Rudy stood there, staring at the stupid flower.

He wasn't going to touch it. No way in hell. But for some reason, he was feeling drawn to it. He knew what would happen if he touched it.

It happened every time.

Rudy by far, had the weirdest magical power anyone could imagine. Well, maybe not in the whole world, but his power made no sense.

He never told anyone, they wouldn't believe him. And even if he did, it's not like the power was anything worth bragging about. In fact, the power only brought misery to him. It was like torture to live through what he had to. Because there was no way to make it faster, although it's not like it was fast to start with.

With a sigh, Rudy reached forward, and grabbed the stupid plant. Rudy instantly felt his power run through his body, and it was almost as if he was forced to say the words.

"He loves me." He whispered, ripping the petal off of the flower. Suddenly, Rudy saw the memory of a girl he now knew to be named Mary.

Rudy's power seemed to be linked to the flower. Anyone who walked by would want to play the "he loves me, he loves me not, game" And once they were done, they would drop the flower and walk away. But little did they know, the flower instantly regenerated, and beckoned Rudy.

No matter where he was, or what he was doing, Rudy found himself at the flower. At first, he was confused. But as the time went on, he understood. If he said the magic, "He loves me" he would instantly see one of the good times the person who last played, had with their beloved.

He would instantly know who they were, and he would watch the magical moment unfold.

So now, he saw a girl named Mary, who was sitting next to another girl named Sue. Sue leaned over, and asked,

"Hey, can I share your text book? I accidentally left mine at home." Rudy watched as Mary's heart erupted in thumps, as she nodded.

Suddenly, he was back into reality. But he knew it was only a matter of time before he said,

"He loves me not."

In a flash, Mary and Sue were at the skating rink, and Sue was grabbing on her knee. Mary leaned over Sue, to help her.

"Don't touch me, Mary. You did that on purpose!" Sue screamed, and Rudy watched as pain hit Mary's face. Dozens of people from the skating rink rolled over, to inspect the area. Rudy saw the depression, stamped on Mary's face.

Mary and Sue had a little tiff, right before Mary accidentally smashed into Sue. Sue was now convinced that she did it on purpose. Which in her defense, it did look that way.

They just so happened to be fighting about who was going to be the lead in the school play.

As fast as it had came, the moment went. And again, Rudy was back in his backyard. He closed his eyes, and wondered why he had this power anyway. They weren't even his memories, for crying out lout. And the thing he hated the most, was that there were six petals on the flower.

"He loves me." The words came out, and Rudy opened his eyes to see another moment unfold.

Sue was crying.

"He ran away. Lofty ran away." She sobbed, and Mary put a hand on Sue's shoulder. She wanted to tell Sue how she felt, but knew for sure that now wasn't the right time.

Lofty was Sue's dog. She had him since she was in the fifth grade. They were both now in tenth, making Mary know now more than ever, that she loved her dog very much.

The ran was pouring down, harder than ever before, but Mary grabbed Sue's hand, and lifted her off of the ground.

"We're gonna find him, I promise!" She laughed, and Sue's eyes twinkled. She then leaned forward, and planted a kiss on Mary's cheek.

"Thank you so much, Mary!" She told her, and off they went.

Again the moment ended, and Rudy wondered how bad this would end. He hated his power. There was no reason for him to have it. It didn't benefit him, or anyone else.

He just wished that it would all go away.

"He loves me not." Rudy muttered, now he was watching Sue and Mary at a sleep over.

"Isn't Joe so cute?" Sue asked, and Mary's eyes turned green. Through gritted teeth, she replied,

"Yeah." Her tone was no where near nice. Not even the fake nice that most people tend to have the ability to muster. Sue instantly knew something was wrong, and cocked her head at her now best friend.

"What's wrong?" She asked, just as her dog leaped up on the bed. Rudy was pleased at least knowing that they had indeed found the dog.

"Oh, nothing." She spat, and Rudy wondered why she made no attempt to hide her anger. In most of the other flower stories, if one got jealous, they would hide it. Of course, it would only lead to a fight in the next petal.

"Yeah, right Mary. Fess up." She told her, now petting Lofty. Only now did Mary let out a huge sigh. Rudy watched as the girl almost confessed, but then held it back once more.

"Nothing." She grumbled, and Rudy saw clear discomfort on Sue's face.

"Nothing? This is so not nothing! Why won't you just tell me?" Sue asked, her voice now rising. Lofty sensed the soon to be growing tension, and left the room ASAP. Now Mary was on the defensive.

"I said it's nothing, so back off!" She yelled, even louder than Sue. Sue then folded her arms. She was angry at her friend. Because a lot of the time, her friend would get mad, and not even tell her why. Sue was sick of it. She wanted to know what was bothering her friend, so she could change that part of herself.

But that was kind of hard to do, considering she wouldn't squeal.

"You know, real friends tell each other everything." Sue barked, and Mary glared at her.

"Are you implying we're not real friends?" She glowered, and Sue shrugged.

"If the shoe fits." She replied, and Mary smirked.

"Yeah, like my shoes would ever fit you." She joked, and she watched at her friend's face contorted with anger. Mary was the only one who knew that Sue was insecure about how big her feet were.

"Get out!" Sue screeched, her mother now entering the room. Mary just barked back,

"Fine!" And out of the door she went.

Rudy blinked, and he was back to reality. He didn't even fight the urge to say,

"He loves me."

Mary and Sue were slow dancing, surrounded by what seemed to be a thousand lights. It was their prom night, Rudy knew. It was odd. Once they touched the flower, Rudy had their memories of their lives. So he knew what the day was. The only memories he couldn't know, were future ones.

"Thank you for going to the dance with me, Mary. I can't believe Joe stood me up." She whispered, holding back tears. Mary just wanted to punch Joe in the face. He hurt Sue. HER Sue. But she held it back.

Sue then looked up at Mary, the same twinkle in her eyes. All around them was silence. The most beautiful silence. Sue closed her eyes, and Mary couldn't hold herself back. She threw her self forward, smashing their lips together. Sue pushed herself into the touch, and once they pulled away, Sue's face was blood red.

"Sue, I love you." Mary whispered in her ear, followed by a chuckle. Because of Sue's flustered face. Instead of saying it back, Sue just grabbed Mary by the shoulders' and kissed her again.

Again, Rudy was pulled out of the scene. He hated that stupid flower for making him watch this. The last love me scene was always the most beautiful, but the last love me not scene was worse. Far, far, worse.

"He loves me not." Rudy spoke, even though he didn't want to say it with all of his being.

Mary was walking down the hall. She had to use the rest room. It was the middle of class, so she didn't call Sue. Even though she wanted to. Since they were not Seniors, their classes were different.

But Mary knew they could handle it. It's not like they were moving away from each other, or anything.

"N-not there!" Mary suddenly heard Sue squeal. She cocked her head, and peaked over the hall. Another girl was kissing Sue right on her bosom. Mary's face lost all color, and her heart broke so hard, that Rudy's heart did, too.

"Come on, no one's looking." The African american girl named Frankie, laughed. Mary didn't believe it. She couldn't believe it.

"We can't do this here. At least let's go to the bathroom." Sue whispered, and Frankie put her hand down Sue's skirt. Sue started to lean up into the touch, as Mary punched Sue in the face. Sue smacked the ground, and Frankie whipped around to see who had done it.

Sue looked at Mary in horror.

"M-Mary. This isn't what it looks like!" Sue pleaded, sitting up. Tears were streaming down Sue's face.

"Oh, really? Because it looks like you're cheating on me!" Mary sobbed, and Frankie ran off. Sue stood up, and cupped Mary's face.

"I can explain." She told Mary, her voice soft. It was the voice Mary fell in love with.

"Don't touch me, you skank!" Mary screeched, slapping Sue's hand away. Sue's face was turning red because of the punch, and Mary hated how she felt bad because of it.

"Don't ever speak to me again, you bitch!" Mary spat, walking out of the school front doors.

"Mary, wait! Please wait!" Sue begged, following her. Mary started to walk down the side walk, off of school grounds. Sue just kept after her.

"Mary please, stop! I love you!" Sue screamed, now sobbing herself. She threw her hands forward, and grabbed Mary by the shoulders.

"I love you Mary!" She yelled again, but all Mary could feel was the hate.

"Shut up, you big foot bitch!" She screeched, slapping Sue again. Suddenly, all emotions left Sue as well. Except for anger.

"You whore!" Sue yelled, pushing Mary back. But she didn't know. She didn't. But Rudy saw it. Rudy tried to tell her that a car was coming. Right where Sue had pushed Mary, was the fastest car Rudy had ever seen. Blood spattered everywhere, as Sue's screech split the air in two.

Rudy was crying. The second it was over, Rudy threw the flower, and began screaming. He wasn't screaming words. Just screaming. Why did he have this stupid power anyway. All it made him want to do was kill himself. He hated watching two people falling in love, and then watching the final petal.

"PLEASE HELP ME!" Rudy begged, burying his face in his hands.