Lauren squeezed her caramel colored plait in her hand, hugging her free arm around her grey woolen jumper. She smiled shyly when her family friend introduced her to his school friends.

"New kid" Tom thumbed Lauren's direction

Ethan flashed a dazzling smile towards Lauren, "Welcome to the city, Lauren"

"Thank you" Lauren smiled

The girl with black hair and pale skin looked up, blue eyes popping from her head, "I'm Raven….Wow, you smell GOOD! Like… a fresh chocolate brownie!"

Ethan licked his lips mockingly, and tugged on Tom's sleeve like a child "is she edible, Tom? can I eat her?"

"Duh" she flicked her hair, and neared Lauren as if to lick her cheek, she straightened, "I'm kidding!"

Lauren felt her hairs on her neck flatten, "Phew"

"I did warn you my two friends were crazy" Tom jutted a chin in their direction

"I've seen and heard all kinds of crazy. My school shut down because lack of money" Lauren shrugged, "So, if Tom's the star quarterback, who're you two?" Lauren asked

"I'm Raven" she smiled, her bright red lipstick glowing off her face, "And i'm actually the queen Bee"

"Really?" Lauren blinked

"She's actually a charm, unlike what you've heard from movies"

"Whoa, you're friends with the queen bee!" Lauren gushed

"That's right, baby!" Raven blinked, standing tall, wrapping a bony arm around Lauren's lean frame from running away from pissed dogs

"We have automatic entitlement to all the popular parties" Ethan winked, "The downside is that we're technically not popular, we just go to the parties"

"Ethan's evil" Tom warned Lauren

"Why?" Lauren furrowed her brow and glanced at Ethan who was smiling up at her, looking very mysterious

"I'm everyone" Ethan shrugged, "I'm sporty, nerdy and a theatre nut"

"That's a rarity to be more than one clique" Lauren wondered, "why does that make you evil?"

"I don't know, ask the writer of Divergent! they started it!" Ethan mock pouted, "Saying you can't be a member of more than one thing..."


Lauren felt her face go red. This was not happening.

"You did what?" Lauren stared

"I enlisted you into the epic modernized Romeo and Juliet play" Ethan smiled

"Whyyyyyy?" Lauren whined, feeling like she was told she had to eat poo

"Because I'm evil" Ethan laughed, "And I think it would be fun"

"You ARE evil" Lauren glared, she wanted to squeeze his grinning face into mush

"Dude, I can't even act" Lauren tore the flier from his hands, advertising the auditions.

"Well… There's this one chick who always gets the lead, and I wanted to prove to the world- the school that she wasn't the token brilliant girl" Ethan shrugged

"You're pitting some farmer girl with some actor like Angelina Jolie?"

"Minus the lips and double the tits, yeah" Ethan shrugged

"Whoa" Lauren blinked at the mental image, "But still, you owe me a favour"

"Can it be in food?" Ethan offered

"No" Lauren turned and walked, quickly, slowly taking a pen out from her pencil case she was holding

"Then what?" Ethan walked by her side, hungry for this favour to make

"YOU" Lauren rubbed her hands together to mock evil, "Audition with me"

"NOOOOoooooooooo" It was Ethan's turn to whine as Lauren scrawled Ethan's name onto the auditions list.

"C'mon" Lauren shrugged, "I doubt we'll even BE chosen. Besides you even said Double D's even gets picked all the time, there must be a male version of her"

"Yeah, I reckon" Ethan smiled, "I'll see you then"