Guest Starring Jack Nicholson as Norman Labelle

and Barbara Streisand as Rose Sheldon

Episode 15: The Search Part 2 of 2

Harry, Jeff, Billy and Lola's mother Rose, head to the town Schenectady, Up State New York, where Norman Labelle is currently living. Jeff is none too happy that Rose has come along for the ride as it could get very dangerous. Rose blames Jeff for Lola's abduction and insists that she will do whatever to protect her daughter. They manage to find Norman Labelle's home and find that he has secrets of his own. After Jeff uses his handy skills as not to distract anybody while breaking in they discover that his background is not as innocent as it seems. Norman Labelle had once bought and sold prostitutes and illegally bought and sold new born babies and once served five years for attempted kidnapping and embezzlement. Billy claims he had no idea his distant friend was such a rogue. Jeff figures it's now in his nature that he would go to great lengths to get back at him for what happened to Craig, although it was Beacon who killed his son, not Jeff. Jeff states he's gonna risk his job, by bringing down Norman, but remains confident that the police won't link him to any wrong doing in Craig's demise, as Norman is a crackpot and the police won't believe him. Harry then points out, that searching Norman's house without a warrant is a federal crime, as well as taking desperate measures to get something on Norman to direct suspicion away from himself. Jeff counters and says, that Lola is close to the family and according to Jeff, he figures Lola is in love with him. Rose says, in his wildest dreams. Norman calls Billy's cell phone from a telephone box and gives him instructions. He tells him to that he will accept a cut and only except a million dollars, provided that they do exactly as he says or Lola dies.

Back in Manhattan, Tina paces up and down her hospital room and Greg tells her to sit down and stop panicking, she has just had a traumatic experience and worries that her best friend is in terrible danger. Audrey and Helen enter and they conclude that Norman Labelle has a serious issue with Jeff and Greg feels Jeff has outstayed his welcome in the city. Audrey is devastated by the loss of what would have been her second grand child and Tina comforts her. Audrey also has the guilty secret of sleeping with both Norman Labelle and Jeff Wilson. Moments of complete madness.

Jeff is speeding down Route 88, accompanied by his brother Harry, Billy and Rose in the Patrol Car. Units start calling out for Jeff, but Jeff turns off the radio. Rose interrupts and argues that other cops should be involved. Jeff tells her that if they do that, Lola's fate will be a tragedy. Billy informs that they must reach a call box by 1300 hours, just outside Fortin Park, Oneonta. Jeff senses that Norman has been here taking details, for which call boxes to call them at.
They reach the call box with two minutes to spare and Norman congratulates them. Billy informs Norman that it may take some time to get the money and it may require some friends to bring it to them by helicopter. Norman warns that if the police get involved, then Lola is a dead woman. Billy assures Norman that the police will be the least of his worries. Jeff posts an envelope with evidence regarding Norman, stated 'anonymous' and posts it to Washington. Harry asks how he knows, who to send it to. Jeff replies, 'I have my sources.' Jeff tells Billy, that when the cavalry arrive, just to let Norman have the money, as he believes Norman won't get far on a million dollars, he's dangerous as he is. Norman informs them of their next destination, Sidney, New York State.

Greg, Helen and Audrey take Tina home and make her comfortable. Audrey tells Greg and Helen that she will stay with Tina. When the two leave, Audrey confesses to sleeping with Norman in a moment of madness. Tina is shocked and asks her mother why she would do such a thing. Audrey tells her that he blackmailed her, because she had a sexual encounter with Jeff. Audrey fears she is going to lose her family again, but Tina feels she doesn't want to comfort her mother at this time. Tina insists she is going to call the police and blow away any plan that Jeff has up his sleeve blown out the window. Audrey begs her not to, because Norman could threaten to reveal what really happened to Billy and then that would be the end of it, also Lola is the concern right now. Tina agrees.

Billy gets finalizes a deal with his contacts and will give the final instructions of where to drop the money. After nearly another hours drive, they reach the other call box and will prepare them for the final destination, Oquaga Creek State Park, south of Sidney. They waste no time in heading there. Billy calls his money lenders and gives them the drop off point. A few hours pass and they reach the Creek. One end has what looks like woodland, the other side of the lake is 'Artic Cemetery.' It's almost dark and they start to worry. The helicopter is seen coming from the east and lands in the empty parking lot. Billy takes the money and whispers to his main man 'Is it fake notes?' His man nods. The helicopter takes off. Billy answers the call box and Norman orders that Jeff brings the money instead. Jeff agrees. Rose insist she is going with him, but Jeff disagrees with her, but she is adamant, she doesn't trust his tactics. Jeff adds that 'It's gone fine so far.' Rose doesn't listen. Harry and Billy stay behind and Jeff tells them if he's not back in 20 minutes, but to get on the radio and call the police as he is then willing to risk his neck. Jeff and Rose head into the Cemetery and leave the money where Norman told him to leave it. Suddenly, Lola appears and runs to her mother. Then out of nowhere, Norman appears brandishing a gun and is willing to shoot down Jeff in cold blood. He wants to hear him admit he killed Craig. Jeff confesses he saw Craig, but it was a drug addict that murdered Craig and that he shot, Beacon because of it, which really isn't all true. Jeff points out, that Norman will not know what's hit him. Norman is about to shoot Jeff, when Lola clumsily tries to protect him, but Rose intercepts and takes the bullet. Norman makes a run with the money and speeds off in his car. Rose passes away in Lola's arms, as Harry and Billy run into the cemetery. Lola tries to attack Jeff and blames him for all that's happened. She swears she will never forgive him for it.

A few hours pass, Norman Labelle is a wanted man as Jeff uncovered dark secrets stashed in his house and is also wanted for the murder of Rose Sheldon. Norman stops at a parking lot, just in upper state Pennsylvania and admires the money he has got, but is then horrified to learn it's counterfeit and is in rage. Norman swears vengeance on Billy and Jeff. Norman retreats to the trunk and opens it, when suddenly his car explodes and kills him instantly.

Back in Manhattan, Jeff confesses to his NYPD bosses that he wrongfully entered Norman Labelle's house without a warrant and that it was out of his durostiction, which led to a ransom and thus the hostages mother getting killed. Jeff is suspended whilst under investigation. Then it comes to light that Norman Labelle had been killed, but Jeff states it's news to him.

Jeff tries to apologize for all that's happened to Lola, but she kicks him out of Rose's funeral and tells him that she never wants to see him again.

After the funeral, Tina slaps Jeff across the face and threatens that if he goes anywhere near her mother again, she will not be responsible for her own actions.

Later, Billy asks Audrey, what Tina meant when she told Jeff, not to go near her again?

Audrey bumps into Steven Whittaker, who lends her a shoulder to cry on. Then it gets intimate.

Harry visits Jeff at his apartment and suggests he leave New York for good, as his attempts of trying to make an impression have turned deadly and his trying to be a better person have backfired. Harry tells him, to forget he's his brother. Jeff cruelly remarks that he forgot he was his brother seventeen years ago and it would have saved him a trip to find forgiveness if he had died with their parents as well. Harry spits in his face and Jeff throws him out.

Greg tells Helen that ever since Jeff has returned within the Mcquire/Wilson fold he has caused heartache and destruction and believes he had a hand in Norman Labelle's death too. Greg threats, that he will get even with Jeff for what he did to his twin sister Tina.

Jeff is drinking himself into a oblivion, when suddenly the door bell rings. Jeff answers it, no one there. The door bell rings again, Jeff grabs his house gun and stumble across the room. He opens it and spots a shadow. His vision is impaired. He tries to aim at the figure.
'You're gonna have to ask yourself one question, do I feel lucky,' Jeff whispers. 'Well do ya punk?'
Suddenly, two gun shots ring out and Jeff falls to the ground unconscious. The unknown assailant leaves the scene.


This was Jack Nicholson and Barbara Streisand's last appearances on the show.