War - just one three-lettered word - enough to bring fear into our hearts. My earliest memory of it is from those days when I didn't completely understand the word. I believe I first heard about it when people around the world debated about consequences of nuclear war. At that time I didn't know what the word meant, or perhaps, didn't know its significance - of how it ruins lives or how against the nature it is and its ugliness. To me, then, it was just another word.

If you ask me about war, I'll tell you that it is the most inhumane thing we as human beings could get up to. But as we know, wars have played an important role in writing the history. It defines what a nation is today.

War is something that knocks on our doors at the most unexpected moment or something we've heard people whispering about quietly as we experience the calm before the storm. War is not just one battle, rather it's one battle after another - each more brutal than the previous one.

Families torn apart, women and children killed or held as bait, entire villages destroyed, people starving as their homes are snatched from right above their heads, mothers trying to protect their children, fathers and sons going to fight and never coming back, people living in constant fear, lines drawn, soldiers fighting, conspiracies upon conspiracies - these are some of the things we may envision when asked about war.

For those who've had a firsthand experience of war, they'll tell you to stay as far away from it as possible. When you start hearing whispers, it's time you start making preparations so that when the time comes, you'll be ready. It is then we realize the fragile mortality of human life.

There's another aspect of war that's worthy of mentioning here. We come to know the true facades of the people around us and make unexpected friends. Those we trust, we trust with our lives. Nothing draws us closer than a war looming just beyond our doors.

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