You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hey.

Stranger: What's up?

You: Not much. Bored out of my mind and a little depressed.

Stranger: Depressed? How come?

You: **shrugs** just something that happens.

Stranger: Well, I'm sorry.

You: Why are you sorry? You did nothing wrong.

Stranger: Don't think I'm creepy!

Stranger: Okay, now you're going to think I'm creepy even though all I did was say not to think I'm creepy.

Stranger: That automatically makes me creepy.

You: Haha, go ahead, tell me.

Stranger: I know who you are.

You: So you know my origins are from the planet Jupiter?

Stranger: No. I know your name is Emily.

You: You don't even know If I'm a guy or a girl…how can you 'know' what my name is?

Stranger: Here's where it gets more creepy….

You: With the mood I'm in, I honestly don't care.

Stranger: Oh…you will.

You: Why's that?

Stranger: I'm your dad.

You: Look, for one, you said my name was Emily, not Luke.

You: And my dad is dead.

Stranger: I know. And I'm him.

You: Oh yeah? What's his name?

Stranger: Galen.

Stranger: Are you still there?

Stranger: Emily? Please talk to me. I only have a limited time on this thing.

You: How do I know you're my dad?

Stranger: For your second birthday, I got you a giant stuffed puppy. You drug that thing around by its ear.

You: I need more proof.

Stranger: There's a picture of us, that I had taken and blown up to a 13x19 and framed. I got two copies and I kept one and you got one. I don't know if you have it still or not.

You: Okay, suppose you are my dad.

You: My dead dad.

You: How are you talking to me?

Stranger: There's a computer here…wherever I am.

You: Are you in Heaven?

Stranger: No.

You: …are you in Hell?

Stranger: I don't think so.

You: Limbo? O.o

Stranger: No…I don't think so. I have no idea where I am.

You: Right. You're just some stranger who decided to try to prank a kid by being super creepy. I don't need to deal with this.


You: O….kay?

Stranger: Please. Hear me out.

You: You have five minutes.

Stranger: Thank you.

Stranger: I don't know how I know this, I don't know how I know anything right now, but…I know you get very depressed…because I'm not there.

You: You were never there.

Stranger: I was. I just wasn't there very often. I wasn't there as often as I should have been.

You: Exactly. I have one memory of you.

You: One freakin' memory.

Stranger: I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Stranger: I've picked up on the fact that you wonder…if I even loved or wanted you.

You: You stuck around long enough to figure out that my mom wouldn't end the separation, even if you tried to act like the perfect daddy! When I couldn't be used to convince her, you left! You left ME!

Stranger: My relationship with your mother wasn't what it was supposed to be.

Stranger: I am not asking for pity and I am not trying to excuse what I've done, but please hear me out right here.

Stranger: I did not have an easy childhood.

Stranger: I got depressed a lot. But I hid it well. People saw me as a clown.

Stranger: I was in a car wreck once…a very bad car wreck. It left me with some brain damage.

Stranger: I changed.

Stranger: I wasn't the same.

Stranger: People still saw me as a clown, but I was different inside. And I didn't treat your mom the way I should have. She had every right to that separation and she would have had the right for a divorce too.

Stranger: I was not ready to be a father.

Stranger: I wasn't there when I was supposed to be.

Stranger: I missed visits.

Stranger: And I am so…so…sorry.

You: But why? Why couldn't you have just…forgotten all that? Why couldn't you have still come?

Stranger: Because I was a screwed up man. Who didn't know how to love right.

You: But why couldn't you have picked ME to be the one thing you DID love right?

Stranger: I don't know! I wish I could have!

Stranger: I wish I could have given you more memories. Better memories. I wish I had come to visit you more often. I am so sorry.

You: Did you love me at all?

Stranger: Yes. Yes.

Stranger: I didn't know how to show it…but I did love you.

You: When I was little, Mom was friends with this family that had a ton of kids…and they constantly picked on me because I didn't have a dad. They told me I couldn't get married, because I wouldn't have a dad to walk me down the aisle.

Stranger: :(

Stranger: I'm sorry.

You: How did you die?

Stranger: No one's told you?

You: Sort of. No details.

Stranger: I was shot. In the shoulder. By my cousin. Our cousin.

You: Why'd he decide to shoot you?

Stranger: We were drunk and in a fight.

You: Oh.

Stranger: Never start drinking.

Stranger: Don't do drugs either.

Stranger: And don't smoke.

You: Wasn't plannin' on it.

Stranger: Good. You're a smart girl.

You: Yeah. Why did you have to die?

Stranger: I was in the wrong place, acting the wrong way, at the wrong time.

You: I have to intimidate my own dates.

Stranger: How's that working out?

You: Most of my boyfriends have been creeps.

Stranger: If I wind up being a ghost, I'll haunt them.

You: That kinda made me smile.

Stranger: Good.

Stranger: The computer is disappearing.

Stranger: I am so sorry!

Stranger: I'll find a way to contact you!

Stranger: I do love you!

Stranger: I always have!

Stranger has disconnected.

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Are you my dad?

Stranger: wat are you taking abot?

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Heyyy. Asl?

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Is your name Galen?

Stranger: lol no? i can change it if u want tho?

You have disconnected

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Hi! I'm not your dad. I know who you are. I know what's going on.

You: Do you know my dad? Do you know how I can talk to him?

Stranger: He's dead, Emily. Things like this don't happen very often.

You: What do you mean?

Stranger: I mean talking to deceased relatives. Or deceased people in general.

You: Who are you?

Stranger: I am the owner of this laptop.

Stranger: Please, don't ask me to explain anything, because I don't fully understand it all myself.

Stranger: Sometimes, when I feel like there's someone who really needs to talk to someone who's died…I leave my laptop there for the deceased to find. And they're able to communicate with the living…somehow…some way.

You: Are you dead?

Stranger: I have no idea. This place confuses me as much as it does every other person who comes in here.

You: Will my dad ever talk to me again?

Stranger: I honestly don't know.

You: :( I need to talk to him. I need to get to know him!

Stranger: I know. I get that. Maybe someday you can. Did you get your questions answered?

You: Idk. How am I even supposed to know if he told the truth?

Stranger: You can only tell the truth here. Nothing else.

You: Oh.

Stranger: Did you get your questions answered?

You: I think so. He said he loves…loved…me….

Stranger: Good. I'm very glad to hear that. I have to go now. Don't forget that he said he loves you, okay?

You: Okay.

You: Wait!

Stranger: Yes?

You: If you ever see him…tell him that I love him too.

©2015 Autumn De'Claire