Beneath the Moon's Light

It was a calm, relaxing night. Claire sighed softly, eyes turned upwards to the sky.

She and Adam decided to go to the beach and enjoy the warm weather that had begun to invade their small town. Except, it was after midnight and the only visible light was coming from the moon, casting pale reflections on the sea. But it was just as breath taking as sitting there during the day.

They were lying on a large, patterned picnic blanket with only a few inches of space between them. It was a comfortable silence, they had been talking for the last few hours and it was nice to just relax in the company of a good friend. There was no need to keep up the exhausting mask of bearing everyday life, with Adam she could just – be. However, there were still some lingering doubts and guilt she felt towards him.

Claire stared up at the sky, contemplating if she should finally tell Adam the secret that had been plaguing her mind for months. Her cheeks flushed at the mere thought; it was embarrassing beyond all doubt, but the guilt had just built and built. Stuck in her mind, the confession under her tongue for weeks.

She swallowed, making up her mind before she chickened out and didn't tell him.

"Can I confess something?" Her words were loud, even though she barely spoke in a whisper.

Adam turned to look at her, cheek resting on the soft, plaid fabric of the blanket. The waves were still audible over the pounding of her heart. She clutched at the side of her skirt anxiously, stuttering out a breath in preparation.

Her resolve shook however, as he rubbed a thumb over the back of her hand and spoke quietly in the space between them.

"Claire? What is it?"

Swallowing again, she closed her eyes from the pale shine of the moon and gathered the courage to speak:

"Do you remember a few months ago? When I came over to your house and left after you found me in the bathroom?"

His eyebrows came together in confusion, though not at the memory, "Yeah. Why do you ask?"

"Well…" She faltered for a moment, "Uh, I was there. For a while. And not just because I was feeling unwell, but because of…um."

Claire took another breather, unable to face Adam before continuing.

"I basically heard and saw…everything. When you were in your room."

There was complete silence after the words came out of her mouth, besides the faint roll of the waves and crickets chirping in the background.

"I'm sorry Adam. I should've told you, I should have…." Claire swallowed uncomfortably, "But I just felt so guilty and embarrassed. I just…shit, I'm sorry."

She covered her face with her hands, digging her feet into the softness of the blanket. She wanted to hide, take back the confession that left her lips. Hoping that Adam wouldn't hate her guts after what she had done.

He cleared his throat after a moment, and she could feel him fidget beside her, but his hand sought hers once more and he intertwined their hands, giving a soft sigh.

"It's alright Claire, I'm not mad."

She swallowed again, removing her other hand from her face to glance at the sky. His soothing words did nothing to ease the guilt that choked her.

"How? After knowing that your best-friend watched you get yourself off and didn't say anything? Adam, that was a major breach of your privacy and I have to say that I'm sorry."

Adam didn't respond immediately, but his thumb kept lightly circling her hand. When he spoke again, it was rough and barely audible.

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe I wanted you to hear that? To know that I…that I like you, more so than you could imagine."

Claire inhaled sharply. "Adam…"

"Claire, it's my turn to confess something. I do like you, if it wasn't hard to tell. And I knew, I knew the moment you reached the top of the stairs. About what was going to happen. I just wanted to know if you might have felt the same way, but when you ran to the bathroom I had my answer…"

He paused, staring pensively up at the sky.

"I'm sorry Claire, that you feel so bad about it. I shouldn't have done something so stupid in the first place, but I had been trying to tell you for months about how I felt about you and I thought that doing something extreme might work. I was just frustrated…"

There was silence between the pair once more after Adam spoke. Claire reeling from the information he had just revealed, blinking rapidly in surprise.

"Holy shit. You…I was – You knew? Oh God."

"Claire…" he began, trying to alleviate her panic, but the sudden tight grip on his hand interrupted him.

Adam could feel her shift beside him a moment later, and he was surprised when she quickly moved to straddle his hips. Her face was dark, the moonlight casting shadows from behind her head.

Swiftly, she leaned in to kiss him, dark hair a waterfall that curtained them from view as their lips connected. She lingered for a few seconds, and then lifted her head as his hands squeezed her hips.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," she whispered, imploring his eyes for a reaction amid the darkness. His eyes were slightly glazed, pupils large as the moon illuminated his face. From the straddling position, Claire dug her knees into his sides and leaned in to kiss him again, barely even lingering on his lips before pulling back and leaning her head against his chest.

It was too much and not enough all at once. Her head was a mess, thoughts circling at ninety miles an hour; turning her into a ball of confusion. She didn't know how to proceed after such a forward reaction. His admittance had hope flare in her chest;

Taking a few deep breaths, Claire tried to calm the buzzing in her mind as Adam lifted his hands and placed them on her shoulders, giving a soft, reassuring squeeze.

"Claire…" he breathed out in awe once again.

She bit her lip and lifted her head to look at him. His voice caused her stomach to stir, it sounded so familiar, too familiar. Akin to his bedroom voice from months before.

Adam gave a small smile before removing his hands and bringing them up to tangle in her hair. He slowly pulled her head down and kissed her softly; his mouth had her intoxicated, supple lips under her own. Claire pulled back a few moments later, smiling down at Adam and taking in the sight of his flushed cheeks and dark lips that were illuminated from the moon's light.

He smiled shyly back, "So I guess that means you like me back?"

Claire rolled her eyes and laughed, "You're silly."

Those were the last words that came out of her mouth before she leaned down and kissed him again, hands tightly clenched in the material of his shirt; his own hands reaching back to wrap around her as she rested against him.

A/N: A sequel of sorts to 'Behind Closed Doors.'