Amidst what passes for a major human city on this world on the far outskirts of Elf, Ogre, Troll, and Lizardman territories; a city that has maybe five hundred people in it yet tries very hard to look like it's incredibly wealthy; there is an inn for travelers. In one of these rooms sleeps a man, a fairly well built man with shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes; his name is Adon and sleeping beside him; except on top of the covers is his lover. He has awaken just before sunrise; Adon looks over at the creature beside him with (her) scarlet red feathers, gorgeous wings, talon like feet, petite frame, and A-cup breasts. His mind wanders back to how he met this gorgeous creature; he had gone on a quest into the Enchanted Forest to find the legendary sword ExBastardius. On his way out of the ever shifting woods he had come across this harpy falling from the sky, knocked down by an explosion from an unseen source. It had been love at first sight.

Adon's hand gently brushes over the feathers on the harpy's waist, he remembers the white "clit"; he *shakes* his head at the memory and looks back up at those small breasts and cute feminine face. (She) had followed him out of the forest; unfortunately (she) was unable to speak beyond making "chuuu", "cooo", and bird song sounds. When thinking of this being his mind wrestles between using "he" and "she" given what he knows to be reality; yet he fights the thought; after all since their first time together he has been the man. Scarlet has he has come to call her has always ridden on his cock with her cloacae; right where a pussy should be and given him oral on a regular basis. In fact it has become something of a morning routine for Scarlet to start each down sucking on his dick. He doesn't know why, and he doesn't question it.

This morning is no different as Scarlet rises off the bed, standing upon it, her talons threatening to render the sheets and mattress. She flaps her tail feathers about straightening them; she looks over at Adon who pretends to still be asleep.

"Chuuuu," she says softly, as she leans down and pulls the blankets away, a creeping smile on both their faces.

His member stands erect like a stalk reaching for the sun.

"Coooo," she says with a roll in her voice like a purr mixed with the song of a bird.

She looks over at Adon still pretending to be asleep despite the revealing grin on his face. She opens her mouth hovering just around his cock head; her warm breath and a few drips of saliva making his dick twitch and grow and tighten a bit painfully from the teasing. Her long flexible tongue slowly snakes out of her mouth, flicking his cock head against her lips playfully. Adon grips the bed sheets trying not to cum from just this alone. She flicks his cock head a few more times, lapping at the underside of his cockhead while the rim is brushed against Scarlet's soft lips. Her tongue snakes around his shaft as she lowers her mouth, She can only fit half his cock in her small mouth.

Adon looks down as Scarlet pulls back on his shaft, her lips holding tight giving her this strange yet oddly adorable expression. On a down stroke he swears must have jabbed her on the back of the throat he feels her tongue wrapping around the base of his cock and tightening; as she pulls back her tongue leaves her mouth like some red slug wrapped around his dick. Even as she bobs her head on his cock her tongue squeezes and relaxes in rhythm; not unlike an impossible combination of a blow job and a hand job. As Adon rises towards cumming he grips the sheets in a death grip; he wants to touch her head and touch Scarlet as he cums. He has learned however from experience that doing so during this morning routine will result in a several hours long sex and foreplay routine; and they have something important to do this morning that is best done in the early morning while the streets are still mostly empty.

"Huh," *gasps* Adon as Scarlet quickens her pace and forces him to cum unexpectedly.

Her tongue tightens on his shaft, squeezing every last drop from his cock. Adon watches as she sits up and leans her head back, swallowing his load in one big *gulp*. Adon is surprised to find he isn't gagging; he can't believe he's gotten so used to this sight; that the first time he saw it nearly made him vomit.

Scarlet looks over at Adon with a soft, "Cooo, Chuuu,"

Adon shakes his head, "Sorry babe, remember the library."

"Cooo," says Scarlet; which sounds both sad and frustrated.

She watches his dick go soft and watches his crotch closely as he puts on pants; the whole time with a look in her eye like a hawk watching a mouse; and a look of disappointment when he fastens his belt. She actually makes a *huff* sound when he does.

"Don't worry babe," says Adon, "later we can fuck like wild rabbits."

"Coooooo," says Scarlet, her voice and look in her eyes a bit mischievous.


This is a human city; even if this were a city further north where Elves, Lizard Men, or even the Beast Tribes are dominant a harpy walking the streets would still be a strange sight that could cause them some serious complications. As such Adon has convinced Scarlet to wear a hooded long robe in public; passing her off as a petite and mute mage. She has shown the ability to understand what he and others say; just isn't able to speak herself. Thanks to the long fire mage robes and some bought off merchants he has been able to pass Scarlet off as a fire mage accompanying him on his adventures; even easier considering her surprising ability.

As they walk his mind drifts back to shortly after they met, while leaving the Enchanted Forest they had been attacked by a weird monster; a giant mushroom with a simple face, closed eyes two little dots for a nose, and a frowning face with the mushroom cap almost like a helmet behind the face; the long tube body sporting two paddle like arms and supported on two boot like feet. This monster attacked despite his sword the legendary ExBastardius having the power to ward off monsters. During the fight the mushroom creature had opened its toothless and tongue-less mouth and spewed out a purple fog. Scarlet had shoved Adon out of the way and leapt into the air, barely supporting herself with strong flaps of her wings to blow the miasma away. He remembers that she had *huffed* upon landing, barely able to fly even with such gust-inducing thrusts of her wings; what followed next however was astonishing. Her entire body glowed with a crimson flame and she unleashed a power assault of fire that swept over the ground like a wave upon the beach; with a controlled will the flames engulfed the monster; which shortly exploded into blue flames. Her fire subsided and she was a bit exhausted from the ordeal.

In that moment Adon remembered the explosion from when he met Scarlet, how it didn't even dawn on him till this moment that she wasn't even scorched and that indeed there were no signs of another creature. A series of images clicked in his brain just like when he realized she was actually a he; the explosion, her petite body having a hard time flapping contrasted against images of the normally huge flight muscles on a bird, and the hot air balloons that wealthy High Elves would show off that are held up by hot air. It occurred to him that Scarlet must use her heat to aid in her flight, a thermal current like the leaves that float above a bonfire; and she must have over-done it; just like in the battle with the monster; knocking herself out of the sky and exhausting her. Naturally however he has since learned on several occasions she is quick to recover from exhaustion.


The city is fairly quiet as Adon and Scarlet make their way to the library; in this city a building nearly as large as the castle that is the home of a king who is really only the king of this one city and some nearby farmland; humans living primarily in city states. All stuff Adon has to remind himself of as he has spent many years working as adventurer further north in High Elf territory. The library is surprisingly quiet, even for this early in the morning; it seems the only one here is the librarian; a short petite woman with dark green hair wearing large round glasses. Adon locates a book on "Avian Monsters". Scarlet is looking around, she seems a bit uneasy in this place. Adon guides her to a private reading room in the back of the library where no one can see them allowing Scarlet to pull back her hood, while from a distance she can be mistaken for having thick red hair, up close it is clearly feathers.

Adon survey's the room, its relatively large, maybe five people could easily fit around the table in the center, one door in that surprisingly can lock from the inside; although the window is fairly small and has bars on it. The small space, one exit, and barred window clearly are upsetting Scarlet as she stands by the table; not needing to sit with legs made to always be standing when not sleeping while Adon sits down. He wraps his arm around Scarlet, massaging her wing as he pulls her close to him to calm her down.

She rubs her head against his shoulder issuing a soft, "chuu."

"Okay," says Adon, "let's find out what kind of harpy you are babe, what I have here is *Avian Monsters of Juhn*"

"Chuuuuu?" says Scarlet titling her head looking at him confused.

"Huh?" says Adon, "Oh…um…Juhn, that's what we humans call our world…not sure you understand the concept…"

"…ch….ch…neena." says Scarlet forcing the sound out.

Adon puzzles a moment what that new sound means as he opens the book. He flips past a wide range of avian monsters, from giant birds, humanoid birds with angel placed wings, Griffins, a centaur like creature where the lower half is a chicken complete with wings and a human body sticking out where the head should be, as well as a raptor and ostrich versions of that same thing; and then harpies. The pictures show male and female versions; which he notes look very similar to each other. Off-White feathered (Siren Harpies) with their large breasts and striking pink nipples, Pure white (Swan Harpies) where the females have huge breasts and the males look like tanned men with six-pack abs and huge pecs, black feathered ones that are only females with wild feathers for hair, the typical brown feathered ones that are also only female, the closest thing to Scarlet is one that has red striking feathers with green tips on the feathers and a mane of feathers up the and head with blue tips.

As he flips through these pictures of naked bird women he can hear Scarlet purring and rubbing up against him. With a *smirk* on his face Adon slips his arm off her shoulders and under her robe; slipping under her wing and massaging her right breast in his hand; kneading her soft small pancake breasts like fine dough.

Adon looks around, not that he needs to the door is locked. He lets go of Scarlet's tit, earning him a pouty lipped whimper. A short lived whimper as Adon gets up and closes the curtain, turning and giving Scarlet a familiar grin. He looks around once more out of habit, rolling his eyes as his glance meets only books and walls before sitting down and unbuttoning his pants and practically throwing off his belt. Scarlet shakes her robe off and does a little wiggle and *giggle*, so glad to be free of its confinement.

Adon's prick springs free like a snake ready to strike, the mornings sweat clinging like dew upon a stem. The morning's pretexts are thrown away as Scarlet engulfs his full member like a salty herring, her throat muscles crushing against his cock-head as though trying to actually swallow his dick nearly making him cum that instant. Her tongue corkscrews around his shaft as she pulls back, bobbing her head on his cock. Her downy feathers for hair shimmering in the dim light of the room as his hand rests upon her head. She looks up, something about her gaze feels like a mischievous smile while her lips and tongue are milking him for all his worth. Her wings wrap around the base of his chair, her claws gripping the seat pulling him closer to her.

He looks over at the book, the scarlet feathered harpy with green and blue tipped feathers seemingly looking back him; the magically captured image on the page perfectly showing the creature's large breasts. Scarlet's tongue is different, flatter and wider almost wrapping around parts of his cock with the tip pressing into the base between his dick and his balls. His *huffs* like those of racing horse, unable to hold it between the petite harpy sucking him like she's trying to pull his prostate out through his dick and the image on the page he cums. Despite having cum not long prior he can feel it, almost fearful his whole cockhead had popped off; whatever Scarlet was doing with her tongue and lips this time was something powerful.

She pulls back and smiles up at him, whether by lust or some unknown harpy magic his dick is still hard as stone and ready to go. He stands practically throwing his pants to the floor around his ankles, before he has a chance to kick them completely off Scarlet distracts him with a new dance, she spins about rising up one wing and then the other; threatening the books on the shelves with the gusts she is throwing around. He watches transfixed, not dreaming of removing the rest of his armor; he has learned that when she dances she fucks wildly; her claws and talons being forgotten by Scarlet in their passion, even once taking his full length into her cloacae, her five foot long clit-dick wrapping tentatively around him like it had that first time; he smiles as she spins getting closer and backing up just a little.

A loud *oof* escapes him as Scarlet unexpectedly smacks him in the back with her wing knocking him to the floor. He shakes his head and starts to get up, but stops as Scarlet leans down, her long slippery tongue sliding over the small of his back tingling the base of his spine in a way he didn't know it could tingle and over his ass cheeks. He feels a lot of warm goo dripping onto ass crack, sliding between his cheeks as her tongue slips between the cracks arching between his legs pressing into his taint. His eyes shoot wide as her long tongue snake around his balls flicking them with her pointed tip. He doesn't see that what he thinks is just saliva is also mixed with his own sperm that she had been holding her mouth.

In an instant she pulls back, while he is on hands and knees wandering why she stopped her feels her thick bird of prey legs spread behind him and against his thighs; her flesh ripping talons only inches from his exposed legs. She leans over him *cooing* her thick talon hands gripping on his armor covered shoulders, he watches them as he feels that small five inches long, barely as thick as a woman's finger white wormy clit-dick wiggle around like worm between his ass-cheeks. He knows now what is happening, he makes a small movement with his arm and leg trying to turn around; intending to tell Scarlet he doesn't want to do this; however this is enough to spread his ass hole wide enough for Scarlet's wiggling dick to find its target. She grips him, pulling him back as she trusts into his hole.

He had expected more pain, but between its short and thin size and how slimy his ass is right now he actually barely feels it go in. He *sighs* in relief, after all he has always said he never wants to be known as a selfish lover. There is an odd, soft sort of pleasant feeling as he relaxes his sphincter, that small clit-dick is wiggling around inside him. He almost laughs at his fear of ever doing this with Scarlet; letting her be the man for a change, for all the time's he's plunged his massive man meat into her small cloacae, his ass which has passed far larger than her tiny worming cock, and…it stops and stiffens inside him. Scarlet starts to slowly pump her hips. It feels different, like his rear is being stretched little by little, with each slow pumping back in, expanding inside him and getting longer.

Adon *grits his teeth* as a horrendous burning pain comes over his ass and he clinches down. He tries to escape, to get off this rod ripping his ass apart only to find the claws gripping his shoulders shoving him back, clear to the hilt on Scarlet's dick; in this same instance she thrusts forward with enough force that Adon is actually pushed clear from the door to the table; dragged and pushed by the asshole as it were; pretty much directed by a broom stick up his ass.

Scarlet stops pumping her hips and *coos* softly, clearly trying to reassure him, stretching her wings out under the table and off to the side while her claws at the bend in the wing keep a firm grip on his shoulders. In this moment Adon realizes despite her petite appearance Scarlet is stronger than he is; it floods into his mind that she is a monster, a harpy, a supernatural creature not even listed in the Avian book of monsters; something unique that appeared in the Enchanted Forest; a place well known to be where strange new monsters lurk and emerge from. His mind distracted he doesn't even hear some pages on the book being flipped or that his ass has relaxed, the pain gone and Scarlet has started to slowly pump into his ass again. He does feel Scarlet maneuver him again, facing a little away from the table.

He feels that long thick white slippery stick sliding in and out of his rear, the pain completely replaced by pleasure. He doesn't know the medical reasons behind but his dick has become harder than it's ever been, it feels like his cock is being fucked from the inside out. He actually find himself leaning back into Scarlet's thrusts as the pace quickens, his *huffs* and *puffs* are met on each thrust with ever louder song bird like cries, strange sounds he has never heard before like a song bird having an orgasm. A rhythmic chorus of beautiful music to accompany their now vigorous fucking on the library floor. They cum together, his spunk splashing onto the wooden floor, while hers what feels like a liter's worth drenches his insides in a pleasant warmth. As they orgasm together Scarlet cries out, something like a rooster's crow mixed with an eagle's scream; there is no way everyone within a mile didn't hears the mysterious sound that he hopes no-one realizes came from the back room of the library.

As Scarlet pulls free of his rear, Adon is surprised at himself for whining. Like some great loss, an emptiness where before there had been pain he finds himself already longing for that connection that sense of fullness to return. As he breathes heavily waiting for a knock on the door, he hears nothing, nothing at all. Except for a strange slurping sound behind him; as he turns his eyes first catch the massive pile of splooge on the wooden floor; at first thinking it must have come from his ass he is quick to realize this puddle was all from him, more than he would have thought humanly possible. Turning around on his oddly numb ass what he sees brings him to full erection again; surprising him. Scarlet is giving herself a blowjob; her long tongue is snaked around what he is in wide eyed disbelief was actually up his ass and that she was really packing this whole time; easily eight inches long, thicker than his own cock, stark white with no signs of veins and a head shaped like that of a viper, yet just smooth as eel skin. The white slippery rod is spotless despite its previous location; the amount of cum he felt going into his ass perhaps a testament to why. He watches intently as her tongue wraps around and massages her own member as it has his own on so many occasions.

His gaze is transfixed upon the sight, not noticing Scarlet looking right at him or that her she isn't slurping on her own cock as earnestly as she would his. Adon crawls over on all fours, with his face only inches away watching Scarlet's tongue undulating on her stark white slippery pole he gives into an odd impulse; he licks up the length of her tongue. Scarlet *sighs* and flinches a little as Adon runs his tongue over her own, with his eyes closed he doesn't notice that his tongue misses every so often and flicks against her soft slipper cock-skin. Before he knows it he has reached the tongue above the cock; sucking on it like a juicy rope candy. He had intended to keep following up to her mouth as he feels the tongue pull off. Scarlet's claw on the back of his head guides him down her length as she pulls her tongue in, the tip of her tongue flicking the tip of his playfully.

She pulls back, he can feel her breath on his face as she bends in a way no human normally could. She *giggles* as she covers his eyes with her claw and flicks his nose with her tongue, he snaps his lips trying to grab it *laughing* along with Scarlet's little game. He finally catches the tip and suck on her salty…she pushes down and it's not her tongue. He almost backs off but he knows this was inevitable given his teasing. Scarlet releases a rolling *kiiiiii* sound. He bobs his head on this slippery shaft; it's not as unpleasant as he had expected. As he starts to taste a salty sweet fluid leaking from the arrow head shaped cock head and it twitches she pulls her claw off his head and pulls from of his mouth.

His eyes shoot open as in a flash, pretty much jumping over him Scarlet plunges her cock into his ass. Not painful this time but…damn…Scarlet is pumping like a dog in heat; shoving his face into the floor; once again he cums on the floor; not so much this time; but Scarlet feels like she pumped another few cups of semen into his stretched ass hole. Scarlet is breathing heavily, just standing there with her cock up Adon's ass; he feels it twitch and spurt as it deflates. He jumps a little from the tingle as Scarlet's cock returns to its small wiggling state and licks around his ass hole, which has become soft and sensitive; a strange feeling he never knew an asshole could feel before now. Scarlet remains like that for a moment, rubbing her wet cloacae against his ass cheeks before pulling back.


As Adon pulls up his pants he looks over at Scarlet with the most satisfied glow on her face he has ever seen. He holds his hand on his abdomen with the odd pressure he will need to relieve back at the inn…he wanders a moment if this enchanted creature he just fucked can make a man pregnant. He *laughs* at his thought and pushes it away, looking at Scarlet fumbling with those robes. Disguises aside Adon is a bit worried about the stains on the floor, trying to get them up with a rag in his pocket as best he can; thankful they may never need to come back to this library ever again.

As Adon reaches for the book he does a double take as its not the Red Harpy he had left the page on. He *chuckles* looking at Scarlet who shoots him a sly smile, she got back at him for looking at that large busted Red Harpy by flipping the page over to a Grey Hawk-Man, a muscular creature about his own size. Adon is concerned as they leave the room, expecting a group of people around the door; instead the library is still empty save for that short green haired librarian. She gives them both a *smirk* as they return the book and walk out. Once outside however they do not see what transpires within. The library becomes noisier as people fade into view and the librarian vanishes, replaced by a group of three brunette women checking out books to people walking into the library that Adon doesn't see; in fact the streets are awfully quiet even for such a small population.

Back at the inn there is a different woman behind the bar than when they left, a short woman with stark blue hair. He doesn't pay her any mind really, he has heard that some humans dye their hair to be more like elves. However once in their room Adon draws his sword, there is a glowing green book with gold leaf patterns sitting on the bed.

"Scarlet!" he shouts as she bends down praying at the edge of the bed.

The book opens of its own accord, flipping right to the center, a green light projects up from the pages opening a window that shows two harpies, a scarlet red feathered one, the spitting image of Scarlet and a duller brown one, but not much difference between them.

Adon nearly jumps back as a woman's voice speaks from the book, "Pyro Harpy, Also known as a Scarlet Flame Harpy; native to the Aziz Bad Lands Islands Chain of the equatorial seas, planet Jenna."

"Planet….Jenna?" says Adon looking down at Scarlet.

He shields his eyes as a green light envelops the room. When it passes they are no longer in the inn…they are standing in a hut, Scarlet looks around and starts to jump around *cooing* excitedly, she practically flies out the large tent flap. Adon can hear a lot of *coo*, *kii*, *clicks*, and various song bird like sounds outside. He sheathes his sword, he is pretty sure of what to expect. As he steps outside the village of harpies, scarlet colored, brown, young and a few old stand silent. He looks around, a simple village near an oasis in a desert with both dunes and large rocks, a strange cliff over the oasis pond from which the water is cascading.

Scarlet rushes over to him and wraps her wings around him and sings, a beautiful bird song, and the longest he has heard her speak ever.

A woman's voice, the one from the book speaks to his mind, he knows this as no-one else is reacting, "The one you call Scarlet vanished from here during a rite of passage ceremony, the magic of the forest grabbed him as it has randomly grabbed so many creatures before. His family is happy, glad that he found a strong and caring man to love. Scarlet is a bit embarrassed as his father is talking about the two of you lovers one day finding a female to co-guard the eggs of…I have left a book in the hut, a copy of the pages pertaining to Pyro Harpy culture; also when I stop speaking please reframe from looking up at the sky and asking who I am, good luck warrior on your new world."

The voice goes silent and Adon does look up, and looks back at Scarlet, wrapping his arm around…him and smiling.