Reverse Public Humiliation

By Shadowgate

Gary Latchkey went into Hobbs Middle School because his son was being suspended for fighting.

When he got in there he saw the two bullies but said nothing to them. The assistant principal said "Mister Latchkey your son is being suspended because this is the third time he's been in a fight with these two boys."

Gary replied "oh I hope you don't tell his mommy on him."

Gary's son Brad laughed.

The assistant principal said "he's suspended for three days and I don't appreciate having to hear that smart ass talk from a student much less a parent."

Gary said "whatever" and then he took Brad out to buy a poster board with markers.

After that he took Brad to a pizza restaurant.

Outside of the pizza restaurant Gary had his son Brad write the following on a poster board and hold it up.

The poster board read the following in bold black letters.


When a customer walked by and looked he read the sign.

He said "wait so he's been suspended from school but you're rewarding him?"

Gary replied "my name is Gary Latchkey and this is my son Brad. He got into a fight with two school bullies who'd been harassing him and yes I'm rewarding him for standing up to bullies. This is an anti-bullying crusade."

The customer said "I'm John Lair and hey sounds cool to me."

Another customer Karen Dole came by and asked "oh what's it say?"

Brad showed it to her and she read it out loud.

"I got suspended for fighting school bullies. My dad rewarded me by taking me to lunch at this pizza restaurant."

Gary introduced himself and his son and said "it's my way of doing an anti-bullying crusade."

Karen Dole said "I'm Karen Dole and I used to work as a teacher at Cane's Elementary School and I think this is awesome."

Gary said "well it's great to have someone like you on my side in this reverse public humiliation as I like to call it."

Karen replied "oh so instead of him having to hold a negative sign he holds a sign instead of this, that's interesting."

Brad giggled and then said "one of my best friend's went to Canes." Karen smiled and then went in to order her lunch.

Another lady came by and said "oh my every time you turn around a kid is in trouble these days."

Brad said "read the sign."

The lady said "well I'm in a hurry but if you want me to know what you did I'll read it."

Upon reading the sign she said "wait so this is your dad and he has rewarded you from getting suspended from school and wants everyone to know it."

Gary said "yes ma'am this is Brad Latchkey and I'm his father Gary and I'm doing what I like to call a reverse public humiliation plan. It's also an anti-bullying crusade."

The lady was surprised and said "well okay I've sure never seen a reverse public humiliation plan before. I'll agree that bullying is out of control and I have to get going."

Gary said "please tell your friends about seeing this. I'm sure they'd be interested."

The lady was still in shock.

Other customers came by and smiled after reading the sign.

After 30 minutes past since Brad started holding the sign a woman heading into the pizza parlor stopped to read the sign.

After she read the sign she asked "wait so you're his father right?"

Gary replied "yes I'm Gary Latchkey and this is my son Brad and I'm doing a reverse public humiliation plan. Plus it's an anti-bullying plan."

The lady exhaled and stated "well I don't see how this is an anti-bullying plan but I do see how it's public humiliation in reverse. He gets suspended from school and yet you're rewarding him!"

Gary replied "yes because of the reason he got suspended."

Brad said "hey look police officers are coming let's see what they think of your plan."

The lady snapped "yeah let's see what they think."

The two officers walked up and the first one said "oh another public humiliation deal."

The officer read the sign and said "wait so whoa hold up."

Gary jumped in and said "Officer my name is Gary Latchkey and I'm doing a reverse public humiliation."

The lady yelled "I have a problem with this!"

The officer said "ma'am whoa now hold up. Sir what do you mean a reverse public humiliation?"

Gary answered "well officer this is my son Brad who's 12 and in seventh grade and he was suspended for standing up to school bullies so I'm rewarding him. It's my way of doing my part against bullying since bullying is so out of control these days. I call this plan a reverse public humiliation plan. Instead of humiliating him for being suspended I'm rewarding him because he fought back."

The officer said "um hmm."

Brad asked "I get the feeling you two officers were hoping for regular public humiliation."

The first officer said "I'll admit I was expecting to see the usual sign holding public humiliation. I'm sorry I rushed to judgment and I'm Officer Mark High and it's nice to meet you Brad."

The second officer said "I'm Officer Benjamin Crate and honestly I've got no problem with this."

Gary said "nobody has ever thought of this that I know of."

The angry woman said "excuse me officers my name is Becky Odessa and I feel that this glamorizes a school suspension and even promotes to the delinquency of a minor."

Officer Crate asked "well how does this promote to the delinquency of a minor?"

Becky replied "This father is rewarding his son for getting suspended for fighting in school. Look at all the school violence we have now days."

Gary asked "what am I supposed to do tell my son to let the bullies beat him up? He didn't start the fight."

Becky replied "well before long school will be out for the rest of students and families will be here with children and they'll think it's okay to fight in school."

Officer Crate said "well no because the sign doesn't say that."

Becky said "well it practically does and now day's kids get away with everything."

Officer High said "well you may not agree with everything a parent does but I don't see this as promoting to the delinquency of a minor."

Gary said "I'll bet if this was another sign holding public humiliation event you wouldn't be complaining. Oh and as for families seeing this people have already videotaped us and it's probably on YouTube right now"

Becky just groaned and stormed off.

The officers went inside to get pizza and the reverse public humiliation continued for another hour.