Been sitting here wondering what's up with my life

Everything seems to be going alright

Me chilling with my homies, up in my crib

Having a party, everything's of the bib

Castle in the cooler, dagga in the making

Girls at my side, looking all low down nice!

Music just right for this cozy night

Nothings better than when it's looking tight!

The clock strikes time for the guyz to fly,

Leaving me alone, just me and my life

Me high in the making, head in the sky

No worry in the world, just for the night

The morning will be, when reality strikes

Reminding me of the state of my life

No hope in the world, no dream in sight

Only the loneliness and hollow feeling inside

The morning begins with the old lady at my side

Screaming and shouting telling me to rise

Go look for a job, do something with yourself

Except boozing, chilling and messing up your life

I Pretend not to hear, same as before

Maybe the woman will go out the door

Old man gets all angry, spitting and flaring

Say I am a good for nothing here, laying in his lair

Get out of bed, ready in seconds

No place to go, no goal that beckons

Born with a destiny, yet soaked in depression

Calculated the cost and say it's too much

Pastor at church keeps preaching away

Letting us know that today is the day

For the chosen of God to stand up and be counted

Pity I don't feel like one of those, I doubt it.

Why would this God who everyone speaks of

Think about me, a no body and a squeezer

I'm sure he has better things to do!

Than worry about this crazy fool

I've lived my whole life just swinging and moving

No care in the world, just music to groove in\

Yet there's something missing

A place that needs filling

Way down deep in this heart of mine

Something seems to be not fine

Why do I feel like nobody cares?

What happens to me and all the trials I bear?

Life has no meaning,

It's full of grieving

Just when you think that everything's great

You wake up and realize that the through was fake

The Pastor at church just preaches and teachers

I've heard what he's said but choose not to believe it

He say; you like sheep have gone astray

Walking in your own different way

But there is a God who is mighty ad strong

Ready to do the unbelievable

Just trust in His Word and call on His name

He will be right there to lessen the pain

Today as I stand broken and hurt

I've decided to take the chance to obey His Word

I don't want to go back

To the ways of the earth

It's been dirty and nasty since before my birth

Now is the time

To stand up and decide

Where you want to spend the rest of your life

If you decide to better your life

Come up and stand here right by my side

Together we'll make the decision of our life

To live by His Word and bury the lies

Now is the time, this is the place

Don't wait for tomorrow, that may be a waste

Call on his name, heed to His voice

Let's make this the day to rejoice!

Don't worry about tomorrow for it may never come.

Consider today and where you've come from.

Jesus wants to be the God who lives in your heart.

To lead you and guide you and never depart!

So arise and awaken from your slumber and sleep

Put down the load and rise to your feet.

This is the time, to die to yourself

and gave God the chance to change the state of your life