A/N: I'm not one in writing romantic fics, or anything that concerns to love, but I'm giving it a shot.

Hope you enjoyed.

I don't know to believe anymore. I love her, but I don't know if she loves me too. She is still stuck in her own world full of candies and unicorns. Most of my friends think it's stupid and crazy, but I think it's cute. She has everything I look for, and it's cute. She has everything I look for, and it's not just infatuation. I told her I love her once, and I still remember that day.

I like it when she smiles, and in that sudden movement the world brightens up even more. I like it when she pulls pranks on me and never once have I gotten even. I like it when she calls me and how I act like I'm always surprised. I like it when we have fun together, I remembered giving her piggy back rides, and her with me. I like her in every way, even if others may call her weird. Most of all I love her.

I've had a crush on her since we've met. We have been through a lot, and for all those years, we still remained as what we are today. I always say that our relationship is purely platonic, even though deep inside I want to be more than friends. I heard her say that she doesn't want commitment, and she is not ready for a romantic relationship. We are already graduating and I still haven't done anything to impress her. The thought of it makes tears run down my face. It's like I'm too sheepish, like I can't do anything.

What I want is just an assurance that maybe she loves me too. It's too confusing to think as of now. I just want happiness, I want someone for me. I need help.

Love isn't for me yet, I know. I don't know what I should feel. Should I feel angry? Happy? Nervous? Or should I just don't care?

Yes, he's important to me. He's my friend, my guy best friend to be exact. For the past years that we've known each other, I can say that he really knows me – the real me. And I'm pretty sure that he knows even the smallest detail of me. He knows it when I'm happy, when I'm sad, or if I have a problem – even without telling him.

I know he has feelings for me ever since, I just act as if I was oblivious and choose not to bring up the matter anymore because it makes me feel awkward towards him. But I know to myself that he's one of the persons that I feel most comfortable with, to the extent that I can do even the weirdest things when I'm with him.

Even though there are times that I act cold towards him and I nag him most of the time, he's still patient enough to talk to me and listen to my endless complaints. I thought annoying me is the only thing he knows to do, but there's this side of him that I really appreciate the most.

He always encourages and compliments me. He always reminds me that no one can put me down and that I can surpass any challenges that come my way even though I feel like giving up already.

I'm so thankful that I've got to know someone like him; a person that accepts me for who I am despite of my flaws, and a person that sees me as an imperfectly perfect being.

I'm happy for what we have and what we are right now and I don't want that to be ruined, and having this kind of friendship is the best thing ever had.

A/N: Does the situation seem familiar to you? I'm sure most teens may feel the same way as these views. If I were to have a guy best friend who happens to take a liking to me, I'm sure I would have felt the same way: feeling awkward, not knowing what to do, and insisting to stay as friends as soon I sort the situation out.

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