T'was a dark and stormy night. In a lab, a person was finishing her touches on a Barbie doll. "At last! My finest creation is complete!" the person yelled. A rumble of thunder answered. The person placed the doll on a metal cot and firmly tied the doll's arms and legs down. Better safe than sorry. A flash of lightning lit up her face. It was a strange one with pale blue skin with pink eyes and a very turned up nose. "Finally!" she said as electricity was going through the wire.

"Mmmm," the doll answered. Two laser beams came from the doll's eyes.

The person smiled. "I'm Epic Randomness," she said, "and you are Barbie." Barbie grinned.

Weeks passed and Barbie proved herself useful. She smelted small amounts of metal and nearly melt the zombie Ken! At the same time, Epic was working on Pea Shooter plants. When she planted them, one was faced backwards.

That Pea Shooter shot a pea at the emergency controls. All at once the power shut down. Epic dug up the Pea Shooter but the damage was done. It was too late. All the dangerous toys and such she called "Weirdios" were loose. The vegetables, real vegetables with eyes and noses and mouths, were jumping on the controls, triggering a lightning storm that could last for days. A teddy bear with the powers of the Hulk was ripping up tables and equipment and throwing them down, making a huge mess and shouting, "Teddy mad!"

If that weren't enough, the plastic zombie "Weirdios" were threatening Barbie. When she's threatened, she uses her laser vision.

Wait a minute... Lightning storm?

"Idea!" shouted Epic Randomness, "Barbie, Jessie, Teddy, and Woody, round up the 'Weirdios' and herd them towards the sky light!"

Barbie started using her laser vision as she herded the plastic zombie "Weirdios" towards the sky light. Teddy used his strength to take the vegetables down from the levers and buttons. Woody and Jessie and Woody, with the help of Bullseye, grabbed the "Fur Real Friends" cats away from the drapes.

Epic waited until all the "Weirdios" were beneath the sky light then shut her eyes and pulled the switch.

Julia woke up. "What a strange dream," she thought as she got dressed, "I wonder what happened next?"