Two Miles for Coffee

When rubber meets the road,

For the first few seconds you can feel the pressure in your toes.

But with the wind blowing soft and cool, pain is just another thing you pass when you walk by.

Three dogs run away and some Joe mows his lawn.

The sun is hot but the sweat is cool.

Your legs are your best friends when they don't let you stop for anything.

Pedestrian life is a calming a calming life.

Pedestrian life is a strategic life.

You might not want to walk when it's raining unless necessary,

And vehicles could potentially be a problem if you aren't paying attention.

You smell the stench of family barbeques and throwing out the trash.

You see some kid fall off his bike just to be picked back up.

You walk up a hill,

You walk down a hill.

When you get to your purpose you sit you drink the coffee,

You walk back.