(Two Hour Fiftieth Episode Special).

Episode 50: Reaper Falls?

Also starring Henry Thomas
and Mara Wilson as Elena Parker.

JAMES CAAN as Paul Harland.

Introducing J.K Simmons as Donald Blunt
and Christopher Lloyd as George Parent.

It's the first day of the trial, the trial of the woman accused of poisoning her critically ill sister, who awaited a heart transplant a few months earlier and then was blatantly murdered by Paul Harland. Paul Harland set the deceased girls sister up for a crime that cannot prove he is the culprit and not the former receptionist, who has been refused bail, but Jeff Wilson is expected to get his vengeance. Sylvia meanwhile, hears news from California that their is no sign of Kenneth Depp, family members are aware the Helen arrived to search for him and the strip club owner that Helen was kidnapped by, denies any knowing of what has come of the insane pimp. So what happened in the remaining days that both Helen and Greg spent in L.A.? How did Helen escape from Depps clutches and what part did Greg play? You'll finally find out in Season Five.

Tina calls Lola's workplace and is told that they were given precise instructions not to give out that information. Tina is gobsmacked. She tells Harry, that she feels Lola has figured that neither of them like Paul, which has put a damper on their friendship and this upsets Tina a lot.

Niagara Falls, Upstate New York, Lola looks out of her hotel window, admiring the huge water falls in the distance. Paul surprises her and declares his love for her and claims he has a surprise for her later, when he takes her out for dinner.

Jeff queries the missing file on Paul to Christopher, who hesitates before saying he doesn't know. Jeff lets it go, but suspects Christopher is lying and searches his belongings before finding nothing. He is watched by Sylvia. Sylvia informs Jeff, the trial is about to start.

Christopher and George are aloud into the courts, as the terrified accused awaits her fate, with her family show no acknowledgement to her, which breaks her heart.

Billy and Audrey spend the morning together, but agree to remain just friends, even after Audrey admits she once would have taken all he had, but didn't.

At the trial , family and colleagues of the dead girl tell the court, the judge and members of the jury at what an inspirational girl the deceased girl was and that it is cruel and evil at what her sister did. Sylvia is called to the stand and explains that all the evidence is pointed at the girls sister. It's not looking promising for the innocent girl. During a break, Jeff calls Lola's apartment to remind her that Paul is to take the stand as witness the next day, but there is no reply. As the trial continues, forensics and doctors give evidence on the girls autopsy report etc, the finger is still pointed at the former receptionist. The court is adjourned until next morning.

Jeff heads round to Harry and Tina's apartment and confesses to Harry, that he had a file on Paul Harland in which he was a sexual predator and Lola may have failed to check Pauls past, when he joined the agency for his job at the hospital, but also may have enough to prove that he is a murderer. Jeff takes Harry to the station and opens the safe to find the Dictaphone missing on his unlawful kidnapping. This panics Jeff, but Harry figures that the only hope for the truth is from the mind of his son.
'And how's that?' Jeff asks.
'Tina and myself are taking him to a psychotherapist to by hypnotised, because he's scared of that man,' Harry explains.
'I hope that hypnosis does a better job, than my clumsiness,' Jeff sighs.
'And what clumsiness would that be?' Sylvia interrupts.
Jeff admits he kept Paul Harland's file a secret from Sylvia, because he didn't have enough evidence to prove he was a mass murderer and decided to unlawfully kidnap him and figures he may have slipped up in the scrapyard. Sylvia asks him, why he would go to all that trouble instead of doing it the lawful way.
'Is it because you love Lola instead of me?' Sylvia suggests.
'I can't believe you're asking me this,' Jeff asks. 'You sound really ridiculous.'
'Do you love me?' Sylvia cries. 'If you don't answer me, I'm gonna burn this file and break this Dictaphone.'
'You do that, an innocent woman could be executed because of something that you've taken personal and something that isn't true,' Jeff groans. 'That is selfish.'
'What isn't true?' That you don't love her or you don't love me?' Sylvia shouts.

Niagara Falls, Paul Harland surprises Lola with a hand in marriage and she accepts. Back at the hotel, while Paul takes a shower Lola takes out a parcel inside her bag and opens it and is devastated by it's contents. Lola has finally discovered the real Paul Harland. When Lola lays in bed and Paul lays next to her, she is fearful, but then she starts to feel dizzy and falls asleep.

Jeff tries to make Sylvia see senses in what she is about to do and is adamant that it's all in her mind that he and Lola have a thing going. Sylvia reminds Jeff, that Lola had feelings for Jeff and vice versa, but Jeff insists that Lola misread his signals and Sylvia is wrong. Jeff didn't want to tell Sylvia of his investigation of Harland, because if he did his job the right way, he figured justice wouldn't have been served. Sylvia calms down and confesses to copying the reports on Paul and mailing them to Lola. Jeff is stunned. Sylvia then queries the photos and is even more upset, when Jeff confesses to using Christopher as his sidekick in trying to coax Paul into his traps. Sylvia storms off with the evidence of Paul still in her possession. Time is running out. Jeff breaks into Lola's apartment after there is no response and searches for clues as to where Harland may have taken her, but none is left.

Helen and Greg talk about what they are going to do with their lives, now they're both fired from their jobs? Greg tells Helen that his father is trying to pull some strings and Helen is going to try and persuade her job back at the boutique, but feels after all the revelations involving burglary and prostitution, it may be step too far. Greg decides they limit if not have any conversation about Kenneth Depp again. Helen agrees.

Next morning, Niagara Falls, Lola awakes with a headache and Paul has breakfast served for her. Lola is scared out of her wits, yet Paul is so smug, he thinks they have a bright future together. Whilst distracted, a news bulletin comes on, a woman was found naked in a river and murdered, just like the girl in the Hudson River. Lola fears a coincidence and realises that all the times these killings have occurred, including the Halloween murders, Paul was missing. Then she thinks of why Tina doesn't like him much, Jacks fear of him and Jeff's hatred towards him, combining all of Pauls crimes in the 80's. Suddenly, Lola remembers Halloween night when she was in the corridor all alone and felt the Reapers presence, yet he never laid a finger on her, it was Paul alright. Lola quickly hides the folder under the bed and she and Paul head out.

Tina and Harry take Jack to the hypnotist.

Sylvia gives Christopher a lecture and that she is disappointed and had hoped that he would not get into something so dangerous with Jeff. Sylvia accuses Jeff of using her son. Jeff worries that Sylvia will not deliver the evidence in court, because of personal issues. The court restarts and the accused is lectured and bullied, as she pleads her innocence. Paul is then called to the stand, but there is no show. Sylvia then shocks everybody, with evidence of Pauls past and she claims she had a Dictaphone handed to her by an anonymous tip, in which she promised leniency. The tape is played and still that doesn't convince the jury. Jeff then shocks everyone, when possessing device he stole from Lola's apartment, which can disguise people's voices and a recorded phone call from Halloween evening in which the Reaper threatened Jeff, a phone call Jeff refused to reveal. He compares Paul's voice to the covered up voice, by placing the device against the Dictaphone. Paul is guilty.
'Save this girl a couple of hours and I'll prove Harland poisoned this girls sister, aswell as what you just heard. He's the Grim Reaper your honour, he murdered all those people, not that insane copycat teenager,' Jeff explains.

When Paul claims he forgot his wallet at the hotel, Lola makes a desperate phone call to Jeff on his cell phone, yet Sylvia instead picks up and Lola begs for her help. Sylvia is too emotional to answer and hangs up. Paul discovers the folder containing his dark past and Lola knows. When Jeff cannot find his cell phone, he goes into a mental stage and Sylvia storms off in tears.

Jack is hypnotised, telepathic thoughts come in without physical contact for the first time, Harry holding his dead mother in his arms, Tina handing her first born away, Jill Flanders attacking Tina, then he see's a vision of Paul poisoning the heart transplant girls capsules and murdering numerous people as the Grim Reaper. When Harry interrupts and asks of where Lola is, Jack see's Lola reading Pauls criminal file and see's falling water over different areas. It dawns on Tina, that Paul has taken Lola to Niagara Falls, as she and Lola went there a few years ago for a weekend trip. Harry calls Jeff's cell, phone, but Sylvia answers instead, who gets drunk. Harry hurries to the courts to find Jeff, who is at the end of his tether and Harry suggests one last bud for justice. Jeff calls for a helicopter to Niagara Falls and demands Christopher stay behind to look after his mother for a change. Harry insists they call the enforcements up at the Falls, but Jeff says it's personal.

About an hour and a half passes and a shaken Lola asks Paul why he would take her away on the weekend, he was supposed to have been a witness on the stand? Paul lies and figured it wouldn't have made a difference. Suddenly, a news flash comes on the TV that Paul is a wanted man and Lola and when Paul is not looking, Lola makes a dash for it, yet Paul chases after her. Jeff arrives and rushes to the hotel, where Lola is staying thanks to Jack's psychic abilities. Police swarm the area and witnesses claim to see a man chasing an hysterical woman. After a chase ensues, Lola is cornered and Paul admits he had sex with heart transplant girl and poisoned her to keep her quiet and admits he is the Grim Reaper and confesses to all the murders, including Gwen Bale, The Hudson river girl and the Niagara falls girl, when he put sleeping pills in Lola's tea the night before. Paul insists he loves Lola and begs her to forgive him. Lola refuses and he goes to harm her, when Jeff appears. After threatening Jeff, Paul and Lola fall into the river and Jeff jumps in and saves Lola. Paul disappears and hours on end, helicopters search the Fall's for him, but there is no sign. For once, Jeff is Lola's night in shining armor.

The accused receptionist is freed and reunited with her family. The mayor of New York gives Jeff a lecture and in future it is suggested that Jeff plays by the rules. Jeff accepts, but this is Jeff after all.

Tina and Harry come to grips with the fact, that their loving son is psychic. Jack tells Audrey that Billy is madly in love with her still and this brings a tear to her eye.

Lola is dumfounded when she is suspended from her job, because she was not being professional, when she recruited a psychopath a year ago and the hospital are seething. Paul is declared dead.

Sylvia reveals that Lola called her on Jeff's cell phone and Jeff is livid, as her jealousy could have cost Lola her life.
'Do you love her or me?' Sylvia screams.
'I'm not going to answer that,' Jeff refuses.
'Why?!' Sylvia snaps.
'Because you seem to know the answer that's why,' Jeff replies, before storming off.

Christopher calls his Mother to apologise, before he works late and Sylvia tells Christopher she is proud of him, as he has had his and George's name on the front page of the New York Times for the Paul Harland scenario. Sylvia tells Christopher she loves him before drink herself senseless.

Jeff calls in on a lonely Lola and she thanks him for saving her life. It gets to a point where they get too close.
'You know Sylvia's right, maybe there is more going on between us, than we realise,' Jeff hints.
'You wanna put that theory to the test?' Lola suggests.
'It's not a theory Lola, it's real,' Jeff whispers as they passionately kiss.
Sylvia stumbles downstairs through a side door to the garage, where her car is parked and she slips and knocks herself out. Moments later, she awakes, with her head spinning and struggling to get to her feet. Suddenly her car revves and at the side of the car is a filter feeding from the exhaust. Unable to move or go anywhere, somebody inside the vehicle blatantly revves the car and fills the garage with fumes, as Sylvia is trapped. Jeff and Lola rip each others clothes of and begin to make love. The fumes are so intense, Sylvia is beginning to asphyxiate and the indoor windows shatter and whoever is behind the wheel honks its horn, as Sylvia's eyes rolls to the back of her head and she passes away, yet murdered. Half hour after Sylvia's death, Jeff receives a letter through Lola's door reading 'You obviously didn't love your wife that much to let her die, I guess I proved Lola was your true love after all and I kept my promise...I killed your wife, Paul.

Sylvia's funeral, Christopher is broken heart edand is determined to make Paul pay. Jeff and Lola agree to go their separate ways, but remain distant friends. When she leaves with Harry and Tina and Chris leaves with George, Jeff hides his hard man side for a moment.
'I'm so sorry darling...I do love you...I do.'
Jeff leaves the cemetery, but knows Paul Harland is still out there and could strike again...one day.