Sit down at my table and have a slice of my soul, served on silver, embellished with tales and twists to your own taste, drowning out any original fears, but marketed as my vulnerability for your pleasure.

My open heart, turned cold and still under the demonstration of my limits.

"See? memoriesregretjoyhurtmasks all laid out for a payment- a turn of the viewer's eye."

Open for the taking,

"softstrongdeterminedbeautifultrustworthy" Accept my traits as your own to please the crowd.

My flaws scream "who am I?" into the roaring silence of the void inside.

where have I gone?


Like a chant in my head, long forgotten qualities.

Structures fractured, as fragile as bones under the crushing weight of self-discovery.

And, "lovehatelonginglonelyfine"

My lungs breathe into the night, making these sugary promises, like a confectionery filling its display cases with every exhale.

These broken walls are held together with nothing more than words.