Charlie re-read the plaque at his feet. This was the dumbest surrender he has ever laid eyes on. This was the secret government project. A community shielded away from the terrors beyond the walls, told to re-populate and over throw the zombies.

Project X: Reproduce

Someone had written a women's rights joke about how the guys depended on the girls for once in their life at the bottom of the plaque. Charlie wondered about how their species was really in the hands of both genders. Boys could throw their juices into many goals for instance, unlike girls who only could handle one at a time- wow what is all with this sick jokes! Charlie rolled his eyes at his mind's filthy ideas.

"Huh" Charlie mumbled, "Dad really did try"

The town was a ghost place, just houses and streets. He wondered about calling his father. He wandered the streets for a payphone, he jumped as the phone lit up, requesting a number, not asking for money as a normal phone would.

"Dad?" Charlie croaked into the mouthpiece

"Dad, I'm sorry" Charlie frowned at his words

I'm so sorry

"Why did you authorize this experiment?" Charlie asked

I wanted to win…. Charlie, I want… to say something to you

He sounded out of breath, exhausted, as if he had been running a marathon, had finally found a couch and fell asleep, only to be woken five minutes later.
"Are you okay?" Charlie cradled the phone with his two hands, eyes slowly crawling up to the walls, widening as he saw a hoard of zombies brimming the tops of the walls, overflowing and falling into the bowl of a town he was trapped in.

I love you, son. I always have.

Charlie couldn't help but choke a sob and sniff. He had a very strong feeling his father was probably lying face down under his desk, bleeding to death, or somewhere, dying. The sound of a vase breaking, or crunching of gravel under feet were heard.

I caused an apocalypse….

The voice on the other end of the phone could no longer be heard, was what sounded like a dog eating hungrily at leftovers was all that could be heard. Charlie slowly dropped the phone, looking at the crowd of zombies running towards him.

"Charlie!" Rachel's voice screamed, "Charlie!"

Charlie turned around to see an amputated man and Rachel running to him, from the other side of the street.

"You're alive!" Charlie's heart soared, smiling as he watched her run. She grasped him in a tight hug

"Run!" Spaniard shrieked, waving his hands, motioning for a house with open doors. They bolted inside


"I thought you were dead!" Rachel clasped Charlie's shoulders, breathing heavily

"Great to see you two re-unite but we're surrounded by zombies" Spaniard pointed at the doors and windows, where zombies were blindly scratching and thumping at.

"I'm fine" Charlie nodded, "We don't have much time to live"

"Clearly" Rachel laughed softly, looking at Spaniard

"This is my friend, Spaniard- Angelo" Rachel pointed her fingerless joint at Spaniard

"Your finger!" Charlie grasped Rachel's wrist

"I'm fine" Rachel reassured him, "The feds took it"

"Did they inject you with anything?" Charlie asked, looking worried, casting his gaze to Spaniard's prosthetic leg

"They didn't have time" Rachel answered

"They gave me one that caused me to have an epileptic fit for an hour" Spaniard grinned, "experiments"

"Are you okay?" Rachel took his hands in her own, looking him over for any amputations

"An explosion" Charlie motioned his ear, "I'm deaf in one ear and running gives me vertigo"

"Oh god..." Rachel bit her lip, "Our lives really are in turmoil"

Charlie chuckled at his friendliness, "What should we do now?"

The two doors burst open, a flood of zombies poured in

"I taste like sweat and I eat garlic lots so I won't taste nice" Spaniard warned as a zombie grabbed him by the arm

"Wait!" Charlie screamed, covering his deaf ear, the loud noise could only be interpreted as a vibration, and it tickled his ear, "Lets keep running!"

Spaniard looked at where Charlie rose his finger, pointing at a staircase, ripping his arm free, he burst forwards, eyes wide in terror. They scrambled for the stairs, frantic. They ran up the stairs, Charlie, being the unfit boy that he was, yanked out his asthma puffer, took one last gulp of medicated air and hurled it into the eye of a zombie that was close on their heels, causing that zombie to howl, clutching it's eye, falling backwards into the clamouring other bodies.

"Out the window!" Spaniard rasped, shoving and pushing Charlie and Rachel along, "The roof"

"There's no point running!" Rachel screamed, "we're doomed!"

"We should keep moving for the roof" Spaniard instructed, leaping for a window, hurling himself up, onto the roof. One by one, he lent a hand for Charlie and Rachel and heaved them to safety. They silently sat on the roof, frozen in terror as the zombies made their way towards them.