Hedonism feels better than surrender

A rootless tree, a rotting house

I wander lonesome

And I wonder where

Nowhere, that's where

Back I go sliding, sliding

Life is a slippery dip

Brimming with strife

Turmoil is Dutch comfort

Still better than apathy

My joy is like rainbows

Fleeting happiness, passing fun

That joy is like ashes

For all it has done

My thoughts are the acid

That feeds through my veins

Quenching my thirst, numbing my brain

I'm darkness, I'm hunger

But still I don't eat

I won't, not yet

Tomorrow I'll eat

I've forgotten about old things

The purging, the purifying

The deliverance of liberation

And All that You Are

Sin is inevitable to me

Your love is inevitable for me

But Your sacrifice is eternally mine

Forgive me

My Shepherd and Redeemer

Can I hear your voice?

Let me follow you

A lamb is never lost for long

John 10:11, 14 and Psalm 23

I've never been one for poetry. I wouldn't really classify this as poetry. It's just those thoughts and feels when we know we aren't right with God. Spiritual apathy.