The debris of a long distance relationship:


You left me with nothing but my pride to hold on to.

As you went around the room and set fire to what was you and me

And ashes drift down to the floor,

I shouldn't beg.

You wouldn't change.

You couldn't turn these black stains back into what once was baby, you and me.


I sit here in the aftermath,

trying to make sense of what went wrong.

And my memories betray me,

I thought that we were happy all along.

And I'm looking back through all of our pages,

which of our kisses were true?

Since when didn't you mean it,

when you said "I love you."



I learned that forever,

only lasts as long as now.

The two years we have fought for

All in twenty minutes gone.

You say that we're both hurting,

please stop trying to be kind!

You changed your mind,

About the love that was baby, you and I.



Now I have to choke on all their wise, wise words.

Admit I'm wrong, keep all these scars from showing.

You couldn't have touched my heart through all the many, many miles.

And all those hours, those plans are next to nothing.

You left me with nothing but my pride to hold on to.