Episode 83: Break Up.

Harry is devastated by Tina's reckless act, in which she handed the nephew, they were about to adopt, back to Helen and Greg, their real parents. In the months they thought Frank was their own, fighting in court to gain custody, Greg and Helen's mental states and during a period that Jack had been kidnapped by a society that studied superhuman beings infected by a past occurrence, how could Tina give away their only last hope? Harry just got word from older brother Jeff, that a government source, had given him a secret file on the quarantined infected and that Jack was confirmed as one of the missing. It's unknown to them, if Jack is alive or not, but little do they know, he is for now, under the supervision of the anonymous leader, who see's Jack as the favourite of the infected. Why is that? Harry storms into the kitchen and fills a glass up with Bourbon and with the market being affected by recent chaos involving the Cosmo's, this is the last thing Harry needed. Tina slowly paces herself towards Harry. Harry cannot understand what was going through the love of his life's mind.
'So, what drove you to insanity all of a sudden?' Harry grunts. 'You had a mental breakdown? You had amnesia? You confused your brother for me?...You felt guilty, because he was your twin brother and I was just a husband, that you thought would be understanding or worship any thing that sweet Tina does wrong.'
'Harry, I watched them with him today,' Tina cries. 'The only reason they were going, is because they couldn't bare to watch us bring their child up.'
'So?' Harry moans. 'They're unfit to be his Guardians, but you went against everything we fought for in that baby and you betrayed me.'
'No, they shouldn't be blamed for what we've craved for the last year,' Tina continues. 'Our son, Jack.'
'I don't think you heard me loving wife, our son isn't coming home,' Harry snaps. 'He's either been hidden some other place or...
'No!' He's not dead!' Tina refuses to believe.
'If you care about Jack so much, why did you give away Frank? He was the only decent thing in my life left and you took that away from me.'
Harry again grabs a bottle of Bourbon and starts drinking heavily. Tina tries to make Harry see, that they've spent too much time fighting for Jack, it was becoming clear, that they were forgetting about Jack. Harry refuses to believe that and even though, Tina thought what she was for a hearted cause, Harry still believes that Greg and Helen are unfit to be Franks parents and threats to report them to social services, but Tina begs Harry not to ruin their chance to be mature in themselves and be an ordinary family. Harry is incensed and slams Tina for ruining an ordinary family in themselves. He then throws it in Tina's face, that she constantly cried her eyes out to have children, since her miscarriage four years ago and now they don't have any.
'And why? Because of selfishness,' Harry sobs, as he continues to pour bourbon into his glass.
Tina tries to stop Harry having more to drink, but he refuses to stop. Harry accuses Tina of being a female version of Jeff, acting smart and innocent, then stabbing you in the back the next. Harry then hurts Tina, by suggesting she could have intended to put their first child up for adoption any way, long before Billy forced her to give their daughter away.
'How can you say that, I wanted to keep her,' Tina claims.
'But, you still jumped ship, when your good ole Daddy said so didn't you?' Harry argues. 'Sounds like you didn't even give me a second thought.'
'You know the situation back then,' Tina adds.
'Oh yes, my mother and fathers unsolved murder, still proves that,' Harry sighs.
'Giving up, Scarlett, was the hardest thing I had ever done,' Tina insists. 'But I was caught in a trap.'
'You chose family over me.'
'I never stopped loving you.'
'You dated the local gangster, who associated with my brother, and your father was quick to try and break us up, when I dated you.'
'I was straight with you years later, when I met you for the first time in sixteen years. I told you about Scarlett, there and then.'
'So that makes you a star in everything you do, even giving a child to irresponsible alcoholics and drug addicts?' Harry curses.
'I've tried to explain,' Tina panics.
'No, you haven't, you've just given excuses,' Harry berates.
'Please, Harry...'
'You are a heartless Bitch, who didn't give me a second thought, admit it.'
'Don't call me that,' Tina screams.
'OK, what would you call yourself?' Harry sarcastically remarks.
'Don't do this to us Harry, I love you,' Tina declares.
'No, love is when you share your problems together as mature adults and be honest with each other, what you did today, is hardly the same is it?!' Harry slurs.
'Greg has been hurting for years...'
'Oh, hear we go again, the joined at the hip Twin prologue,' Harry tries to provoke.
Tina continues by referencing the abuse, he suffered at the hands of Billy and that five years ago, it could have been Greg in a mental institution and that Greg was Tina's best friend and didn't want to see him a car crash. Tina figured that if she gave him Frank back, he could be the father, that he never saw in Billy, when he was a child. Harry accuses Tina of loving her brother more than him, but Tina is upset by Harry's suggestion and she believes that she did it, because it should be about her and Harry and their marriage. Tina again mentions Jack and Harry hurts Tina even more, by suggesting, she has been using him all them years of marriage to gain respect back. There is a knock on the door and it's a neighbour, who wonders what the commotion is. Harry threatens the upstairs neighbour to mind his own business and slams the door in his face. Harry retreats and has more to drink and Harry cries and says that the last couple of years have been really stressful, even though he thought there were good times, but he figures he was just kidding himself.
'Our marriage has survived worse than this,' Tina points out.
'Oh really, like what?' Harry wonders.
'Jill Flanders for a start, Ok my miscarriage, Jack going missing and...
'Frank, our second chance and you gave him to someone who was more of a friend than I was,' Harry continues to torture.
'I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't plan it,' Tina tries to assure.
'So it was Instinct? Just like when I asked you to marry me, on that cruiser five years ago and you said yes, without hesitation?' Harry sarcastically replies.
'I love you, and you love me don't you?...unconditionally?'
Harry doesn't answer, as he throws his glassed bourbon into the fireplace and he suggest they part for a while and it's best that it's Tina that leaves. Tina begs Harry not to do this to them. Harry surprises Tina, that he won't pursue getting Frank back and he'll assure her that Greg and Helen will be his parents, but as long as Tina is not in the same room as him. Tina cries as she heads into the bedroom and packs. As she prepares to leave, Harry demands the key cut to the apartment and insists, he will send her things. Tina slowly walks down the staircase, and walks into the pouring rain. As she walks off into the distance, Harry watches from the window.

Tina eventually shows up at George and Lola's apartment soaking wet and begs for a place to stay. Lola tells her it's fine, but also points out they have another visitor in Chris. Lola comforts her best friend, as Audrey turns her away, even though Billy does see how sorry she is.

Jeff sits at home also lonely and looks at a picture of himself, Sylvia and Chris. He stumbles into his bedroom and falls asleep.

Harry walks around the apartment drunk and looks at a wedding photograph of him and Tina. He smashes it at the wall and he staggers onto the balcony and screams out as the rain lashes down Are Harry and Tina well and truly over?

Weeks later, Audrey forgives Tina, and both her and Billy begin a new life back in England. Tina insists they don't need to stick a round and will fight her marriage on her own. Billy tells Tina, that he will always be her little girl and there is still a home in London if she wants it. Billy hands her, his business at the Trade Center before leaving.

Dionne Warwicks , 'Heartbreaker,' plays into the closing scenes and closing credits.

Harry and Tina are trying to come to terms with the break up. He feels betrayed by Tina's actions and Tina is devastated that it's come to this. She loves Harry deeply. Harry stares at the North Tower Of The World Trade Center from his office, as Tina tearfully looks over to the South Tower from her office.

The CAMERA slowly pans away from the Twin Towers, in the New York City Skyline sunset.

This is Joan Collins (Audrey Mcquire) and Sean Connery's (William Mcquire) final appearance as series regulars.

Spoiler: However, Joan Collins appears as a guest star in the Season Six Finale with Sean Connery, and returns for the two part series finale, excluding Sean Connery who eventually gets killed off screen.