Phenolphthalein is an acid-base indicator that has a pH range of 8.2 to 10. My HL Chemistry teacher taught me this while on Topic 18 in junior year. Of course, I didn't know this while I was in 10th grade science doing simple titrations. I didn't know that phenolphthalein was colorless while acidic, and pink when basic. All I was instructed was that the solution is titrated when the solution turns pink for 3 seconds and then becomes colorless again. With such vague instructions, I aimlessly began the lab with the girl sitting next to me as my partner.

As far as the set up went, it was fairly simple. The acid of unknown concentration goes into the flask, while the base of known concentration goes into the burette. The amount of added base is recorded, and with the known concentration of base, the concentration of the acid can be calculated. A simple concept, yet I was fixated on the lab and my partner.

Who knew that titrations could be so romantic? The lab required me to get intimate with this girl. Our faces so close when trying to read the meniscus in the burettte. Our hands often touching to whisk the flask or to turn the stopcock. As the lab progressed, I often saw her pink reflection off the flask. I was so mesmerized by our organic interactions I didn't realize how close we actually were. I didn't realize that other classmates were looking at us, questioning what we were doing.

Before I could recognize my own emotions, it was already too late. I had fallen for this girl. Sure, our lab went down as a passing grade in the grade books, but what about the feelings? Were they ever recorded? Well, just like the color of phenolphthalein, my feelings for this girl were pink for 3 seconds, only to become colorless again.