Graham went to junior high school, where the earliest abuse

Was a teacher, who made moves on him, attempting to seduce.

He said "no" to pedophilia, unwilling to be swayed

By her looks. Instead he found an empty classroom, where he prayed.

Later on he met a girl who asked if he would fornicate.

But he used the scripture, saying he would not participate.

"Listen, everybody does it now," she said, "But he replied,

"I won't add my contribution to the reasons Jesus died."

Then a married woman tried it on, with hopes that he'd commit

Some adultery, when her online efforts couldn't make a hit.

He recalled the Ten Commandments, and again the boy refused

To assist her journey into sin, declining to be used.

As a grown-up he was once approached, this time by adult man,

(As the Devil sought once more to interfere with Jesus' plan.)

Graham's power text said, "God will curse the man involved in sex

With another man or animal," a law one cannot flex.

Then at last he met a Christian lady, took two years to court,

Putting off 'til marriage that which movies made a viewing sport.

So the final shade of Graham, one he'd many times declined,

Was enjoyed within the context that our father God designed.

Folks can pass a law against God's will, and then become outraged,

When the Christians rightly say it's wrong. But folks will be upstaged,

When the Holy Spirit makes the final call. But what is yours?

Why let sin prevent us walking right through Heaven's entry doors?

Jesus Christ can take the wrongful urges out and put His there,

So we'll only have His great desires, and then we'll want to share

What He's done for us with all the world, and happily baptize

All the folks who choose to see their lives through Holy Spirit eyes.