Mistaken Identity

By Joseph Logsdon

Patrick Sherman was a really bad police officer. If you were to call him a racist, you would be right. From his perspective, all black men were animals. They didn't deserve justice, they deserved punishment. When Patrick unlawfully shot an innocent man, he was suspended. Naturally, being the arrogant guy that he was, Patrick didn't think he had done anything wrong. In fact, he was proud of what he had done.

The Chief of Police, Nelson, sighed as Patrick entered the office. Patrick hated Nelson, so he didn't even bother to look him in the eye. It was all very awkward, to say the least.

"Sherman, we need to talk," Nelson stated, lighting his cigarette.

"Well, whatever it is, make it quick," Patrick stated.

"I'm sorry, am I keeping you from something?"

"I don't like you, is that a crime?"

"Cut the bullshit, I'm serious," Nelson huffed.

"So am I," Patrick replied.

"In case you haven't noticed, a man is dead, and from what I hear, it's your fault," Nelson stated.

"For the last time, he had it coming. Why, if you were in my position, you would've done the exact same thing. Those niggers think they can get away with everything, but they won't, not as long as I'm around. He was obstructing traffic, so I decided to take care of him," Patrick laughed.

"And how did you do that, exactly?"

"He tried to take my gun, so I shot him. Wouldn't you have done the same?"

"You're a liar, you've always been a liar. I can't prove it, but the next time you make a mistake, I'll be there. Mark my words, I'll finish you," Nelson threatened.

"Do you think you're man enough?"

"I'm not your enemy, I'm your friend. Why can't we be friends, huh? Believe it or not, I was like you once. Arrogant, cocky, all of that. It's a tough job, doing what we do. To be perfectly honest, I've hated every minute of it," Nelson stated.

"Will you get to the point?"

"I'll let this one go, but if you do something like this again, you're finished, you hear?"

"I understand," Patrick answered.

"Do you?"

"Don't you trust me?"

"Never have, never will," Nelson stated.

"You're a smart guy," Patrick stated, leaving the office.

That night, around midnight, Patrick tried to fall asleep, to no avail. When he finally did fall asleep, he was forever transformed. The following morning, Patrick returned to the police station, but when he entered his office, something didn't feel right.

"Excuse me, you're not allowed to be in here," Nelson stated, entering the office.

"Nelson, what are you talking about?"

"Did Patrick give you permission?"

"I'm Patrick," he stated.

"That's impossible, you don't look anything like him," Nelson gasped.

"What are you talking about?"

"You should leave," Nelson advised.

Puzzled by that strange occurrence, Patrick dashed to the bathroom, where he made an amazing discovery. Looking in the mirror, Patrick could barely contain himself. He wasn't a white man, he was a black man. In seemingly no time at all, his skin color had completely changed. Astonished and horrified, Patrick ran from the police station, but before he could leave the sidewalk, a police officer stopped him.

"Nigger, don't move," the officer commanded.

"You got it all wrong, I'm not who you think I am," Patrick cried.

"Well, who are you, then?"

"I don't know, I forgot," Patrick cried, accepting his fate.

"Can I see your license?"

"Sure, no problem," Patrick stated, handing the officer his license.

Staring at the license, the officer appeared confused. He was more than confused, he was frustrated.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?"

"What do you mean?"

"Unless you're a white man in disguise, then this obviously doesn't belong to you," the officer huffed, pulling out his gun.

"What are you doing?"

"Just for that, I'm going to shoot you," the officer laughed.

"I beg you, don't do it," Patrick gasped.

"Too bad, you almost seem white," the officer laughed.

The End