It wasn't long before the sunset disappeared through the buildings leaving the alley with a depressing shroud of darkness. It was beautiful for a moment but, like a huff of air, it was here and gone.

"Well Molli, it was nice talking to you, but I am going to have to find shelter for the night." Skye said coming to his feet as Molli tiredly watched him take his leave.

"Where will you go?" She asked.

"I dunno..." He said watching the woman rest her head into her knees. He could tell that she was frustrated, but he had also understood the meaning of of the word good-bye.

"Do you ever think we would meet again?" Molli said randomly. She was unable to look at Skye while anxiously awaiting his response, but to her amazement, he did not keep her waiting long.

"Well, yeah, You're a good person, Molli."

She couldn't help but chuckle to herself as she mocked him in her mind. 'Well, yeah... Haha' - he was entertaining that's for sure. The thought of their encounter put a smile on her face. It didn't feel right - she didn't want him to go. Her eyes were starting to water at the the thought of them never meeting again. There was something odd about Skye that she couldn't quite figure out. It was less about the things he said and more about the way he made her feel. With this in mind, she couldn't just leave him to wander alone in the city.

"Skye! Wait!" She said just before he could turn the corner. "You don't have to be alone... I know a place you can stay."

He was focused on the expression on Molli's face as he made his way towards her. She was fidgeting with her leather gauntlets for a little bit as Skye stopped in front of her. He was not at all intimidating and that was a good thing for a stranger. She had came to her feet only to see that he stood a about an inch taller than her.

'Perfect.' She thought looking into the clueless expression on Skye's face.

"Do you really mean that?" He asked as her cheeks reddened a little. He was looking innocently into her eyes which put her at a complete loss of words.

"U-Um... You're height is a good height for a guy. I-I mean it doesn't matter... I-I was, uhhh, just saying and y-you know..."

"Do you really mean that you will help me find shelter?"

"Oh... Well, of course I will!" She snapped. "B-But don't get all mushy on me, o-okay..? I, uhh... I just think you're interesting."

"I'm not sure what you mean..." He replied.

"Just come on already! Were approaching the curfew."

"Your city has a curfew?" Skye stuttered.

"Yes... We need to hurry up and go bef-"

Molli would not get to finish her sentence... The sound of a dozen bells had overpowered the sound of her voice. The sound of static had taken over the surrounding area. Skye may not have noticed it before, but the largest structure in the square appeared to be a clock tower. It was just as antique and rusty as the rest of the city. It was also smothered with posters, signs, and advertisements like the rest of the buildings. But, aside from the fact this particular structure towered above the others, it still had one thing that made it stand out - the speaker system. A literal giant speaker inserted into the center of the clock tower as if it were another advertisement. This device was responsible for the board scratching sound that could easily disturb the ears of everyone in the square. Only moments later the sound stopped only to reveal the voice of a muffled speaker on the other side.

"Good Evening Citizens, The night hours of the night are approaching and you should already be in your homes..."

Skye hardly had time to react. It had happened before he could even get a sentence formed. Every light in the city had flickered out and Skye was, quite literally, in the dark. He could hardly see his own hand and the blank black sky was not making his vision any clearer. Soon as his eyes had time to adjust, he turned to see Molli standing calm.

"I guess, you're used to all this..." He muttered.

"Not exactly." She replied grabbing his hand. "The streetlights will come on soon, but lets stay close."

"Are you, by chance, afraid of the dark?"

"No, I'm doing this mostly for your sake."

"So you're not going to admit that you're just a little afraid?"

"Okay, I'm just a little scared that the patrol officers are allowed to shoot on sight after curfew..."


"Now if you don't wanna get shot in the dark, please, hold my hand so I can guide you."

Only for a moment, they stood on the open concrete spaces known as clockwork square. Skye couldn't help but think of how crowded it was in the daytime and how stone dead it was in the moment. He couldn't get over it, but he also couldn't afford to let it slow him down.

"Clockwork Square is at the heart of the city... You can get anywhere from here and if you can't it will, at least, take you to the subway." Molli said as they ran through the vacant square.

"You can get just about anywhere in the city through Clockwork Square and if you ever find that you cant, then just take the subway."

"WHOSE THERE!?" Yelled a cops voice in the distance. The sound of a gunshot was fired and the two felt their hearts race instantly.

"This way..." Molli whispered grabbing hold of Skye's hand again. "I gotta make this fast."

It had happened so quickly. Just a second ago they were in the center of the square, but all of a sudden they were in another street and Skye's arm had felt as if it had been pulled out of socket.

'What did she do?' He thought looking at the girl tap her heels on the sidewalk in frustration.

"Stupid boots always give out me." She grunted this as Skye took notice of the gunshots still being fired.

"Whoever they found must not be dead enough..."

"Yeah, it is strange... But just be happy it isn't us they're shooting. the superior sets strict rules in this city because a lot of the places around us are so dangerous."

Skye used this time to look at her strange boots. They had buckles all along them, but it seemed that these were not just for fashion. At the soles were two holes with a strange black light that might have been able to penetrate even the darkness they were in if it were big enough.

"AUUUGHHHRRGH!" The two snapped out of their thoughts at the sound of a blood curdling scream in the distance.

"The gunshots have been going on awhile... So why is the victim suddenly screaming just now?"

"I have to investigate..." Molli muttered. "It's her, I know it's her."

"I thought we were running from the cops." Skye stated.

"We were... When they were the predators."

"I don't like where this is headed..."

"If you want to run away, go down the road to the building that says clinic... I can take care of myself."

"I'm not going to cower away... Just seems awfully strange you tell me you're not a cop and there are no monsters one minute and the next you're ready to investigate shit and hunt monsters."

"There are no literal monsters... But if you're looking for a demon you don't need to look any further than a simple minded human being." She stated.

"Fine, I'll assist your investigation, but you're going to have to have a lead or something before you just dive right in."

"That's where you're wrong, Skye... All I need is a name."