Are you 18?

By Shadowgate


Melanie Teller just called adult swim at the neighborhood pool. She looked around and saw a person she thought may not have been 18.

She asked him "are you 18?"

He replied "yes" and she took his word for it.

Then someone else asked "wait a minute, how do we know this kid is 18?"

Melanie answered "well I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt."

A man responded "don't you talk to my wife like that. Excuse me miss lifeguard my name is Ted Douglas and that's my wife Tanya and we pay the required fee to use the pool so we want the adult swim rule enforced."

Melanie responded "I am enforcing the adult swim rule and he sounded honest when he said he was 18."

The angry 18 year old said "my name is Max Phillips and I'm 18 and that's the fucking truth. Bye!"

Tanya said "now hold on he just cussed at me is that going to be tolerated?"

Melanie said "let's just drop the whole thing."

Tanya yelled "no I want him to present ID because kids get away with too much these days."

Max said "I'm not showing you a motherfucking thing."

Ted said "I want identification from this little shit."

Max flipped off Ted and Tanya and then Melanie told Tanya and Ted to leave the pool. They said they would file a complaint with the homeowners association.