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Screams were loud in the distance, and the white haired boy sat against a brick wall, panting heavily. His eyes were wide with terror. Quiet down... They'll hear you... He thought, trying to control his breathing.

In the next instant, a black claw shot through the bricks, and the child yelled in fear, standing and running with a stumble from the creature behind the wall. A loud howl was heard not too far behind him.

He looked back, panting before smacking into something... Hairy. The boy fell to the ground and looked up. His pupils shrunk in horror, and he realized what loomed over him was another one of those... Things.

It had a wolf like snout, fur and claws, but stood on two feet and had hands, though they had fur and claws. It had glowing blue eyes, and loomed over the boy at a towering eight feet tall. Black fur coated it's body, but it's chest area seemed to have less fur and show more of a human like abdomen.

"W-why..?" The boy crawled back slowly. "Why are you doing this?"

The werewolf leaned down, getting to close to eye level with the boy. It's mouth opened slowly, saliva on it's sharp teeth. It stuck between it's fangs before breaking as it's jaws opened.

The boys scream was heard above all else in the village.

Chapter 1: Transformation

The boy's blue eyes opened, and he glanced slowly around the room he was in. It seemed that he was in some sort of cage. To his sides and behind him were rock walls, and in front of him were silver bars.

The cell was lit with torches, and the boy looked down to see the grey rags he wore. His pants were torn from the knees down, and the sleeves of his shirt were also torn. He had pale white skin. He looked to only be about fifteen, and certainly seemed... Lets just call it 'prepubescent.'

"Where... Where am I..?" Memories flooded back to the boy, and with wide eyes, he reached for the left side of his neck. What he found was a large, wolf mouth shaped scar.

"N-no..." The boy jumped up, looking in a smudged and slightly cracked mirror in the cell. That part of his shirt was torn, and the large scar was visible.

"Oh no... Oh hell no!" The boy stepped back from the mirror.

"What's your problem, kiddo?"

The white haired boy turned to see a female with large black hair standing in front of the cell. Her hair puffed out, but didn't seem to be frizzy. She wore what could have been pants at one time, but seemed to be torn in the middle. From the end of her thighs to the beginning of her ankles, the pant legs were gone.

She didn't wear shoes, and around her neck was what almost seemed like a scarf of random cloth. She wore a tank top that seemed loose, and didn't cover her abdomen. Something about her seemed... Inhuman.

"Who are you?" The boy asked, walking towards the bars.

"Me? Well, isn't it obvious?" When the boy reached the bars, she reached stepped closer to them reaching through and touching his shoulder. "I'm the one who gave you that pretty little mark."

The boy's eyes widened as he heard her say that, and his pupils shrunk as he reached through the bars towards her. "I'll kill you!"

"Whoa there." She stepped back, laughing lightly. She noticed small tufts of hair growing on the boys arm, and grabbed his arm, pulling his hand close to her face.

"H-hey!" The boy exclaimed, trying to yank his hand back from the taller girl. "Let go!"

"Hm..." She seemed to smell his hand, before nodding and letting go, making the boy fall over. "Ah ah, lets not waste that anger. If you have your transformation here it'll be a huge waste."

"T-transformation..?" The boy climbed to his feet.

"I bit you, remember numb skull?" She grinned. "You know what that means."

"No... No no no no no no no.." The boy looked at his hands, and his hair seemed to be growing again. "NO!" He slammed his fists into the ground, which cracked.

"Lupus, what are you doing?"

The girl turned to the side, where the voice had came from. "Just talking to the kid, Canis."

"He's awake?!" Footsteps were heard as a male ran to the cell, looking to see the boy, who was staring at his hands.

The male looked to be about the same age as Lupus, in fact he resembled her quite a bit. He had the same facial structure, but shorter hair. They both had dark black hair, and were about the same height.

"Hey, kid." Canis opened the door to the cell.

"Stop calling me that..." His hands clenched into fists. "I have a name."

"And that would be?" Lupus stood behind Canis with her arms crossed.

"Fenris... My name is Fenris." The boy looked up at them.

"Fenris? Strange name for a human boy." Lupus leaned forward to inspect the boy, who backed up slightly.

"But then again, you aren't really one of those anymore." She grinned, and Fenris' eyes narrowed, and he found himself growling lightly.

"Shut your mouth!" Fenris took a swing at her, but she stepped back in time to dodge.

"Nice try." Lupus stood back to her full height, and Fenris jumped up after her.

"Okay, that's it! I want to know! I want to know where I'm at, why I'm here, who you people are, and why you did this!"

"Well you see-" Lupus was about to explain, when Canis interrupted her.

"Lupus, he's clearly the one we've been searching for! We don't have time for this, we have to take him to the king!"

Lupus sighed. "You're a real party pooper, you know that?" She rolled her eyes. "Come on, 'Fenris', we're taking you somewhere."

"Why should I go with you?" Fenris growled defiantly.

"Because if you don't I'll leave another pretty little mark on your neck." Lupus was suddenly inches from Fenris' face, her hand lifted to show the claws forming on her hand.

Fenris stumbled back. "R-right..."

Lupus smiled. "That's what I thought."

"So uh... Where are we going..?" Fenris glanced at Canis, who kept his eyes forward. "The king. So mind your manors."

"Werewolves have a king?" Fenris asked in shock.

"Well of course. Why wouldn't we?" Lupus arched a brow at Fenris.

"Well... I always thought you guys were kind of like wild animals. Just going around and killing people for food and only occasionally leaving them with a bite..."

"Well most of the time we eat animals, but people do give a certain... Salty taste." Lupus grinned lightly.

"... You're weird..." Fenris cringed lightly at her words.

"And you're short for someone your age." Lupus mocked as they walked.

"I am not short!" Fenris exploded. "And how do you know how old I am?"

"Legend says so." Lupus said simply, and Fenris arched a brow at her.

"What legend?"

"Not telling."

Fenris groaned in frustration, burying his face in his hands. "You're so annoying!"

"And both of you are too damn loud!" Canis suddenly exploded, and they both flinched slightly.

"S-sorry Canis..." Lupus said, looking down. Fenris remained silent.

They soon reached two large, golden doors with what seemed to be a painting of a white wolf on it. At each side of the door stood a large being that almost resembled what Lupus had looked like when she attacked Fenris.

Fenris seemed to back away from the two, getting grabbed by the arm by Canis. "Calm down, they won't hurt you."

"B-but t-they're..." Fenris stuttered.

"Werewolves? Yes, child. We are." The one to the left spoke. They both wore metal armor that shinned like bronze. The helmet resembled a werewolf howling.

"Canis, Lupus, who have you brought to us?" The guard on the right asked.

"The one on the door, Felix." Lupus said, rolling her eyes as if it were obvious.

"W-wait, you mean you've finally found him?!" The one to the left said.

"Yes, Jatix. His name is Fenris." Canis explained, and the eyes of the two guards widened.

Jatix and Felix looked to one another before grabbing the handles of the door and pulling it open.

Fenris watched the large wolves open the door, and was yanked through the door by Canis. "Stop wasting so much time, kid."

The room they entered was large, and torches lit the walls. at the back wall of the room was what seemed to be a large throne, and in it sat a large man wearing a golden crown.

Just like Canis and Lupus, he didn't wear shoes. He wore black, baggy pants and a grey T-shirt. He had black hair, and black side burns. He certainly didn't look too... Regal. In fact, if it wasn't for the crown, he would've looked like any scruffy guy.

"King Wulfric, we've finally found him." Canis said, kneeling before the king's golden throne. Lupus did the same, and Fenris remained standing for a moment before being yanked down by Canis.

The king looked over Fenris for a moment, before shaking his head. "You expect me to believe that this is the Great Lycan? What is this, some eight year old human you scrapped up out of the rubble?"

Fenris growled lightly. "I'm fifteen damn it!" He exploded, jumping up. The fur seemed to be growing on him again, and Wulfric smirked lightly.

"I see he hasn't had his first transformation yet. Good, we can test him."

"What do you mean test me?" Fenris backed up slightly as Wulfric jumped from his throne.

"Well it seems that any time you get the slightest bit angry you start to get a little 'fuzzy'." Wulfric grinned lightly. "So we'll get you angry and send you into a human village."

"A-a human village..?" Fenris backed up slowly as Wulfric walked closer. "B-but... No! I won't!" Fenris turned, running for the doors.

Lupus and Canis jumped up to run after him, but stopped at the Kings command. "Let him go, but keep an eye on him. Take Felix and Jatix with you."

Canis and Lupus glanced at the King before glancing at one another, nodding. They ran through the door, and Jatix and Felix followed.

Fenris ran through dark halls until he finally reached large steel doors. He burst through them with strength that he could have swore he didn't have a moment ago. The sun had risen, and it looked to be mid morning.

Fenris looked at his hands and arms, and saw more fur forming on them. "No no no no no!" Fenris looked into the dark tunnel, hearing heavy footsteps. He ran quickly out into the forest.

Canis, Lupus, Felix, and Jatix all burst from the tunnel. "Which way did he go?" Jatix asked.

"Split up!" Canis said, and the four went off in different directions.

Fenris came to a hill over looking a familiar village, and he smiled. "I made it." He turned, hearing a twig snap behind him.

Without thinking, he jumped down the hill, sliding down it. He heard someone yell 'No don't!' behind him.

Fenris slide and tumbled, rocks tearing his skin as he hit the bottom of the hill. He panted, standing. He noticed that the holes in his skin were beginning to seal. Was it because the rocks weren't silver?

Fenris ran towards the town, but as he got closer, he smelt smoke. His eyes widened, and he quickly realized what had become of his home.

The buildings were torn and rubbled, and dead bodies scattered the ground. Some houses were still alight with fires.

"T-this..." Fenris shook his head, running down the rock path. He could hear someone running behind him.

"Fenris! Stop!"

Fenris reached a familiar home, and his eyes widened in terror. It was broken to rubble, and fire rose over it. A female arm hung from the rock, scorched and cut.

"M-mother..?" Fenris walked slowly towards the rubble, his eyes wide as tears began to form in them.

Fenris collapsed to his knees in front of the home. "T-this... This can't be... This is all just some kind of nightmare..."

"Fenris..." Lupus said, walking up behind Fenris and putting a hand on his shoulder.

"You..." Lupus could feel something shifting under Fenris' shirt. And... Was he shaking..?

"You did this!"

Fenris suddenly jumped up, and Lupus stepped back. "Uh-oh..." She said, stepping back.

Fenris' muscles tightened, and he seemed to be growing taller. White hair was sprouting out all over his body, and his face seemed to be stretching into a snout. His clothes tore as he stood, his roar becoming a howl that shook the rubble.

He stood at nine feet tall, his body covered in white fur. His clawed toes dug into the ground as he loomed over Lupus, his eyes glowing blue. He breathed heavily, staring down at Lupus with rage in his eyes.

"O-okay, so he's definitely the Lycan we've been looking for..." Lupus said, backing away slowly.

Fenris leaned down towards Lupus, snarling in speech.

"They call me Fenrir..."

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