there is never a lack of potentials that pervade my life
they come and go as if i am a home with an open door
they leave their stories all over my walls, all over my floors
a ceiling full of experiences like a jumbled, confused sky
and when there is no room left for the next chronicles
i burn myself down and build myself back up promising
my foundations that what i'll create will be different this time,
then i remember my roots are too deep to unearth
i'll grow towards the same direction every time,
up towards the sun, up towards hope,
and towards someone who might promise me that
"something different" i keep vowing to my past lives.

he's dionysus. hes more misunderstood then
he lets on. he drinks too much, but he knows.
he indulges in his sins, wears his consequences
like the crucifix he wants tattooed on his body.
he is dionysus because he has complete control
over when he wants to stop, and he doesn't want to.
he is everything i know won't fit. but somehow he
molds himself into the right moments,
they keep me guessing. it is complete madness.
but he is not cruel, contrary to his choices.
he just enjoys light hearted chaos,
and perhaps that's exactly what he sees in me.

perhaps that is why i am persephone.
rarely do i show a capacity for mercy
and the one to blame was no other than
my personal hades. i ate his seeds,
he kept me, i stayed loyal, he tried to seduce minthe.
i should have let him go, but he had
become my light in a world so full of dark,
now that he is gone, my eyes have adapted
but sometimes, i still get lost, i still look for
his light, and my eyes burn when i find it.

the last is a succubus. she smiles like
a fox. half of her entity is from a frozen
deep netherland and the other is from
a fiery inferno. she likes me at her feet
and i like it when her teeth gnash
against my neck. she sees my physical
and enjoys every inch of it.
there are moments when she truly scares me
when she runs her fingers through
my hair gently and asks about my thoughts.
i can see her feel. she's not supposed to.
but she does, even though she knows
i've felt too much, so she tries to
kiss me enought for the both of us.

they've already moved into me,
my dionysus and my succubus
into the living room and the bedroom, respectively.
and i am just sitting, watching,
waiting to see how long they will last
before they take advantage of the door
i keep forgetting to build.