Young, lighthearted cherubs
Searching for something sweet to eat
Here on this idiosyncratic holiday
Galloping through the streets

Melodramatic apparel hanging from their frames
Faces coated with creamy paints
Mimicking the figures of this Earth
While letting their buckets be filled

My bucket has been full, too, for them
Though only emptying instead of filling
From fruity gummies to smooth chocolates
The angels will be satisfied

The piece of China is now empty
But not is my doorstep
The beauties are hungry, hungry for taste
And I need to soothe their precious hearts

Who calms my heart on a dreary day?
My match made in the lord's realm
A soulmate, a song-singer, a grand lady
Irises gleaming and tresses long

I press my coral lips to her neck
She smiles and tilts her head to the side
Her skin taste like sea salt and sweet caramel
Running my fingers through a soft mane

Everybody grasps that we must work together
To make our land go round and round
This includes our dear angels as well
As their holiness equals wholeness

Us humans are not born evil
It is only time that consumes our spirits
In order to remain pure mortals
Our loving desires must be fed

I grab a glistening knife from the drawer
And held it to my lover's back
As I embrace her closely, feeling her heat
Then soon thrusting the object forward

With a handful of clean, swift swoops
I sliced that holy body apart
Her parts stacking up into a wet heap
Turning into precious relics

The sensation is moist on my digits
As I plucked the pieces and dropped them in the bowl
Smudges of red smeared the bowl's inside
As I heard the familiar ring of a doorbell

I greet them warmly, admiring their curious costumes
Sprinkling the pieces into their pails
And their bodies so frail, go off looking for more
Oh, I lust to be their age again

The clock struck midnight, and I knew
As they masticated the flesh
The sweet treat they've been treading for
They would surely be blessed

This sugar-my sugar, is good for the brain
And will give them a mystical rush
A godly kind of love, unadulterated
That would surely last forever