Welcome! I felt like writing something saucy that also catered to my interests so this is what you've got here. I feel I must say that picture isn't mine obviously, the shoddy Paint text I added over was my doing however. This story was inspired by Katica Locke's 'Broken Wings' although is very very different. I just felt like giving credit where it's due. There's just something so very wonderful about homoerotic stories taking place in a magical boys' school...

- 1 -

~ warlocks, daemons and ghouls... oh my! ~


"Name." the disgruntled old man requested from behind the booth. It was not a question, but an order. His eyes didn't lift off the parchment to examine the young man who stood beneath his elevated seat.

"Taliesin," he watched as the unwelcoming gentleman scrawled it down with his quill.

Of course it was not his real name. Giving someone your real name, like giving anything of yours – whether it hair, spit or blood – was a dangerous thing for a warlock to do. All of the men in the waiting area were young like him, and all of them warlocks. They all stood apart from each other, shifty figures that shot each other suspicious glances. They did not trust each other and that was to be expected. Taliesin handed over his folder containing the completed forms that would allow him to leave his homely village life for the prestigious Lemegeton Academy.

He joined the others and kept his distance. His name was a secret he'd have to guard strictly for at least the next three years of his life. It was an awful shame that warlocks naturally didn't trust each other, upon arriving at the famous school they would soon learn the value of sticking together. Lemegeton Academy taught only men while its sister school taught women, they interacted but a few days a year for certain formal festivities and ballroom celebrations. However each school taught humans, ghouls and daemons. Taliesin had never met these supernatural beings but heard about them from his Aunt. She herself had attended Shelomoh Academy in her youth and told him a lot of what he'd have to deal with. They were not kind to humans and he would have to keep his head down while studying there, as well as not giving off the impression of being a push-over either. As a warlock, Taliesin had been the magical name he had chosen.

Around his neck he wore a silver pentagram and his ancestral rings had runes inscribed upon them. Surrounding his brown eyes was a dark smudge that was supposed to make him look more occultic. His hair had been darkened black by crushed bark and nuts, under his Aunts direction. It would enable him to blend in better. Taliesin was a bit despondent knowing he would see women so little in the next few years, although they were not exclusive to his interests. That was another fact about himself he would have to hide to blend in and be safe. He was open about the idea of being with other men, so when these other warlocks arrived at the school and met their supernatural schoolmates they'd be in for a shock. Because while Taliesin had little opportunity to explore his whole sexuality, daemons were all exclusively bisexual. They were also supposed to be terrible fiends but no student at the school was innocent. Lemegeton was a dark magic academy.

His Aunt had travelled with him until he had to hoard his possessions off for examination and packing. Now it was just him and he found a nice solitary place to stand by the cave wall. The lanterns glimmered the various magical jewellery worn by each warlock. There were dull brown stalactites dripping cave water into small pools on the rock floor. On the other side it sank down into a bank where a silent glassy black river flowed. An old Viking boat bobbed against the rope that kept it from drifting, its old captain fiddling with his pipe. Taliesin swept his gaze over the dozen warlocks again and saw them all glaring in different directions, but that was a front for most of them as their legs fidgeted nervously. He dragged his gaze back to the booth where three more warlocks waited to hand over their papers. The one behind him was short and skinny as if he'd been starved despite the showy amount of metal accessories around his wrists and neck. His ash brown hair was short and cropped up. Taliesin could tell by his facial expressions and the way he walked that this kid was gay. He even had pentagram stud piercings in his ears.

He left the booth and headed over to join the others with his gaze lowered. Looking up he glanced at the others and noticed Taliesin's curious stare. Immediately his eyes dropped, then they went up again, then down. When he was sure he was getting stared at he finally returned the look with defiance. Taliesin looked away with a smile wondering if he'd aroused the other boy's curiosity as well. When the last warlock joined the rest Taliesin noticed people's heads turning as they all stared into the darkness. Burning orange eyes approached them from around the shadowy bank. The figure came into view, the flickering lanterns illuminating him and reflecting his fiery slitted eyes. He was tall and young like them. He was attractive and his raven hair short and smart. His skin had an inhuman pallor and his movements were elegant and predatory. The cunning of those eyes revealed the calculating speed of his mischievous mind. He was intelligent and the wide smile hinted at his arrogance. A daemon.

"Hello warlocks!" his teeth were sharp "Do not be alarmed. My name is Ramelech and I'm a senior prefect at Lemegeton Academy, here to guide you first years." he had the same hypnotic charisma said to belong to all of their kind. Taliesin didn't trust him, and he was sure neither did the others. "Apprehensive? Good. You might stand a chance of surviving your education unscathed. But before you get too anxious let me just say I am bound to help facilitate you on this day, if I posed a risk the school would not have let me be here." The nervousness in the air dissipated as the truth behind that statement settled in. "Now onto the boat."

The old man puffing on his pipe turned away to fiddle with the ropes. The warlocks edged toward the long vessel carefully. Their rower prompted them and they started climbing over onto the shaky boat. Taliesin waited back and examined the ass of the short gay boy as he walked hesitantly. The shiny black material of his trousers were tight beneath the dark poncho draped around his neck. Taliesin grinned and followed after him onto the boat.

There was enough room for each warlock to sit at either end of each bench row. The short boy took his seat opposite to a chubby warlock with shoulder-length dark curls. Taliesin climbed into the boat and dropped down to sit next to him. The small boy's eyes widened in alarm.

"Hi, I'm Taliesin." he smirked, hands in his jacket pockets. The other boy looked like he couldn't decide whether he should glare or just act dismissive. He was too nervous to do either.

"Celena," he averted his stare.

Taliesin was well read in the mythos of magical deities and understood the reference. Celena was a name based on the moon goddess and meant for women, yet he'd chosen it for himself. His contrived voice could not hide its higher pitch. Taliesin was reminded of someone who'd always been picked on for being different and had to learn to be stark and stand up for himself. Despite his fears that another warlock has seen his difference and assumed it to be weakness, he couldn't just get up or tell Taliesin to leave. And that was because Taliesin might not be mocking but legitimately flirting.

Taliesin had such regrettably low experience with other men, his home village had been small and rural. He'd figured that he'd find some students like Celena however. He admired the boy's slim thighs and could feel the pressure building in his crotch. God would he love to see them on either side of that boy's face... Celena noticed him staring and his eyes flickered away, and then back again. Too nervous to keep eye contact at first but then his posture changed when he caught onto what Taliesin wanted.

Ramelech sat up the front of the boat at a higher seat and watched them all with a grin. The rower had freed the boat and used a long paddle to push us off. It rocked slightly as the current swept us along the black surface, lanterns at each end of the boat illuminating a small distance.

"Before I begin explaining the things you need to know," the crafty daemon began "I'll preface it by saying I'm probably the nicest daemon you will ever meet. My kind always act on self-interest, and it is true I agreed to do this for the extra credit. But I am dedicated to my prefect duties and the glowing report I will get at the end of my final year. So, I won't just tell you what I have to about Lemegeton Academy but I'll tell you the things you really need to know. The things most warlocks find out the hard way. Trust me on this. First years always run amok and are the laughing joke of us higher years."

Taliesin looked around at the other cautious gazes and wasn't sure how much they really could trust the first daemon he'd ever met.

Ramelech took a breath "Lemegeton Academy teaches warlocks, ghouls and daemons. All of you know this, although probably none of you have met the supernatural kind before today and a bunch of you probably don't know anything about us at all. As warlocks you would've made deals and bargains with many supernatural creatures to perform your little washy magic rituals. The most often used helper for warlocks are spirits as they are easy to control. Ghouls are simply ghosts of human warlocks who possessed a high amount of unresolved spiritual energy. Before they are pulled back into the reincarnating cycle of life and death they must exhaust this charge by living after death until it runs out. Ghouls account for ten percent of the student body. They attend the school to interact with each other and can take part in classes although they're exempt from homework and exams due to the fact a qualification will probably serve little purpose to them."

His orange eyes flickered like fire and surveyed the curious listeners "Daemons can easily control and trap ghouls with our own power, but rarely pay them any attention. They serve us no purpose and therefore aren't worth our time. It's a bit harder for warlocks to control them but it is often done. Because of this there is a stigma that they are merely servants, and to warlocks simply power to be harnessed. Ghouls typically resent warlocks for that, so now you know what to expect in advance. A few of them might haze you." his dark eyes wandered and shined at a silent joke "Don't worry about recognising ghouls: they are floating, form-changing bodies of aura light. Hard to miss. "

Taliesin then caught Celena looking at him. He must already be well-versed in all this stuff, but Taliesin was hooked onto everything Ramelech was telling them. But the difference in Celena's eyes... he'd been pointedly checking out his legs, then waist, then his chest and collar bone above the black singlet beneath Taliesin's jacket. The boy's eyes rested unapologetically on his own. Taliesin looked at those lips and wondered what they'd be like around his cock. Then he imagined how much of a slut Celena could be on his knees. Ramelech was still talking however and he had to eventually make up his mind and drag his eyes forward, caught between a rock and a hard place. He readjusted his sitting and tried to pay attention.

"The remaining student body is divided evenly among daemons and warlocks. I'm sure you've all at least heard rumours that we're dangerous to you. I'll tell you the facts now. Yes, we're stronger than you. Yes, we're smarter than you. If you approach one of us that will most likely cause trouble, if one of us approach you best to keep your guard up. We all have black hair, usually pale skin, some of us have horns or even wings. It depends on which sub-species. There are five of us. I am but a lowly Shedim, we are the most common race and only ones that will socialise with your kind, to an extent. But a Shedim will not hesitate to put a warlock back in his place if he becomes a nuisance. You've been warned."

Celena was still looking at him and Taliesin couldn't help himself. He adjusted his sitting and then let his thigh rest against the other boy's. Celena stiffened a bit but then pushed back.

I've pre-written a few chapters already in case regular updates becomes a thing I'll do. Originally my chapters were only a thousand words each but I felt that wasn't long enough, so what you've actually read so far is the condensed version of my first two chapters. The length of chapters might change down the line, we'll see what happens. But if they do get longer I might update parts of chapters at a time. We shall see!

I feel that in actually being a young man who has had sex with other men before that will give me an edge over your typical slash writers :]