Nothing could possibly ruin this moment. We sway back and forth as the radio plays slow and smooth. Immersed in the pitch black of night, yet surrounded by the sparse light of a billion stars glinting their approval down on us, we continue to dance.

The entirety of the universe seems almost to center itself around this moment, all galaxies revolving from this point, all times being measured from right here. Laws don't apply to us. Anything is possible. We can be anywhere and everywhere right now, yet we choose to be here, swaying back and forth because we know there no where more comfortable, beautiful, or infinite.

The cool air mingles with that wonderful smell of summer that somehow takes over the world when it's season comes. Fireflies all around dance and flutter about, but we don't notice. They don't matter. Nothing matters apart from the two of us.

I feel her hand on my shoulder, mine on her waist, our other hands intertwined between us. Everywhere we touch seems like its simultaneously the softest thing in the world and setting fire to my soul.

She looks up to me and opens her mouth as if to speak but no words come out. She has nothing to say but I know she wants to say something. I put my finger up and lightly brush her soft lips as I bring it down. She closes her eyes and I bring her in close, barely grazing her lips on mine.

She pulls away ever so slightly, and I let her. I know that no matter what, she'll always come back to me. Because she knows as well as I do that there is only one word that could possibly come close to describing the true and absolute, complete and infinite intimacy of this moment.