Stay Calm



He isn't particularly frightening with his seemingly gentle eyes and velvety voice, but you know better. The familiar twist of your stomach tells you there's something off—this man, if you can even call him that—frightens you. As the summer breeze rushes through your hair, you wait. Wait for the moment that gives you a reason to leave.

You continue smiling and answering his questions, hoping all the while he doesn't notice your unease. Then, he says it—those magic words.

"You're daughter must be beautiful."

This seems like a harmless compliment, but you're too young to have a daughter. You also look your age. As your hands begin to shake you tell him you have to go. Something inside you wanted to confirm that he was twisted, though you don't know what. As you begin walking, he turns back to you and noticing this, you glare. A defense mechanism.

Stay away from me.

Once the man is gone you break down. Squeezing your eyes shut, you tell yourself that everything is alright. No harm had been done and he had left you alone. Why are you still scared? Maybe he was trying to be friendly. No, that mind of yours repeats, he wanted something. You can't seem to stop shaking and try to put back on the calm and collected persona you've mastered over the years.

Once you've gathered your wits, you resume your walk home.

Please, don't let this happen again.




Something similar to this happened to me awhile back.

I didn't cry or anything, but I was hella scared.

It's scary when you feel as if something is off.

Best wishes,