When silver eyes turn dim and dull,
When storm-clouds on horizon scull,
When dry leaves scuttle on the ground,
And darkness closes all around,

When Raven hair and raven wing
Mingle, then the storm will bring
A darkened dawn, a wealth of fear
Do not listen, lest you hear

The ancient song, the wailing cry
As weepers mourn where heroes lie
As sleepers wake and rise once more
Then wise folk close and bar their door

An evil night, and one of dread
Yet not as grim as all that's said
For in the evening's darkest hour
One will come, with lightning's power

Of silver eye and Raven hair
She shall depart out from her lair
The storm shall pass, the rains shall lighten
Then silver eye again shall brighten

The maiden then shall roam the woods
Check the meadows, and cross the fords
The people will unbar their doors
The rain shall flee across the moors

Then raven hair and raven wing
Shall go unto their home again
Their work all done, their toil past
Banishing the gale and blast