(Translated Language)

*Sir we have the target in sight shall we fire?

*No we will merely board the ship and take what we want he has acquired something that will destroy what we have planned and we can not allow that to happen.

In a autumn brown ship was some type of alien with a tail as his lower body the tail is red, the upper part of the body has on a black skin tight shirt with gray pattern on the shoulders. His face is red and on the chin is a spike, he has hair that is scaly and it is also red.

*Computer fire that high powered cannon at that ship's main engine then divert all powers to shield.

*Prepare the two ships once we get rid of this whelp we shall dispense the disease onto the planet.

*Ready to fire high powered canon* *fire! A beam of white energy was shot at the ship behind him and a part of it exploded. The ship shot it's own beam and the little ship took major damage.

*Gahh computer, computer damnit great I will have to land it manually don't fail me yet old girl!

On a beach were five teenagers sitting around a fire talking and eating marshmallows and smores.

On one side there is a boy with brown skin and black short curly hair, he is lying down on a black jacket. He has on a red sleeveless shirt and blue jeans with rips in them he has on no shoes. He is slim, but there is evidence of muscles on his body, he stands at 5,9 he is 16.

Next to him is another brown skinned man he has black hair that is low cut and has ripples in it. The attire that he is wearing is a white muscle shirt and yellow pants on his left shoulder he has a tattoo of a dragon he as well has no shoes on. This man is 5,11 and has a muscular build on his body he is 17 years old.

The man singing has clear skin, he has blonde hair the left side of his head is shaved while the right is spiked and falls over his right eye. He has on a gray T-shirt and black jeans he has no shoes on. He is thin and has a scar under the left side of his chin and it stops at his bottom lip and stands at 5,8 he is 16 years old.

The next man who is heavy set and is Native American has black hair that falls down to the side of his mouth. His attire is a buttoned up shirt with orange flowers on it and swim trunks. The man has muscular fat, he weighs at 214 pounds and is 5,9 he is 17.

The final man is a Mexican man with shaggy black hair with blue streaks going through it. He has no shirt on and has swim trunks on, he also appears to be the tallest of the group. He is 6,1 and is skinny, he is on his back eating a marshmallow, also he is 16 years old.

"Yo Avni pass me a soda man said the clear skinned man. "Sure Barry, but what's the magic word" "please.

" Actually it was wishbone, but please is good to said the man with orange swim trunks.

"Oh, well the night is looking beautiful, and it is very cool tonight. Ooooh here I am just hanging out with my homies, don't try to mess with us because we ain't no dummies. So, never ever step up to us or you'll get knocked the hell out, now here is another verse I had sex a few weeks ago and it felt really nice I stuck my.


The four men screamed at their friend and he sunk into the sand. "So, does anybody have an idea of what were doing tomorrow I mean it's only the first Sunday of spring break, said the man with the tattoo.

"Detroit my buddy I was thinking that we come to the beach and just check out the ladies, said the Mexican man.

"Isn't that what we did today, I mean not going to lie Redmond it is fun but after a while it gets old pretty fast, said the man in a red sleeveless shirt.

" So, you have a plan Chad!?

"Nope, nada, nothing, zilch I have no idea...so a shooting star! The other four men turned around and could see the shooting star" "oh it looks amazing all right am gonna make a wish, said Chad.

(I wish things would just be a little different. " Is it just me or is that star" "getting a hell of a lot closer! The five men hit the ground and the star passed over them it landed in the water 50 feet away from them, a blue light could be seen where the star landed.

Barry, Avni, Red, Detroit and Chad looked at the ocean wide eye and were in awe at the sight. After gaping at the scene like an idiot, Red and Barry took their phones out and started to record.

" This is Redmond Flores here at the beach and right now, shit man a star just landed right there hello can you see me I was right here first I saw it not them me man me!

Chad was tuning out his friends and took his phone out. He put the zoom function and in doing so saw that what landed in the ocean was no star but a type of escape capsule.

Chad mind was going haywire right now and he didn't know how he should feel? Nervous, excited, scared his emotions were doing so much right now it wasn't even funny.

Chad took a picture and tried to zoom in closer on his camera, doing this he saw a hand on the inside of the capsule.

Chad took his shirt off and ran into the water. "What are you doing, yelled Detroit!? "There is something inside that it's not a star it's a spaceship!

" What the did he say a spaceship? Then why is he going towards it" "you know Chad the weirdest and dumbest of the group wait up dude am coming with you, said Avni jumping in after his friend.

The two swam to the capsule to help who or whatever it was. *Cough, cough, cough okay hey hey can you hear me tell me if your alive. A hand slammed on the inside of the capsule, Chad fell off of the capsule and into the water, Avni swam towards his friend and pulled him up. The capsule lid rocketed off and fell into the ocean.

A hand fell out of the capsule and then the rest of the body, Chad and Avni grabbed the person out of the capsule. The two realized he was much more heavier than he look, Avni figured out why he had a long red snake like tail.

" Yo *cough, cough what's taking so long idiots, Detroit, Red good help us carry this guy to land. The man awakened and grabbed back onto the capsule, "woah dude hey were trying to help you.

The man pressed a button and six things flew out of the capsule and into the sky, he then grabbed something that was as big as a basketball. " Dude hey look were going to get you to safety alright can you hear me hey?!

*Ah ha gkk name, name?

"Name my name is Chad Alexis these are my friends Redmond Flores, Detroit Rodgers, Avni Ashikaga, and here to help us get him into the van our very own Barry Barrington.

The four men now had the alien man on the beach and once again they were carrying him now to the van. It was a 2006 gmc Savanna it is charcoal gray.

*Bang! "Dumbass head in first then the tail were not trying to hurt him more than he already is, yelled Detroit. Barry held the upper part of his body while everyone else squeezed the lower body into the car, it took up three rows.

*Sirens, police, firetrucks other siren like sounds.

" Time to go" "hurry Detroit start the van and go fast! Detroit ran to the driver seat and put the key in the ignition, only the car was not moving" "why won't it go?

" I don't know it has gas, battery has power what what...oh guys I still had my foot on the break ah ha my bad" DETROIT! The van now drove away from the beach and on to their man cave, lucky they left because two minutes later the whole beach had some lights.

"Oh man, oh man this is so cool you guy's this is a real life actual alien isn't it great, said Barry recording the alien man. " If by great you mean a pain in the ass, and if by cool you mean crappy then yeah it's a whole lot of those man, said Avni.

"What's got you so angry? " What got, are you high there is every sense of the word an illegal alien immigrant in the back of the car! "Van dude" "not now Detroit, please tell me I am not the only person on edge about this?

" I think your on edge about it me I am just being cautious making sure my eye's stay on him, said Redmond. The vehicle pulled up in a drive way and the five men had to go through the back hurting ordeal of carrying this alien.

15 Minutes Later

"Gahh finally we got him inside woo, thank goodness. "I am done with lifting this guy everywhere, I need a drink damnit, said Barry walking to the fridge and getting a bottle of water.

" Yo Redmond this dude his lower half looks like a snake, actually wait don't snakes have to be kept warm? Everyone in the room stopped and realization came upon them, so they tugged him to one of the bathrooms which was the biggest one and ran hot water until it was halfway full. "One, two and three big guy! The snake alien was now in the tub and looking at him his face moved a bit, the five walked out the room and closed the door to the bathroom.

" Who is going to watch the snake alien tonight, asked Barry? "I will, I want to make sure he doesn't try anything so I'll stay right outside this door tonight make sure he doesn't come out.

" Thanks Red now that that is taken care of I will be off to bed night, said Chad walking up to his room using the stairs. Everyone except Redmond did what Chad did and headed off to sleep.

Redmond got a few things before his watch two monsters, a steel chair, knife and frying pan. He put the chair in front of the door, took a seat and just waited for something to happen. The five men lived in a three story loft and it was very spacious it had ten rooms in total a big kitchen, a garage to store their vehicles, and almost every part of the house has a living room.

(Mmmm oh ow ship, crashed and now, now I am where am I? "Computer what is current destination? The black ball top opened up and a hologram of earth appeared on it.

" Good I made it I can see five heat signatures in this establishment send five drones out and activate the cure now.

The spheres the size of a cockroach flew out of the big sphere and slid under the door. The other sphere's that flew out of the capsule earlier were now in the atmosphere and all of them got in a position around the earth.

The spheres dispersed something from inside them and then they all blew up.

The other five sphere's that are inside the loft went to the five men, and it pricked each one of them. They flew back to the alien and the bathtub and they made holograms of DNA.

"Amazing their DNA streams are astronomical, these two could they be half breeds probes apply cure directly to these five now. " Once that is finished return to computer and await for further instructions.

In Space

*Commander we have arrived at the designated planet. *Good disperse the no I've read up on this planet as such, I shall call it Holocaust disperse the Holocaust now!

*At once sir, calculating distance fire the Holocaust. *Good with that traitor dead and gone nothing shall stop us, once it is finished we shall return to the armada and wait to see how much of the species is destroyed* *yes sir, the cloud has fully entered the atmosphere and shall take over in twenty seconds. *Prepare to leave this solar system 3, 2, 1 now leave!

The big spaceship left the solar system, the cure took over the world just in the nick of time. The disease fell onto the earth the cure fought the disease and made an antibody this destroyed the holocaust disease. However it made something new it unlocked something inside the the human body a genome that would change anyone who came into contact with it lives forever.

Next Day

*Yawn ahh weird dream last night I actually thought we found an alien huh yeah right as if that could happen, said Barry jumping out of his bed. *Ring, ring ring aw who is this oh my girlfriend, hello?

"Hey Barry how are you? "I am good I woke up this morning so, are you okay Alexis something wrong you sound different? " No I just caught a virus is all so I won't be able to see you this week, but next week we can go on our date Kay" "sure bye.

Barry walked out of his room and into the kitchen. Opening the fridge the milk was right there; Barry grabbed it by the handle and got a cup from the cupboard and poured him a glass of milk.

Barry walked to the couch in the living room and grabbed the remote and turned the t.v on. Barry was also behind the bathroom that supposedly had an alien they found last night, but the door was open and nobody was in their.

"Good morning Barrington would you like some bacon or egg's" "sure thanks. Barry looked who was in the kitchen now and it was the snake alien cooking some eggs and bacon.

Barry eyes grew and he spit out the milk that he was drinking. " PPPUUU AAAAHHHHHH GUYS HELP, HELP, HELP ILLEGAL ALIEN IMMIGRANT HELP WE NEED DEPORTATION!

"What stop yelling and that is a bad joke Barrrrry you how'd you get out and how did I get in my room? "Flores that can be explained by this see, last night I wanted to see what your abode looked like I opened the door and your head was against the door, so I carried you to one of the nearest rooms and after words I preceded to learn your language.

"Wait, you mean you learned the English language in just one night?

"Yes I did Flores, see I looked into your eyes and I was able to see memories of the English you learned in your lifetime. My species can do that by looking through a person's eyes we can learn their language as much as that person knows.

"Wow I mean there is an alien in front of me this is very, very mind blowing. Red man we found an alien and...dude have you looked in the mirror this morning?

"Ya, know you ain't to good looking either you ugly as hell" "no seriously you may really want to look in a mirror dude. Redmond went into the bathroom and looked at the mirror. On top of his head were two antennas, and his eyes have become red and bug like.

"What the hell did you do to me you son of a bitch, said Redmond storming out the bathroom towards the alien man! "Nothing except I have given you the cure" "what the hell are you talking about dude start making sense, said Barry as he pointed his finger at the alien.

Barry looked at his finger and saw that it became metallic and soon his whole arm became metallic. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!


Avni came running down the stairs and his arms completely changed. His arms were now dark forest green and they were big his fist can at the very least hold 6 basketballs at the same there was also some red spot on his shoulder elbow and forearms.

"What the heck are you guys all screaming about this early in the morning, said Detroit with Chad behind him? "Yo Barry nice face paint" "not face paint I've become a freak of nature dude!

"The three of you make it sound like you can not transform back" "who the fuck are you? "Right Alexis my name Alshpeh Nada'kadash, however you five may call me Al.

"Alright, Al what did you do them and are you a good alien?

"That, depends I have killed many species, some to defend someone precious to me, others who were innocent and weren't innocent, I believe myself to be evil. Answering your question what I have done is not just to them, but to you two as well.

I have given you a cure that would have decimated this planet, in less than four weeks. I however, did not expect this to happen apparently the disease that would have killed humans and my cure mixed together and awakened the capacity of your brains; but that is not the case for some people some are just now immune to the disease.

The five men looked at Al with eyes of shock, bewilderment, and anger. "In fact computer display DNA holograms of 1 through 5 now please. The black sphere came into the room and what it was told and now the five men were looking at their own DNA streams.

" I am..was a military scientist my people we were an intelligent, benevolent race who looked ahead. Then we were attacked by a merciless empire called the vaunom, they forced us to use are vast intellect in helping them conquer other planets.

After six years I had completed my work on a cure to stop them from trying to take over the next planet they would try to find with life. "Why would they attack planets with only life?

"The vaunom believe that they are the first and all mighty of beings in the universe as such they believe that other racers are inferior, in doing so they've become corrupted to the point that they believed that they were savior's and that all species should join their armada. My race was one of them, I came here to prevent that type of ostracize and enslavement from happening here.

"If they want us to join them then why would they try to kill us, said Detroit? "I have wondered that myself and I have only come up with two conclusions, first after the disease has taken care of the population whoever was left they would act like heroes and cure you. Second is, they fear humans" "why we aren't dangerous plus we die easily?

"No they fear what you might become, and anyone who have been a threat to them has died. So, I think this is their way of giving you a painless death it is a sick joke.

"Now don't any of you want to know what's happened to your bodies?

"Go on ahead old dude what has happened to us now?

" Computer explain what and how much their DNA has evolved

*Barry Barrington your body is able to become liquid metallic substance, and you can change it into weapons and a variety of things with practice and yes you can turn back to normal.

*Redmond Flores you have a durable exoskeleton, intercept and interpret radio signals, you can fly, 360 eyesight and can blend in with your environment.

*Avni Ashikaga your arms have transformed to hulking proportions this has given you incredible strength, durability, endurance, agility also you can create an electrical field around your hands I do not know the extent of how long the field will last though. Oh you can change your arms back to normal and while they are in this form you can separate the one arm into two and change them into weapons and various shapes.

*Detroit Rodgers you enhanced strength to the point that you have the strength of 25 or 30 men, enhanced reflexes, attributes, senses and agility.

*Chad Alexis you can generate and control fire, water, earth, wind, and lighting. These elements have increased certain aspects about you to control your power. Example, because of air you can now fly at super fast speeds, earth super strength and durability, water is agility and breathe underwater, fire enhanced endurance and eyesight, lighting you can shoot blast of energy when mixing the five elements together.

"Each one of your powers are different and evolving honestly I thought Flores was an alien for a second, because there is a species that is like that. "Wait, you said there is a cure right then how?

"The spheres that flew out of my capsule the made an airborne cure and this in doing so cured the entire planet. "No I am asking are there any others like us, said Chad?

"I am not certain at this point I would have to do a full planetary scan and that would take at the least three weeks" "please do that I want to know just how many this 'cure' you made affected.

"Why not I shall commence it now seeing how I am in your debt for both saving me and providing me shelter, now why not go outside and test your new abilities out, okay now bye bye, said Al as he shoved the five out.

"Thank god there aren't a lot of people around here" "yeah and our nearest neighbor is 30 minutes, said Redmond then Avni. Detroit looked at a tree all the way to the top, he could not see all the way because the sun got in his eye's.

(He said enhanced everything basically I wonder?

Detroit ran towards the tree he climbed it using his fingers and toes like an ape. He stopped once he finally made it to the top marveled at the sight" "what are you standing around for come on let's play!

"If you can't beat em join em then, said Redmond running after Detroit. " Yeah let's get wild yee has" "wait for me dude's! " My friends what am I going to do about?

The five were running all around the forest, Avni used his new arms to smash a big rock, the next thing he did was turn his left arm into a giant wip it has a reach of 35 feet.

Barry turned himself into a big blob and then back to normal and already he was able to turn the transformation off.

Redmond was trying to gain balance in the air and so far it was not working, because he was now upside down.

Chad felt different he swirled his middle finger and index finger in a circle and lighting was spinning around them. "Yo Chad what you doing dude? "Ah Barry"" the fingers that hit Barry had some electricity on them and they shocked Barry.

He fell down on to the ground" "Barry oh my god Barry oh hey man come on wake up dude wake up! Chad slapped Barry in the face, and immediately he woke back up, but in doing so punched in his jaw.

" Ow what the why, why oh why did you punch me? "That hurt like hell man and actually yeah even though I am liquid metal apparently electricity or lighting in this case can still hurt me and am guessing a magnet to?

"Oh and sorry for sneaking up on ya Chad" "sorry about almost killing you. "Guy's hey, hey come here Avni is going to try something come quick come see dude.

Barry and Chad made it to where there three friends are and right now they were at a hill. Going down the hill is a giant rock and by it is Avni with his hands ready.

Detroit found some big rocks and with no effort threw them at him. Avni separated his left arm into two and made two scythes and he turned his right fist into a mace

Avni, destroyed the rocks with little to no effort. " Ooohhhh that's my boy that was awesome " "check em out, check, em, out boom my guns they are dangerous, said Avni flexing his muscles.

" Good bye cruel world, said Redmond as he jumped off from the tall tree behind Barry and Chad! The two had a look of horror at their friend, they ran over to his body as soon as Barry touched him Redmond popped right back up like it was nothing.

"Woah, Woah oh my how did you what the? Avni, Redmond and Detroit were laughing at Barry and Chad" "oh, oh, oh durable skeleton motherfuckers oh I am still alive and all right!

Chad was a little mad at the prank his friends pulled and tightened his fist up. "Y'all were like 'oh no,Redmond your dead oh god please dont leave us why must the good die young! " Chad was priceless Detroit he was all..all..hell?

The four turned around and were caught by surprise to see the giant rock and rocks circling around Chad. "Chad, Chad open your eyes up man come on look around you.

" Red I am still mad at you and, woah I am doing this hah ah wahh woo this uff. Chad fell an so did the rocks" "did you guy's see that? " Yeah I saw it, said Detroit " "I did that" "you did that yeah!

"I am a badass" "he's a badass Chad that was amazing! " Yeah I am, now let's go back to Al and see what he's done so far.

Entering the house Al was eating more eggs and using his computer. "Hello owas how was the test of your abilities?

"Good and wait a minute owas" "what the freaknik is that? " Owas stand for Organism's. With. Abilities, it is simple and easy to remember. No the scan is not done yet, however I shall help and teach you how to control your abilities and train you, because I don't know when but the vaunom armada will attack and when they see that earth is immune.

"Invasion huh, well then might as well have fun with these abilities Al we'll listen to you, but promise you won't betray us, said Chad?

"I swear on my own and my daughter's life I shall not betray you" "...alright then Al welcome to our home let's get to work.