Episode 64: Baby Wil - Quire.

RICK MORANIS as Joey Parker
And MARA WILSON as Elena Parker.

Introducing JULIA ROBERTS as Lea Henderson.

It's June 1999, its supposedly a month and a half to two months until Helen is due to give birth to HER son and not Tina's, as she never went through with the surrogacy due to the fact she was already pregnant, possibly weeks before dated insemination. Helen never told Tina nor Harry the truth about the baby, for the fact she saw how worried the Wilsons were about Jack and now he's been missing for nearly two months, following a kidnapping and no leads to his status or Goldings whereabouts, it's almost impossible to break her in laws hearts and may have to break her own, without trying to break Greg's, but if he found out, what she'd done, he'd probably never forgive her, despite what she thinks is a kind gesture.

Harry looks out of his office window at the South Tower of the WTC as the slow sun set beams down on Manhattan. He turns and smiles emotionally at a photograph of himself, Tina and Jack together, happy. Jeff takes a walk along East River and admires the skyline and looks up at the sky, thinking of Sylvia and then thinks of his nephew, as his attempts to find Jack or disappearing by the sits in Jacks bedroom, holding a cuddly toy, that he liked so much and she falls to her knees. Audrey and Billy sit in Central Park missing their Grandson, with Billy feeling guilty that he let his Grandson and Daughter down at the same time. Lola looks at a newspaper article, stating that there are no leads on Jacks whereabouts. Chris and George work their socks off, as they use their sources, questioning the FBI, workers for Golding, the orphanage where Jack lived following his birth parents death etc, but to no avail. Everyone is determined that Jack is very much alive, but is vulnerable and whoever had taken him, must be using him for his power. Unbeknown to everybody, Vincent Simpson, who acknowledged the foney U.F.O sighting's in Manhattan months earlier, is the culprit and claims to be using the Wilson boy as Government property or so he says.

Greg looks at the scan of the baby and touches it, imaging it as his child. Helen watches him and does her best not to cave in.

Harry and Tina pay a visit to Jacks birth parents grave to lay flowers, as a mark of respect as to who Jack lost about two years ago.
'Just think Jack went through the same thing, we're going through,' Tina sobs.
'You can't think like that honey,' Harry insists. 'Jack is alive, I know it.'
'I promised to be the mother, that Jack's real Mom would have wanted me to be and I have let him down already,' Tina cries.
'If his birth parents could see us now, they'd be proud and proud of our son, he is happy with us and he knows you love him, like I do. Jacks gonna have a brother, that will look up to him, be inspired by his big brother,' Harry assures Tina. 'What I'm saying is, I believe. I believe our sons will be home soon, both of them.'
Harry and Tina embrace.

George tries to cheer Lola up, by asking her to marry him. She doesn't accept straight away and he agrees for her to have more time. Lola visits Jeff at his apartment and asks him if marrying George is the right thing to do, even though Paul Harland is slowly becoming a distant memory? Jeff replies by saying that if she loves him and he loves her, then it's no problem. She thanks him by hugging him and the Chris walks in. Jeff insists it's not what it looks like and assures Chris they are just friends and that George has asked her to marry him.
'Yeah, George told me, I don't know why you're hesitating Lola,' Chris moans. 'You either still love my father or you're worried my best friend might turn into a serial killer.'
'Hey, that's out of order, we've paid for all our mistakes, believe me, I have to live with my regrets the rest of my life son, lets just try and get along,' Jeff argues
'Sure, Sorry...I'm gonna go take a shower,' Chris sighs.

Helen is tidying up the house and clears out some drawers and Greg's notebook falls out, with a piece of paper falling out. She unfolds it and is startled by it's contents, 'Don't get too comfy Greg, what goes around, comes around, remind that to your beloved wife, you never know, when I may just pop up.' Helen shrieks in pain as she goes into labour. Helen is rushed into the hospital and Greg is alerted at work. Harry and Tina are both notified and hurry to the hospital and there is no doubt who the really Grand Parents are, they are too alerted. After hours of labour, Helen gives birth baby Wils...Mcquire. Tina and Harry are overwhelmed, yet Helen is hurt as she is giving up a baby she now loves and cannot bear to look Greg in the eye and tell him she has given up his son, for the sake of Harry and Tina's grief for Jack. Tina then shows a kind gesture, by naming him Frank, after Helen's deceased father. Later, when alone, Helen visits her son and cradles him and then secretly breast feeds him.
'I love you son, but I've got no choice, I've dug myself a too bigger hole to keep you now,' Helen whispers. 'But, I'll carry you inside my heart all the days of my life.'

Greg returns home and finds the letter and burns it. Lola accepts Georges proposal. Billy and Audrey are engaged a second time. Elena and her father bid farewell to the city.

Chris meets his new editor, Lea Henderson (played by Julia Roberts) and Jeff takes a shine to her.

Harry and Tina love their supposedly new son, which is really their nephew. Harry tells Tina, their new son will give hope that Jack will return home one day.

Helen assures Greg, they will deal with Kenneth Depp if and when he decides to show. When alone, Helen looks at the baby scan and drops to her knees cries her heart out.



This is J.K Simmons Final Season as Donald Blunt.

SPOILERS: This isn't Mara Wilson's final appearance as Elena Parker.

Season Four is the shortest of all Eight Seasons, only fourteen episodes.

The Final Season (8) will have the most, 31 episodes.