Opposites Attract
By: Jey4eva

Chapter 1: Most Likely to Get Married

"Hey, Kat, did you see the "Most Likely to Get Married" picture in the yearbook?" My sophomore brother, Keith asked, coming from the kitchen and into the living room, where I was reading a novel. (A/N: I know, run on sentence. My teacher would be mad.)

"No," I said, not looking up from the novel. "Why?" I asked yawning and taking a sip of my hot chocolate. Hot chocolate, NOT coffee. Coffee makes me gag. It didn't matter, I was just trying to wake up.

"You'll find out," he said grinning. He put on his backpack. There was a honk from the outside... Probably one of his older friends. He walked to the door.

"What do you mean by-" I started.


Keith had closed the front door behind him.

"Katrina, are you going to school or what?" My Mom asked. "Don't you want to be there to see if you were made Valedictorian?"

"I'm going," I mumbled as I took one last sip of hot chocolate. I got my backpack and slipped it on. I got out my car keys. I walked out the door and walked to my turquoise convertible. I started the engine and drove to school, not giving the yearbook or Keith another thought.

When I entered the school building, everyone stopped EVERYTHING that they were doing, probably even breathing and stopped to stare at me. I frowned and took off my sunglasses. They stared for a few more seconds, then everyone went on about their business.

"Weird," I muttered.

As I passed by a group of cheerleaders, they gave me dirty looks. I shrugged it off. They were probably mad that I was at the top of the class... After John Wilkins of course... But, he probably cheated on every test because there was no way that a jock could get a grade higher than a C.

I passed by a group of junior girls and they giggled at the sight of me. Jocks that passed by me, grinned and cat called.

Well, that was a first... I mean, I was wearing nothing special. Just tight capris and a 3/4 sleeve shirt. There were popular girls around me that were wearing things MUCH MORE revealing.

"Hey Katrina," a guy said as I passed by.

"Hi," I said shortly, frowning.

What the hell was going around here? I thought as I dialed my combination lock to my locker. It opened and I stuffed by books in it, then hung my backpack. I got the books I'd need and closed my locker just in time for-


-the first bell.

I walked to my homeroom class. When I entered the room, people immediately started applauding. I frowned, "What the hell?" I uttered. Oh my God! Were they applauding because I had made Valedictorian?

I took a seat next to my friend Mary.

"What's going on around here?" I asked. "Did I make Valedictorian?"

Mary shrugged, "Dunno..." she said. "Didn't you hear?"

I shook my head, "No, what?"

Mary sighed and took something out of her pile of books. It was the yearbook. She opened it to a page and handed it to me.

The yearbook was opened to: "Most Likely to Get Married". I stared at it in shock as I realized who the couple was...

"What?!" I exclaimed.

Everyone turned to look at me curiously.

I glared at them, then went back to staring at the couple. There was a picture of John Wilkins making a slam dunk during a game... then me... It was a picture that was taken of me when I wasn't looking, because I was at the library studying and looking down at a text book. Then they had our school pictures at the bottom... Him grinning and baring his shiny, white teeth, and me giving a pout (A/N: Not the baby pout, the pout where you just relax your mouth... y'know?)

I groaned and slammed the book shut. The Yearbook Commitee was SO going to hear about this. The room had suddnely become quiet as someone entered the room. I looked up and saw John Wilkins himself, scowling at me.

John and I had NEVER gotten along... It might be the way he ALWAYS got first, and me second... Or maybe it was just because he was popular and I wasn't... Whatever the reason, we NEVER got along.

I glared back. What was his problem? It wasn't MY fault that we were "Most Likely to Get Married".

He took a seat in the farthest seat from me possible. Everyone gave their "Ooh, that hurts."

I rolled my eyes.

Mrs. Redpin came into the room. "Alright people, settle down, settle down. I have a few announcements to make." The paper air planes disappeared and everyone grew silent.

"Ahem," she said. "I know that some of you are waiting with anticipation to find out who the Valedictorian is this year..."

I shot a look at John and saw that he was staring at his nails, bored. I rolled my eyes. How could he be so CALM! It was like he KNEW that he was going to get it, no sweat. Jackass, I thought.

"And I also know that there's only one month left of school, but that doesn't mean that you don't have grades to keep up or SAT's to take. And speaking of grades... This year we have TWO Valdictorians..."

Oh no, I thought glumly.

"The Valedictorians this year are..."

Everyone held their breath... Well, at least I did.

"Jonh Wilkins and Katrina Burke. Well? Let's give a round of applause since its ALSO a coincidense that they were christianed "Most Likely to Get Married"!" Mrs. Redpin said, winking at me.

I closed my eyes in embarrasment as everyone applauded. I sighed. I was having mixed feelings... First of all, I should be happy that I had made Valedictorian... Yes, I had made it with John Wilkins... But, I still should be happy. But, then again, being christianed "Most Likely to Get Married" with the guy you absoulutely loathe could really piss you off. I mean, this was bad. This meant that I'd have to dance with him during the prom. Why? Cause' it was the school's stupid tradition! I sighed.


"I can't believe Perryl gave me detention for dropping my pencil and coughing. God! Dissrupting the lesson my ass," I muttered as I walked to my afterschool detention with my substitute Math teacher, Mr. Perryl. "That good for nothing idiot that doesn't even know what 1+1 equals," I continued to mutter.

I didn't stop my muttering until I reached the classroom. I opened the door and stepped in.

"Oh, God! Can't you stop following me around?"

I turned and saw the one and only John Wilkins sitting at the front corner desk. His feet were up and he was leaning back in his chair.

"Me?" I snapped. "What the hell are you talking about? YOU'RE the one that's going wherever I go," I said.

"Right. Look Burke, I didn't ASK to be here," John said, glaring at me.

"Oh, and you think I did?" I shot back.

"See! There you go again! You do and say whatever I do or say!" John cried. "I suppose you'd also go to the same place that I would rather be right now."

"Not likely Wilkins... It would probably be the LAST place I'd go to, considering you were there," I said.

John scowled, "Why is it that whatever I do, you're always there too?"

"I don't know. Why don't you go ask the person that set this up," I said sarcastically. "I mean, its bad enough that you stole my spot at the top of the class... Then we BOTH end up as Valedictorians... BOTH OF US! There's only supposed to be ONE Valedictorian. And to make the whole thing even better, we end up as "Most Likely to Get Married"!" I burst out angrily.

"Oh! I STOLE your spot as the top of the class? How's that so? Considering I get better grades than you?" John asked, smirking.

"Right Wilkins, I bet you cheat on every freakin' test!" I spat out.

"And why do you think that?" He asked hotly.

"Because you're just a stupid jock that thinks the world revolves around him. There is NO WAY that you, being a jock, can pass tests without cheating," I said.

"You don't know shit, Burke. You make poor assumptions, and you think you're so cool. You got "Most Likely to Get Married" with the most popular jock in the school. Oh! So now you think YOU'RE so cool?" John asked mockingly.

"Burn in hell, Wilkins," I said, seething.

"After you, Burke," he shot back.

We stood there, glaring at eachother menacingly.

A clap started from the front of the room.

We turned, surprised. Mr. Perryl was standing there, with a clipboard and pen, smiling at us.

"Loved the performance!" He said. "The hate, the anger! Its brilliant!" You two would be great for my psychology project!" he said excitedly. "What do you say?"

We stared at him in shock. He had stood there, watching us fight like cats and dogs and he didn't do ANYTHING to stop it? And crazier yet, he was EXCITED?!

"Uh, Mr. Perryl... I'm here for my detention..."

"Wha? Oh! The detention! No, well, you see... I gave the both of you detentions to see what feeling would stir up when you were put together all alone... It was a success! Do you do this often?" He asked, interestedly.

John was already out the door with me following him.

"Kids? Kids?"'

You could hear Mr. Perryl calling us.

"Quit following me," John snapped as I followed him to the lockers.

"Love to Wilkins, but unfortuantely, your locker is next to mine," I said, and walked faster so I would be ahead of him and hopefully get out of the school building before you could say "Perryl is a jack ass".

I opened my locker, getting out my books for homework and stuffing them in my backpack.

John arrived next to me shortly. I got the rest of my things and slammed my locker shut.

"Just so you know..." John said as I passed by him. "Your hair looks like crap."

"And just so you know," I said casually. "Your fly's open."

He looked down at his pull-up pants.

I laughed.

"Bitch," he muttered.

I gave him the finger as a farewell wave.

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