Finding Nowhere

In a few weeks we have managed to walk down our histories

You showed me callouses and cupboards, laugh lines and nooks and crannies

With every room you showed me where all your nightmares hid

Then told me how my voice seemed to make them disappear.


You followed me around as I carefully riffled through

Blew dust off forgotten favorites, drew blood from some old wounds

I said sorry and you smiled so I showed you my deepest scars

Then you shrugged and without pause, you called them beautiful.


We then traveled from our memories to lands we've yet to reach

To dreams and territories, cities and secret fears

We made hours into minutes, how was life before this man?

Who showed me how beautiful it could be if I just wiped the glass.


One day as I wandered through you called me to your door

and said "Look at all the flowers I've been planting here for her."

I reel with accusations, questions, shame and guilt.

Suddenly, this stranger's house, I couldn't wait to leave.


You reach out and hold tight to my wrist, my other hand upon the gate.

You smile and ask me to stay longer, but that's just too much time to waste.

We've traveled far and wide, companion, in paths we should have made alone

You've somehow made me an intruder, in a place I thought was home.


All those miles and minutes, I think, while standing there,

Somehow together, we have managed to find and reach nowhere.