Suicide by Lethal Injection

By Shadowgate

8PM Wednesday Night 5/27/15

Nurse Cindy Bear and Nurse Alexandria Perm arrived at the hospital because they were both called in. Cindy brought her 14 year old son Theodore and Alexandria brought her twins Mark and Cody.

Nurse Perm told her two children to go into the reserved room for hospital employee's children and Theodore was told to go to the reserved room next to that one.

30 minutes later Theodore left his reserved room and entered a surgical room that had tons of supplies.

He had already written a suicide note which read…


Dear Mom

I'm too frustrated with school and life in general. I just don't want to go on. Ever since I was eight I've been depressed. I hope the hospital doesn't charge you for the anesthesia I'll use to kill myself.

The note was signed by Theodore.

Theodore put the note aside. Then he rubbed his arm with alcohol before jabbing the IV needle in. He then activated the machine and lied down.

17 minutes later he was dead.

When a janitor discovered the body he screamed.

Nurse Bear was called away from duty and she found her son dead along with the note.

Police were called in and the death was ruled a suicide.

24 hours later hospital officials sent condolences to Nurse Bear and she was informed she would not be charged to the drug her son used to kill himself.