I know its short but, read it gives you an idea of the story

Prolog- Outcast
I was different. Thats why they all hated me. They hated anyone different. I don't know who my parents are...or were. But, it didn't take a genius to figure out I was a half blood. Half human, half faery. Faery. Almost all humans hated them and vise versa. So where had I come from? I was abandoned before I turned one. I just appeared on the steps of a human orphange late one night. Though neither side wanted anything to do with a filthy half blood, I was too young to survive on my own. They had no choice but to take me in. For the next fourteen years I recieved the absolute minimal they could give me and have me still survive. Killing a child by neglect can get you the death sentence and they excelled in protecting their own interests. As soon as I was determined to be about the age of fourteen I was thrown out of the orphanage and told to never come back. Apparently I was old enough to take care of myself.For the next few weeks I lived on the streets, if you want to call it living. No one would hire a half blood. No one would give to a half blood begger. No one would look at a half blood, unless it was to kill them. It was in those dark and desperate days that I first discovered my gift.