Fangs slide into tender flesh, hot and slick with the vampires inhuman saliva. Velvety red lips meet slender neck as the vampire's long red hair slides across the shoulders of her victim. The woman's weak moans are indiscernible over the music of the party. Anyone seeing the two in the spare room would have quickly left thinking they had walked in on two women uninhibited via inebriation. Especially as the vampire's long talon like nails have sliced through the high class twenty something lady's dress and bra to expose her luscious pink tits, playing with them even as she has her fill of the woman's blood. The vampire pulls her mouth back, her snake like fangs retracting into her gums. Blood flows like thin red wine from the puncture marks; the vampire licks over the neck with her unnaturally long tongue, having herself a final taste even as somehow by some property within the tongue its self the blood ceases to flow and the wounds are healed. The woman shivers from the sensation of the warm tongue on her exposed neck, coupled with the vampire suddenly grasping her breast firmly. In the human yet superhumanly strong creature's grasp the woman feels warmth and fright, between the party's wine and the vampire's venom her body feels all aglow, comfortable, yet knows she cannot escape even if she wanted to. The vampire's lips brush across the woman's ear.

The vampire whispers with a voice like a fairy's harp, "You are the perfect flavor; you will make a great gift for the mistress."

The music plays on, the party goers continue, the woman however never exits the door to the room; she never comes down the stairs again; and it isn't until late in the next day when anyone wanders where she is. No indication she left with anyone at the party as her friend's had thought when they left the party, being told she had gone upstairs with another woman; eliciting some laughs and casual jokes about how they knew she wasn't as straight as she claimed to be passing up so and so or some imagined eyes on them or others before going back to their revelry. The woman is no celebrity, no politician, or related to either as such except by a distant means; the news barely covers the story but for a day before going back to the latest gossip or minor slight of the president being taken out of proportion.


Her name is Vicky, she remembers this as she wakes up feeling weird blinking at the unfamiliar red ceiling and crystal chandelier (red crystals) as she says to herself, "what did you drink last night Vicky?"

As she wakes up she is aware that something isn't right, she is lying on something flat, warm, and metallic. The next thing she is aware of is that she is completely naked. Her hand slips futilely as she tries to sit-up, sliding into some lettuce, assorted herbs, fruit slices such as strawberries and apples as well as peppered ham slices around her. She finds she can't really sit up, her hands barely able to move; she slipped because of the unfamiliar restraint. Able to crook her neck and feel them on her body she finds that the metal plate is she on is decorative and not a solid piece; there are straps, maybe part of it, maybe going through the table with a red cloth she is apparently on, they attach just above her elbow allowing her to move her lower arms up and down but not really left or right by much or raise her off her back; they don't so much hold her down tight as limit her movement. Not she is being held tighter by one around her waist, and a band around each leg just above the knee and two more around her ankles. It's enough to prevent her from sitting up or getting any major movement. She does the only thing she can in this dark poorly lit room tied down to what is apparently a serving tray; she screams and bangs her fist knocking the well placed decorative food around.

"Stop that this instant!" yells a woman in a sexy maid outfit entering Vicky's line of sight, "the mistress will be here soon, and I have to reset the garnishes."

"Garnishes?" asks Vicky, "what the fuck is going on? Where the fuck am I?"

The maid looks mortified as she reaches around Vicky, replacing the food items, "Please do not speak with such a vulgar tongue, the mistress…"

"Enjoys a little spice from time to time," says an elegant voice.

Vicky and barely see as a figure appears from the shadows; she is a tall woman dressed in black, a corset with dark red string around her body pressing up her large pale breasts, a cape upon her back, and dark black hair as long as her back; her eyes are a piercing blue. The maid backs up and looks down as the woman approaches the side of the table near Vicky's head.

The woman looks over her, the look in her eyes, a paralyzing predatory gaze. Vicky would
jump if she could when the woman speaks, "Tell me little one what is your name?"


The woman runs her hands up Vicky's leg along her inner thigh rubbing sweat off her body. She brings her palm to her mouth and licks the sweat off, sucking her fingers.

"Catherine did indeed choose a tasty girl; tell me…Vicky…the plate is it warm or hot?"

Vicky is confused looking at the clearly scared maid and back at the woman whose look tells her that silence is not an option, "W…warm…I…I'm sweaty and…"

"Good," says the woman looking back at the maid who seems to calm down a little, "sometimes my servants forget the difference…I do not torture."

The woman turns back to Vicky and without shame or hesitation grabs her breast, gently squeezing it.

"Hey!" shouts Vicky instinctively, not simply because this strange woman just groped her but because her breast feels sore, she hadn't noticed it till now.

Her eyes turn wide as she sees a drop of milk escape her nipple as the woman massages her breast. She leans down and takes the tit into her mouth sucking on it. Vicky *moans* from the strange experience and sight. The woman leans up, licking some milk from the nipple and her lip.

"Delicious," says the woman.

Vicky is at a loss, "What…" she moans realizing she still feels a bit hazy, "I…I'm not pregnant…"

"Catherine's venom," says the woman, "I do not know if you remember her, she is the one that chose you…as a gift for me."

"Gift? What…is this…hey…hold on…" Vicky's head is clearing up, "I…don't know what that woman did to me…or what I said to her…but I'm not gay…or into this dominatrix roleplay shit okay…so just let me go okay?"

The woman reaches between Vicky's legs picking up a thin metallic dildo.

Vicky *slams* her fists, "fucking listen to me!"

The woman's eyes are filled with anger, Vicky falls silent, the eyes are glowing.

"Your wrists are not restrained," says the woman.

Her voice takes on a calmer tone, "tell me my dear can you twist your arms and cup your hands together over you stomach. Vicky does so, it's a bit difficult but she can.

The woman puts her left hand on Vicky's hand, she doesn't seem to be using any force yet Vicky can't move her arms.

"What the fuck?" asks Vicky.

The woman rolls the thin metal dildo around the edges of Vicky's moist pussy, just as Vicky is about to object, the object is pushed into her, and quickly pulled out. Vicky is about to complain, however the sight of the woman's tongue lurching from her mouth like a snake and twisting around the dildo like a tentacle stuns her silent.

"Good," says the woman, "unfortunately some women to dry out when they are sweated, you are truly a great acquisition, I will have to reward Catherine for her delicious find."

All that she says while sucking the dildo dry, her voice echoing from her mouth yet not needing her to move it as a human would.

"What…are you?" asks Vicky.

"My little…Victoria…" says the woman, eyes glowing leaning down to her face looking her straight in the eyes, "I am your Mistress."


The following day there is a new girl being taught how to be a maid in the mansion, a new girl named Victoria.