Brendan wiped his sweaty hands on his jumper, looking up at the very tall tree before him. It was covered in hot plastic red and green decorative bells and balls. Brendan wiped his sweaty brow.

"Mate, you're really being stupid, don't do it" Ted, a Puerto Rican, sporting a curling black Afro warned his best friend

"I want to" Brendan ran a hand through his cropped hair, stretching his muscles as if preparing for a treacherous mountain climb.

"Mum's having the best prawn barbecue, and we're missing it because you want to get a fucking present for your girlfriend? She doesn't even like you that much now!" Ted moaned

"Shut up!" Brendan snapped, "I hate crustaceans anyway!"

"The crustaceans aren't the point" Ted scowled

"Go take a surf" Brendan shot a hand out, causing two flies to scurry from Brendan's sunscreen covered nose

"Fine!" Ted huffed at the towering soccer player who never touched a soccer ball

Brendan set a foot on a branch, clasped his fingers around another branch and heaved himself upwards.

"Wait" Brendan called, "I want you to stand guard and make sure no one comes!"

"In your dreams" Ted kept walking, whistling as he walked off

Brendan grunted and heaved, growing red in the face as he clambered up the five-story house sized tree.

"Oh man" Brendan strained, panting, "Just one more…"

Brendan grabbed the star that was perched on top of that tree and swore, jerking his hand away, feeling like a branded sheep "that was HOT!"

Brendan, with one hand, wriggled out of his shirt, careful not to lose his footing and fall to his death.

"Merry Christmas" Brendan grabbed the star, in his shirt, "Assholes"

Then he fell, losing his footing, "AAAAaaaaahhhhg!-"

Ted swore, winded, underneath Brendan, "Dude! Watch it!"

"Oh! You did wait for me" Brendan smiled, rubbing his sore head where he head-butted Ted.

"NOW can we go eat the prawns?" Ted asked

"Not yet" Brendan got up, helping Ted to his feet

"When?" Ted whined

"After I go and deliver this to my girlfriend" Brendan said, walking with him

"I'll meet you at the house, then" Ted wandered away

Brendan made his way to Alex's house, pressed the bell, rolling his eyes as the bell trilled out the worst Christmas themed song in the history of ever. Someone inside paused what Brendan recognized was a re-run of Ellen Degeneres and walked to the door. The knob twisted open, to reveal Alex's bright blue eyes and dark red hair, in a white summer dress.

"Hey, beautiful" Alex smiled up to him

"Hey, gorgeous" Brendan hid the star from her sight.

"Um" Alex looked at Brendan questioningly

"Ah" Brendan revealed the star, now cooled down considerably

"You got me a star" Alex took the dinner plate size star in her small hands

"Of Bethlehem I think" Brendan explained, "Or whatever"

"It's a nice lamp- wait you stole it!?" Alex gasped

"Wuh- well I sorta did" Brendan twisted his mouth in worry, "It's just a piece of plastic"

"Lamps won't ever amount the light you give to my world" Alex complimented him

"That's sweet of you" Brendan smiled, "I'll see you tonight?"

"…. Yeah" Alex shrugged, "Bye!"

"I love you!" Brendan waved his girlfriend farewell and walked home, thongs slapping on the broiling tar on the road.

Alex wandered inside and dumped the star in her room, went back to eating her extra salmon covered bagel. Licking off the capers from her fingers in delight, continuing to watch Ellen. Meanwhile, the star in Alex's room started to glow green, a stark contrast to the dull white it gave off, like a plastic glow in the dark star. It vibrated briefly, sending out a set of Morse code vibrations into the plush carpet, then stopped.


The trio sat side-by-side, enjoying the moonrise, a pizza hut pizza in front of them. Ted had gotten up and started to skip stones at the beach, the waves being merciless to his perfect throws. Hannah and Brendan were watching the stars, one star seemed to be moving noticeably from the right to left, slowly.

"That's a crazy plane or a shooting star" Brendan observed

"Usually there'd be like, one white and one red, at intervals if it was a plane" Hannah shrugged, staring at the light.

"You know" Ted turned around, sticking a hand into Hannah's backpack, revealing the talisman, "This is actually a really sweet birthday present for his girlfriend"

"Thank you" Hannah and Brendan chorus, staring at the star/ufo/plane

"Hey" Ted stuffed the thing under his armpit, "What are you two starin' at?"

"Check the sky" Hannah pointed

"It's romantic" Ted nodded, not looking at the sky, where the ball of began to grow large, in silence

"Dude, turn the fuck around" Brendan shoved a finger at the sky

"Ugh" Ted clasped the star to his chest, and looked at the star. It began to vibrate, "What the-"

A beam of light, like a search light, shooting from the depths of space, zapped into the ground, where Ted was standing, causing him to dissolve into smoke and ash.

"TED!" Hannah screamed

"FUCK!" Brendan leapt to his feet. The light blinded the couple, sending them onto their backs, covering their eyes. Then there was nothing. Soft pellets of rain started to fall, growing harder, turning into hail.

"Oh god- we should call the police!" Brendan corrected himself, "-Or someone who knows what the hell just happened"

They ran for cover, cowering from the sharp blades of ice that shot down onto them.