Episode 33: Fatal Attraction.

Special Guest Stars:
Sigourney Weaver as Jill Flanders.
Victoria Principal as Sandra Hill.
James Caan as Paul Harland.

and introducing Michael J Fox as Christopher Mckenzie.

Two Months later, Tina and Harry celebrate their first wedding anniversary by inviting family and friends round for a party. Billy arrives with his date, Sandra Hill, which makes Audrey a little jealous, although she is going through a divorce with him. The telephone rings and Tina answers it, but who ever called hangs up immediately. Billy introduces Sandra to Audrey, she puts on a brave face. Greg tells his father, that he is deliberately attempting to degrade his mother, but Billy points out that Audrey wants to move on and so has he. Billy argues that his son hasn't moved on at all.
'You damn right I haven't William,' Greg sarcastically replies. 'You and the asshole cop had a shot at pool again lately? Last I heard, he was your public enemy number one.'
'Why are you being like this?' Billy asks. 'I thought that after the charges in Frank Wilde's murder were dropped, you'd understand.'
'The truth of the matter is, Helen's father is dead, because my former boss who is also dead, did you a favour, because he saw, how you couldn't stand seeing Mom, the mother of your children, happy again, the happiest she'd been in long time. Happy, because you weren't sending her over the edge anymore.
'If you're so damn sure about me, then why did she sleep with Whittaker, Labelle and Jeff? Three men in a short period of time, who had dark secrets of their own?' Billy adds.
'I guess living with an abusive husband, who forces his children to either drink or give up their kids, made her feel she needed to make you feel pained. Sort of like revenge,' Greg says.
'Revenge?' Billy shrugs. 'I regret all those things and we've been through this a dozen times...'
'Well, then let me make it easy for you,' Greg snaps. 'Tina may have warmed to you, but I haven't. So, go back to your slut and stay out of my life, because as far as I'm concerned, your dead to me.'

2:30am, Tina and Harry are fast asleep and the phone rings. Harry picks up the receiver and places it to his ear. Again nobody answers, except there is heavy breathing noises. The phone goes dead. Tina queries who it was. Harry lies and says wrong number.

Lola meets a new client who is looking for a work placement, Paul Harland and Lola immediately takes a shine to him and offers him an interview for a Janitor's role.

Jeff and Sylvia want to get married right away and Christopher is so happy, he puts a delightful smile on Jeff's face when he refers to him as 'Dad.' Jeff asks Harry if he and Tina will be witnesses at their ceremony. Jeff and Sylvia get hitched and head off on their honeymoon, as Christopher returns to college.

Helen encourages Greg to see his father, but Greg stands by what he said, that his father no longer exists.

Harry is lying in bed, when he see's Tina walking towards him naked. She jumps on top of him and makes love to him. Harry runs his hand onto Tina's body, but then his vision of Tina, becomes his vision of Jill Flanders. Jill is completely naked and she gives him a grin as she raises a kitchen knife at him. Harry awakes from his nightmare screaming. Tina calms him down and Harry is relieved that it wasn't real.

One Month later, Christmas Eve 1996, Harry steps into the elevator of the WTC and a tall blonde girl with a veil around her head, wearing sunglasses and lots of make up holds up a mistletoe and in a squeaky voice asks for a kiss. Harry accepts, but she grabs his face and places a passionate kiss on his lips. They take the elevator to the ground floor and Harry leaves her behind, not realizing he kissed Jill Flanders, who's donning a disguise (wig, veil etc).

NINE MONTHS LATER, SUMMER 1997, appear on the screen. The mayor of New York hands Harry the scissors to cut the ribbon to welcome opening of the 'New Jersey Suspension Bridge.' Jill Flanders is watching the TV and throws a glass at the screen, when she see's him kissing his wife, Tina in celebration.

That evening, Tina heads home early from the celebration party, leaving Harry with his work colleagues. Tina heads into the bathroom via the bedroom and starts to run a bath, unaware that somebody has lock picked the apartment and entered undetected. Tina runs her hand across the running water to test the temperature, she turns around and is cornered by intruder Jill Flanders brandishing a kitchen knife 'Glenn Close' style
'You and I have some unfinished business bitch,' Jill sniggers.
Tina is terrified and Jill Flanders kicks the bathroom door shut and the screen goes black.

TO BE CONTINUED appears on the screen.