Aurora peered down into the glass encasing the necklace. Tiny hands patted the glass eagerly as she tried to take a closer look to no avail. Her nose pressed against the glass, her breath fogging the glass.

"Mother.." she mumbled in awe.

Her mother patted her shoulders in a small attempt to calm her daughter's excitement.

"One day, my love..-" The woman bent down to the little girl's height, pulling her into a hug. "-That will be yours.." A kiss was placed on top of her head.

Aurora squealed from the kiss and turned around to face her mother, hugging the woman as much as her tiny hands could. Beaming, she plastered thousands of kisses on her mother's face, "Really? Oh, mother!"

The memory ended as quickly as it came, leaving her alone. Alone with no more memories. Alone with no company. Her mother was taken from her several springs later, leaving her with no one. She was 'too old to be an orphan', they had said. So they had left her alone. Alone to fend for herself. She was alone. And that's how it was for a while now.

For years now, she has been alone to her own disposal. For years now, she has had nothing but her memories. For years now, she hadn't cared for the company. For years now, she has been nothing but content pretending that she's happy with nothing but her memories.

And she was.