?

Skyler: *blushes* N-no I wasn't!

Whitney: You do care.

Skyler: *blushes even more* Just get on with it.

Skylark: So I have news for you all. I'm starting to neglect this fic cos' I'm either too busy with school work or I'm too caught up in my other fics.

That's why I've decided to do this special chapter. All of the Bladers will be confessing on this final chapter so I could get this over with. I apologize in advance if some of the stories are a bit humor-less. I've always been low on that department. Guys?

Whitney: SkylarkOfTheMoon doesn't own MFBB if she did she would've made Wes and Melissa get together.

Confession#5: Donald Mccune

I think one of the most embarrassing things that happened to me was back when I was a kid. I was playing soccer with some of my neighborhood friends. Our team hasn't scored a goal yet so I just charged forward and scored. I cheered but everyone was either looking at me in anger or in confusion. One of my friends told me what was wrong.

I scored in our own goal.

Confession#6: Zayna Williams

One time I was in the airport with my mom. I saw this foreigner looking for the bathrooms so I tried to help him. I pointed and said," Bathrooms are to your north."

"I'd rather not follow your directions."

"Why? Because I'm young and a girl?"

"No. Because you're pointing to your south."

Confession#7: Jeremiah Kilgore

One day my mom got me a new sweater but for some reason she won't let me wear it. Something about a mix up. One day I sneaked in her room to wear it but when I went out everyone looked weirdly at me. I decided to go back and I saw my mom holding a new sweater. She told me she didn't want me to wear the first one.


Because it was a girl's sweater.

Confession#8: Miranda Bryan

One time I woke up and remembered I was supposed to meet dad and the others so I hurriedly got dressed. When I got to the NH center, everyone began laughing at me. I asked why and Chris answered.

"Your pants are inside out!"

Confession#9: Melissa Mercado (again!) xD

In my hometown there was this boy I really liked. You see, he's a dancer and he likes girls who can dance. Fortunately I'm a pretty decent dancer (Fanservice anyone?)

One day I went on a get together with some friends and he was there.

When we were all dancing, I did a backflip and he clapped. I did a few more but I didn't know where I was going so I accidentally hit a wall. Even worse, my pants fell down during the last flip.

Good thing he was the only one who saw.

Or is that a bad thing?

Confession#10: Nigel Crabcakes


You know how I spend most of my time with my beauuutiful crabs? Sometimes they group together and pull on my pants. I find that as their crab way of affection.

But one time they pulled too hard.

My pants came off.

What's worse crab! It was beach season so they all crab saw me chasing them.

Confession#11: Ryan Henderson

One time I got a cavity for eating too much lollipops so I had to go to the dentist.

When I got there I kinda freaked out when I saw the sharp tools so they had to knock me out with some laughing gas. I woke up feeling much better and when I got out, I saw Miranda and Melissa in the waiting room laughing at something on Melissa's

laptop. It turns out they came in just when I woke up feeling whacky from the gas.

The kid posted it on the Internet and it already has over 300 views!

And there was this scene when I started singing and dancing. Here's something you should know.

I'm tone-deaf.

Confession#12: Raikaru Fykaru

Unlike Ryan I'm actually a pretty good singer. (A/N: Anyone else think his English voice is sooooo angelic?) When I was a kid I was chosen to perform anintermission number on our town festival. I practiced everyday but when it was timeto perform I got nervous. I was already at the mike but I suddenly forgot the words.

When I finally remembered something happened.

I burped.

Through the mike.

Confession#13: Dan Sodo

Back when I and Ray were kids we used to dress alike so people sometimes mistake me for him. It was fun for a while but then it got really annoying. One day this boy mistook me for Ray, I threw a tantrum. I broke a few things. In the end I said," I'M NOT RAY! I'M DAN! D-A-N. DAN!"

Then he said," Oh there you are Dan. Do you have the dollar you owe me?"

Confession#14: Ray Sodo

One time I was in the shower and reached for the shampoo. It felt kind weird when I massaged through my scalp. Once I was finished I got dressed and went to meet Dan at the park. For some reason everyone was laughing at me. I saw Dan and he began laughing at me too. I asked him what was wrong and he showed me a mirror.

My hair was dyed pink.

Confession#15: Terra Sakora

This happened back when I used to do ballet. We were supposed to have a substitute teacher for the day. When I got to the studio I saw one of the props about to drop on a guy so I tackled him out of the way. It didn't really fell and I learned two things. 1'He' was our sub. 2. 'He' was actually a girl.

Confession#16: Sora Akatsuki

You know how when two people are under a mistletoe and they have to kiss? Well this one time I got stuck underneath it with my crush. I just decided for a peck on the cheek but the unthinkable happened.

I sneezed.

On her.

She freaked out and ran away. Since then she's been ignoring me. That was a month ago and she's still ignoring me. *sigh* There goes my love life. At least I still have my apprenticeship.

Confession#17: Chris Rimmer

I was hanging out with Wes and the others at the mall when I really needed to go to the bathroom. For some reason the bathroom didn't have the…y'know. The 'things' on the walls so I went in the stalls instead. When I came out I saw the others looking at the bathroom across the one I was in. I called to them and they began laughing. I turned around and I found out why.

I went in the girl's bathroom.

Confession#18: Raiden Kaishatu

I was supposed to meet my brother, Retsu, in a diner to catch up. I tried to push the door open.

Clue word: tried.

It wouldn't budge. I spent a good three minutes trying to open it when Retsu walked up. He laughed and pointed at the sign.

It said, "Pull."


Skylark: This has got to be my most messed up story yet.

Skyler: All your stories are messed up.

Skylark: Not all of them! I received 11 reviews in a one-shot I wrote for KHR.

Skyler: 10. One of the reviewers was you remember? When you told them there won't be a sequel. 10 reviews is as high as you will go.

Skylark: *emocorner*

Whitney: Expect new stories soon. Our authoress has been getting ideas for the past two weeks now and she has exactly 27 stories in progress right now. Bye.

Skyler: Ciao.

Skyler: *still in emocorner*