Today was the day. Everything was gonna happen today. Today was the day that I began my plan to win the heart of my best friend, Dylan Stewart. I had liked Dylan since before we were even friends. It was just a 'say some random comment to the other every once in a while' type of relationship till it became more and more often, then it was sitting together at lunch and well, from there things just... Blossomed. He's been my best friend for the better part of a year.

I had turned sixteen last week. That's when I began my planning. First, I had to get him to look at me like he did the girls he would see when we were at the mall, I had to get him to see me as more than just a best friend before I could get those feelings to start. The feelings I'd harbored for much too long without taking action upon.

So that explains my outfit. A black mini skirt that hugged my figure, a open back blue crop top, and my suede, cutout TOMS wedges. Of course, my leather backpack was hanging over my shoulders with my lunch, and a change of clothes and my running shoes, I couldn't wear this all day, I had gym today, and my golden heart locket that had apparently been left tucked into my swaddlings when I was left on the steps of an orphanage as a baby.

I hadn't been there long. I'd been with my adopted family for fourteen years. Most of my memories were of the Gwyn's. But there was this one memory that I just couldn't place. A woman with long black hair like mine, warm, kind brown eyes, her skin as pale as mine, her lips a rich red colour, also like me, and beside her, a man with brown hair and brave brown eyes like mine, staring over me, love and affection in their eyes.

With one hand wrapped around the locket, I took a deep breath and headed out the door. At the corner three streets away from me, I encountered Dylan, and looped my arms through his without a word. He smiled at me, something I gladly returned.

"You curled your hair." He commented.

"I did, very good observation, Dyl." I teased.

"But I thought you said that it takes to long, 'cause its so thick?" He asked, twirling a strand between his fingers.

"Well, yeah, I got mum to do this last night." I explained, and he nodded, dropping the strand.

"You're not allowed to wear heels, Lottie." He says.

"What? Why not? They make me tall!" I argue.

"Exactly, it makes me barely taller than you. I like looking down at you." He got a punch in the arm for that. "You know, for such a delicate girl, you hit hard."

"I am not delicate!" I protest.

"Oh really?" I nodded. "So if I was to punch you right now, it wouldn't be bruised by the time we got to school?"

"Well of course it would. I have fair skin, and it bruises easy. But I am not delicate." I argue, and all he did was roll his eyes, so I took it as a win for me.

By the time we got to school, we had about twenty minutes before the first bell rang and we had to go to class. The thing that I loved about having first period first semester with Dylan was that we got lockers next to each other, and since this semester we don't have first period together, and I'm up on the third floor, while he's still on the second, is he gets to watch as I walk away. Well, its good for the plan, anyways.

We dumped our stuff in our lockers, and talked for a little while, before I had to head upstairs and he waited by the lockers because lucky him, he got a class that was close to where our lockers were while I had to run up the stairs if I was late. And I hate stairs.

I had second period with Dylan, so we met up at the lockers to collect our stuff and then headed to class. I was sure that my plan was working, it had to be, because not only was I sure I felt Dylan's eyes on me a couple times, but guys who usually wouldn't cast me a second glance, had barely been able to look away when I had caught them staring. It was honestly a pretty good feeling, the fact that I could make people not be able to look away, it made me feel like a celebrity.

At the end of the day, Dylan and I walked home together as we always did, but he stopped me on the corner of his street where we usually parted ways. I looked back at him quizically.

"What is it, Dylan?"

"its just... Why did you dress up like that today?" He asks.

"Well I don't know. I felt like it, it made me feel good, to dress like this. You know, the fact that I can actually turn heads? Why, is something wrong with it?" He shook his head.

"I'm glad you feel good, but I just worry that one of those jerk guys would take advantage of you, the way they looked at you today... It was scary, Charlotte." He admits. I smile softly and kiss his cheek.

"Hey, I'm fine. I can handle myself. If you remember, I hit pretty hard. Don't worry about me." I touched his arm, and then turned and walked a little ways, then looked back and waved, and sure enough, he was still standing there, watching me as I walked away.

Yes! My plan had actually worked! I celebrated the small victory as I walked the rest of the way home. Only a block from home, I walked into something hard, and backed up a couple steps, rubbing my nose.

I looked up, an apology on my tongue, and kept looking up. I stuttered out a curse. Standing before me, was a huge, ugly creature. Its skin was a sickly green-grey colour, and its eyes were huge and white, a loincloth covered its junk and its teeth were sharp and poking out from its mouth slightly. In its hand it held a large, wooden bat.

My scream rang through the neighbourhood.