Part 1- The Gift
With a shiver I pulled the few ragged pieces of cloth I had found around me. It was a cold night and the ground underneath me was hard and unyielding. Just as I was starting to drift off to sleep a wet drop fell on my face. 'Great, just what I need, rain.' I thought as I sat up. With a groan I pushed my extremely dark blue hair out of my face. Then it started to pour. I stood up.

"WHY ME?!" I yelled to the uncaring desert sky. I grabbed my few belongings and huddled near a straggly bush. I spread one piece of my battered cloth across the top of the bush to protect my preciously little bundle of food scraps. Just two days ago I had stolen all the supplies I could and started off across the desert to find a place to live, a place where I could live in peace or die. But nothing would ever go right for me. All I wanted was a bit of fertile land to live on so I could get food and shelter. It doesn't matter weather its in a town or in the middle of nowhere, its not like I plan to reveal myself to them and be shunned again. Now, the rest of my pathetic food supply is in danger of being ruined. In frustration i stomped my foot and threw my hands up to the sky.

"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! LEAVE!!" I roared up at the unmericiful storm that was in full flight all around me. I sank to my knees staring blankly up at the sky. Tears rolled down my face. Then something began to happen. The clouds moved in an impossibly fast way and the rain stopped. Soon I was left starin up at the stars in disbelief. No, this couldn't be. Me, with the Gift? Me, the filthy half blood with the Gift?! I had heard of things like this before, the choosen people, the people that were the tools of the gods had a gift of power. It meant that the people had to complete a task necessary to restore the balance of nature.

Keeping the balance of nature was a task placed on all people at the beginning of time. Back when there was only one race of the gods' people on the planet. Back before, for a reason no one knows, the people were divided and then evolved into the humans and the faeries. So why did I have the Gift, I certantly be a choosen one. But then how had I just driven off a storm, when storms in this area usually lasted for days or even weeks? With these thoughts buzzing in my head I laid down in an another attempt to sleep.