Raiders sought for women fair
Hither and yon, here and there
Men they slew, the women spared
And off they rode, with captives scared

The boys they left
Of parents bereft
They thought there none
Of fingers deft

Unwilling to let them get away
The lads departed in dawn of grey
Stalked the raiders all the day
At darkened evening, engaged the fray

And though there were of boys but few,
In righteous anger their courage grew.
It was now or never, the captives knew,
Rebelling, they engaged the raiders too!

Sisters and mothers were hotly defended
Enemy shields and helms were dented
Up also rose the wives intended
It was not long ere the battle ended

Returned they home, the lads victorious
The songs that day were sweet and glorious
They earned them then a name notorious
As tales were told of the boys valorous.

Just for laughs, I'll go ahead and tell you the last line of the original draft: "And the raiders left, they sure were sorrious." My sister was appalled. xD