It felt good to just mess around, to not have anyone trying to teach me. Soon the team started having races and Danny dumped half a dozen pucks before getting into his own sled. Paige scooted around with the team, started passing the puck back and forth with three of the players. Theo stayed close by he was watching my reactions carefully. I knew he saw more than most people, so I worked hard to fight back the emotions I was feeling.

I challenged him to a race, and won the first time, the second he moved with a vengeance and pulled off the win. Danny watched mostly moving only a little bit. It wasn't a bad way to spend a few hours, and I was actually looking forward to doing it again.

Danny had changed my ticket, and we were going to the hockey game the next night. I needed to tell Theo I wouldn't be flying back to school with them, but I would be going to New York. I didn't want to tell him about court, I didn't want to talk about it. He would find out on the new hopefully when I was already a few states away.

I transferred onto the pull out couch and held onto the charm on the necklace. This guy loved me, and the concerned look on his face just cemented that.

I'm not going back to Hampshire. Danny and I are going to New York.

Why? Do you need surgery or a doctor? I can drive down some weekends.

I'll be fine, I replied. I just, want you to know why I wasn't getting on the plane with you.