I am Amy Zabala – an only child born in the city who wanted nothing more than lots of children and a farm out in the country. Well, that much I accomplished. I married a man I met in college. His name was Adam Zabala, and he also had no one. We picked out a farmhouse in the country with a red exterior and a yellow interior. Adam called it the "ketchup and mustard" house.

We started having kids soon after we were married and ended up with ten sons and one daughter. We started the tradition of naming them alphabetically. Sure helps our friends keep their ages straight. Now they range from twenty-two down to five. All of them have stayed to help me run the farm. Thank the Lord for that, because two years ago, Adam was killed in a car accident.

Our lives changed, of course. Eleven children is a challenge, even when three of them are legal adults and a couple more are close to it. But my kids look after each other well, and after me. This is our story.