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- 18 -

~ Jack be nimble, Jack be quick... ~

By the time Taliesin wound his way through the obsidian corridors and stairways, crossed the undercover walkway adjacent to the quadrangle, and turned past the giant wooden doors of the banquet hall, he was sure he only had another ten minutes of recess. He walked down the centre gap, closer to the human side. The first table to the left was full of loud, giggling or sombre daemons – the lower-class kind. There were Shedim and Asmodeus on the farthest table as well, but the smaller first years and runts were to Taliesin's left.

He tried to keep his eyes from meeting any daemon but failed, he swept the length of the table trying to catch a glimpse of Demoymon.

He couldn't recognize Demoymon, or Agramon, or Beleth, or anyone else. The daemons either had their heads down or were facing away, the ones that looked over moved their heads again quickly to talk to someone else. They all seemed to move a pace faster than humans in terms of normal movement, especially here at lunch. To Taliesin they all had the same black hair and grey-tinged skin, though some of them had small pointed horns. The only difference was that some were a bit taller or their hair was different: straight, wavy, messy, long-ish (Taliesin had yet to see a daemon with long hair, unlike a few of the warlocks).

Taliesin lifted his head as he walked, almost automatically, and met the eyes of Ramelech who was sitting at the end of the second table. The smart, combed-over haircut. Those orange eyes were bright like fire within the rest of his colourless features. They linked eyes for a moment before Ramelech knitted his fingers together, elbows on the table and resumed conversation with the daemon beside him. Taliesin detected no malice or smugness in that look. It was almost… friendly.

The banquet hall was three-quarters full, near the end Rohan sat by himself in a wide gap. He wasn't eating, just staring at an empty plate. Taliesin hesitated. He was hungry and only had a few minutes to scab some of the left-overs. Instead he jogged over and swung himself onto the bench opposite his friend. Rohan's long brown-black curls were touching the table until the chubby warlock raised his head. His eyes looked haunted. They stared at each other, Taliesin felt his heartbeat speeding up.

"Rohan?" He watched his friend clear his throat.


"Oh god." Taliesin leaned back, both hands on the edge of the table. "Demoymon." It was like Dinesh had said. "You saw it?"

"After Spirit Discipline class…" he spoke softly "I was heading to Magical Creatures, and I guess he shared that class too… I was walking ahead to avoid him and then… Demoymon…"

"What happened?" Taliesin spoke seriously.

"Demoymon forced Montanya to his knees, and the guy tried to call out for help and fight back… the daemon just hit him until he couldn't anymore… then I thought that was going to be it. But then he… unzipped his pants…"

"Gods…" Taliesin looked down, sickened.

"All the daemons were just watching, laughing. I think they knew it was more than a random attack. It was horrible… I think another warlock helped him up after. He was a mess. I just got out of there…" Another moment of silence and then Rohan's eyes dragged upward until they were on Taliesin's. His voice came out in a whisper "I think you're fucked."

Taliesin grit his teeth and they sat staring at each other for a long moment.

"I'm sorry you had to see that."

"What are you going to do? He's gonna…"

"I can take care of myself, Rohan. But thanks for the concern."

Again Taliesin was given a weird look. The same Dinesh gave him when he said he'd be alright. They thought Taliesin wasn't taking the situation seriously enough, that he was being overconfident. Maybe he was. Taliesin was going to trust himself though. He did have a plan. Granted it was a flimsy one. He chose to put it out of his mind.

The two of them sat in an awkward and dejected silence until the huge bell reverberated through the rock. Taliesin stood straight up and watched his friend.

"Do you want me to walk you to your next class?"

"You don't have to do that." Rohan shook his head. "Just take care of yourself first, I mean it Taliesin."


"And pray to Luhevi too, while you're at it." Rohan said as he forced himself up.

They were both on opposite sides of the table so they walked out separately. Taliesin's stomach grumbled and he ignored it. Period three was Languages, he'd have to cross the quadrangle. That wouldn't be such a problem unless Demoymon was in here right now and already following him. Taliesin looked over his shoulder and couldn't spot him. He'd have to move quickly.

Taliesin stepped around other warlocks and daemons, looking for someone in his class. Perhaps he'd be safe if he walked with his room-mate. Agramon might humour him or he might punch Taliesin in the gut for being the one to approach. Taliesin exited the hall and looked back at the human faces, then he looked forward again. Being with a classmate wasn't going to help in this circumstance anyway.

He was in the middle of the huge quadrangle, tagging behind a group of older leather-clad warlocks and keeping his eyes on a nearby teacher when he saw someone. The stumpy Filipino boy who was also in his Numerology class. He wasn't heading to class though, he seemed to be walking to the toilets. Taliesin weighed his options before jogging to his classmate.

"Hey!" he approached from the side and the guy turned his head before coming to a complete stop.


"We've both got Languages. I was wondering if you wanted to walk together?"

"Huh?" He looked confused.

"Languages class… do you want to walk together?"

The boy remained confused until his features slackened.

"Isn't it line three?"

"No… it's line two."

"Oh… oh thank you!" He looked extremely grateful. "I would've been late two days in a row! No matter what I always seem to be late… thank you!"

"No problem, buddy." Taliesin said a little awkwardly. They turned around at his indication and started heading the right way. "My name's Taliesin, by the way."

"I am Lamang." He had a very thick accent.

"Hmmm not a deity I've heard of."

"No, my chosen name is after a mythological hero of our village."

"That's interesting."

"What was your name chosen after?"

"Oh, it's a long and kind of complicated story."

This guy seemed a little clueless. Maybe a harmless and less talkative version of Montanya. At the thought of the molested Latino warlock Taliesin's shoulders sagged a bit. Poor guy, I should probably stop talking bad about him now.

Taliesin walked quickly and Lamang followed suit. He remembered the Satyr that'd frightened him yesterday and wanted to get a seat before it got to class. They seemed to move slowly anyway, not that it made them any less terrifying. The pair of warlocks were squeezing through passers-by and were right outside the huge circular door when the queue in front suddenly stopped. The colourful ghouls fazed through walls or breezed overhead undisturbed. Someone from behind knocked Taliesin and he went forward, hands splaying into the broad back of the man in front. Through the crisp white shirt he felt the muffled sting of a Shedim. Immediately Taliesin straightened and the man turned around.

"Professor Zaebos…" The taller man's red eyes were planted on Taliesin. He was the only Shedim he'd seen so far with that colour. "Sorry Sir…"

"Ah, you're one of mine." His voice rumbled attractively. His white button-up was tucked under the belt of his sleek trousers. Beneath his clothes his body was distractingly sexy. Taliesin swallowed and then wondered if his teacher knew what he was thinking as he studied them. "Get in. You're holding everyone up." He ordered.

"Yes Sir." Taliesin and Lamang squeezed around him and into the dark-wood room.

Only about half the class was there, the teacher filed in after them. Taliesin was happy to find a place where he could sit with Lamang but then his name was called.

"Taliesin." A daemon spoke loudly so he'd hear. It had to be a daemon – the voice was smooth, strong and sexy. Taliesin knew the voice anyway, he looked up to see Agramon sitting by himself. The yellow-eyed daemon kicked the bench beside him so it slid out. The two warlocks hesitated and when Taliesin walked over Lamang followed. Agramon's gaze was sharp, he turned his head to the boy beside Taliesin "Not you. Fuck off."

Lamang's whole body twitched and he fled with his tail between his legs. Taliesin couldn't help scowling at his room-mate, Agramon's face turned back to his.

"Sit down."

Taliesin wanted to snap back at him then, but knew it was a bad idea. When they were alone it was different, but this was public. From the corner of the room an orange ghoul was watching them, his chin resting against his hand with mild interest. If Taliesin defied him now Agramon would have to beat him later, cause of stupid cultural bullshit.

He internalized a sigh and whipped around the row, sliding in next to Agramon as he'd been instructed. He frowned at the daemon and Agramon raised his eyebrows threateningly – daring him to do something. Instead Taliesin fought to turn his face to the desk. He reached back to pull his bag off and started fishing around for his books. Their teacher was setting things up at his desk while more students filed in. Lamang sat by himself at the front. A few laughing Shedim entered and Agramon's lips were suddenly by Taliesin's ear.

"Don't look at them. Don't make eye-contact. Don't talk back to them." The orders were in a low murmur, his breath tickled Taliesin's lobe.

Then Agramon was straight again and the trio stopped at the edge of Taliesin's desk. He strained to keep his eyes down.

"Well, well. What do we have here?"

"Is he yours, Agramon?"

"I didn't know you wanted one to yourself."

Agramon merely snorted. The daemons lingered, studying him, and although Taliesin's need to stare back was burning he remained still. The creatures moved around the desk and slid past him, going to take seats on the other side of Agramon.

"I hope you plan to share with us. Friends share."

"Shut up, Torngar." Agramon stayed serious. "This one's my property."

"Well it certainly looks like he's well-trained."

At that moment Taliesin's fist clenched. Fuck you, Agramon. I will get you back for this. He felt Agramon's shoe pressing on top of his foot and figured his subtle action hadn't been missed. It was a warning. Taliesin unclenched his fist.

At that moment the Satyr came clopping into the room. Taliesin kept his gaze down and the four Shedim stopped talking, also looking away in different directions. The clops got louder as the daemon got closer, but Taliesin didn't feel the creature's attention on him. He felt a gravitational pressure squeeze him grazingly as it merely observed him along with everyone else. Luckily it seemed the Satyr had not taken an interest in him. When the higher-class daemon took his seat the Shedim started talking again, albeit quietly.

Taliesin seemed to be their centre-point of conversation. Agramon acted territorial and it was obvious he didn't want their attention on Taliesin. He didn't want them to take a liking to him. Taliesin could detect a tinge in the voices of two of them – perhaps jealousy? The third one sounded guarded, a little scrutinizing.

Taliesin hated being talked about when he was right there. He was expected to sit still like a good little claimed human, and he couldn't do it. He was about to burst with retorts but luckily Professor Zaebos stepped up to begin their lesson.

"Textbooks out. We're continuing with the magical language Theban. Firstly, with memorizing the symbols that translate into runes. Then we'll be memorizing some basic phrases. I hope you all read your chapters, I'll be calling on some of you for answers."

He was definitely the best-looking professor Taliesin had. The warlock fantasized a bit, crossing and recrossing his legs, but had to focus on what was being said. He was taking notes so quickly he could barely read his scrawl. When he peeked downward he saw Agramon's writing looked as elegant as calligraphy – not that he was writing in English. It was some weird Daemon-ese with small characters, all evenly spaced like print.

Half-way through the lesson Taliesin was called on. He jumped in his chair, stuttered but managed to give the correct answer. The professor's expression didn't change but he gave a curt nod.

"That is correct."

Taliesin tried to calm down and noticed Agramon was smirking.

Before the gong sounded they were given another three chapters to read and two question units in their book to complete. Taliesin didn't have a study period that day, so he was going to be busy once classes were over. As soon as the bell rang their teacher turned away and students were gathering up their things. Taliesin shot up, wanting nothing more than to leave Agramon and his horrible friends. This time the daemon's foot came down hard enough for him to keel forward and grimace, eyes wide in pain.

"Looks like he's keen to get away from you." A Shedim with radioactive-green eyes stated.

"Not at all," Agramon was quickly up beside Taliesin who was flexing his toes and willing his eyes not to water. "In fact, I can't keep him away from me."

Agramon walked around Taliesin who'd just packed the last of his stuff before he was yanked by his sleeve. Some of the students glanced at them from their desks. As soon as they were outside Taliesin shook Agramon's hand off.

"You wait till we're alone." He whispered out of fury.

Agramon stepped up so he was right in Taliesin's face. They were the same height but it was still nerve-wracking to be so close to a daemon. Those bright yellow eyes were only a few inches away from his, Agramon's expression stony. Taliesin was still. More students stepped out of the classroom and then Agramon turned away and stormed off without saying anything.

God damn daemons. Taliesin toughened up then walked off, forgetting he should've checked with Lamang if their next classes were closeby. That morning, after nearly being gang-raped by a pack of Asmodeus, he'd looked at his timetable and the map and marked off each of his classes so he could safely get to them as quick as possible. Divine Studies was in the west tower, second level. Meaning Taliesin would have to walk past the library. If he walked inside the building and went for a side-exit to an upper level he could avoid the crowds and most likely Demoymon. In the vast, echoing library he could scream for the librarian or a prefect and be heard.

As Taliesin's anger ebbed and his concern for his own safety resurfaced, he walked closer to the wall and moved faster. Down the ground-level walkway between buildings. A shorter Asmodeus stepped over to barge Taliesin's shoulder with his own, hard enough to bruise. He grit his teeth and ignored the chuckles from behind as both parties kept walking. Taliesin hopped up the stairs and massaged his sore shoulder. He took them two at a time and quickly, breathing slightly faster than usual when he got to the top. He squeezed past a pack of daemons before they could notice him and vanished into the open doors of the library.

It was almost empty. A few people here and there, students on their study break who'd made it there quickly.

Taliesin went down the few steps and passed the circular tables. He hadn't been on this side of the library before, but he'd seen the connecting passages from the outside. Taliesin eyed the enormous bookcases as he walked by, they stretched up to a dizzying height to the top of the red chapel. When he passed the final bookcase after a minute of walking it was oddly dark, but Taliesin could see black stairs a few paces away. The shadows made him nervous. He looked back and could see small figures moving about. They'd hear him if he screamed…

Taliesin was nervous to go behind the bookcase. But that was silly. Hurry up or you'll be late. He hardened up then paced quickly into the shadows, toward the stairs. He got three-quarters the way there before he was grabbed.

A hand clamped over his mouth and an arm hooked through both elbows and held his arms behind his back. Taliesin shouted but it was muffled. Biting cold chilled Taliesin's skin while prickly fire burned underneath. His attacker moved his mouth to Taliesin's ear and whispered.

"Calm down. There's no need to make a scene. I don't want to hurt you."

Taliesin froze. It didn't sound like Demoymon's hiss-spit voice. When he stopped struggling his captor slowly released him. The warlock stepped away and turned, his eyes wide and chest heaving.


"Hi." He grinned. In the dark his pink eyes were glowing.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Taliesin thundered.

"Shhhh." The shorter guy stepped up and pressed a finger into Taliesin's lips, there was that strange sting again. Taliesin went still and Beleth lowered his hand.

"Why did you attack me?"

"It's your fault. I'm like a cat."


"If something runs from me, I chase it."

"I wasn't running from you!"

"You were running from someone." Beleth stated. Taliesin squared his jaw and turned away, started pacing.

"An Asmodeus wants to get me. Really bad. It's like a revenge thing."

"That's unfortunate." Beleth said quietly. Those eyes lowered before raising again. "But I guess I'm not surprised. You were too… exciting. Tempting. Interesting. Our kind is going to tear you apart first term. I bet you'll change masters every few months before you get sick of it and your big mouth finally gets you killed. Or maybe you'll learn to adapt. It's not just pride and lust that makes daemons want to claim or steal someone else's claim, there's envy too."

"I'm not gonna be a piece in your game." Taliesin was quiet but dead-serious. "I'm not."

"Then you're going to die." Beleth said simply and blinked.

They were silent for a moment. Beleth wasn't as trustworthy as Agramon or Ramelech, because at least with them Taliesin understood their motives. This quirky daemon was a wild-card – Taliesin had no idea if Beleth would keep up the act of their fake-friendship or if he'd let his true desires be known. Seeing as it was just the two of them. Then again, Taliesin could still probably scream for help…

"Why did you follow me? What do you want?"

"We have Divine Studies now. I tried to get your attention but you were moving so fast it looked like you were running from me. It was unusual. Then it looked like you thought you lost me, you were scared, I couldn't resist frightening you." Those teeth were back in their usual smirk.

Taliesin took an involuntary step back before stopping himself.

Beleth watched "You know, you really are an interesting human. I do like you. But the daemon you live with is going to claim you. That Asmodeus will get you. Then just like I said, you'll be fought over because of your bright personality." He stepped forward.

"H-how do you know about Agramon?"

"Everyone who takes a second to notice can smell a daemon on you. I also think it's interesting you'd open yourself up to another Shedim like you did. Letting him suck on your essence like you did." He licked his teeth.

Taliesin stepped back and Beleth followed, they were heading to a wall.


"The prefect. Shedim can see spirit energy. He's still glowing – with yours. We all talk, it's more appealing to us than sex. But not something many are ever lucky enough to get."

"Beleth, we're going to be late for class…" Taliesin was still backing up. "Let's just go…"

"I wonder what you traded him for…"

"What do you want?" Taliesin was angry, and stood his ground just before hitting the wall.

"I wanna be friends." Beleth's hand was on Taliesin's waist, moving upward and suddenly he knew exactly what Beleth wanted. "You like making trades with Shedim? We could have one…"

"If you do this I'll get you." Taliesin's voice was barely a whisper.

"Don't be like that." Beleth murmured, his other hand gripping Taliesin's shoulder, trying to un-tense his muscles. That other hand was roaming up his chest. "I want to get my turn at you before I can't anymore. I know you want to as well. I want you to please me." His voice was getting quieter as those lips got closer.

"Because you're a fucking piss-weak midget of a Shedim." Taliesin whispered back, mind red.

Beleth stopped. His eyes glowed, glanced aside then back. A knee hit Taliesin's gut and he folded over in pain. My organs… There was a lot of power in that. Taliesin fell to his knees gasping. Beleth stepped up so his bulge was level with Taliesin's face once he straightened. The dark-haired guy smirked downward.

"We're both going to be a bit late to class. Professor Crowley won't blame you if you're with me." Beleth watched him choking, Taliesin still couldn't form a retort. "Sorry about that, you made me mad." There was no sincerity in his voice. "I could force you. And I will, if I have to. But I'd rather we both enjoy it."

"Agramon will kill you…" Taliesin threatened, it was all he could think to say.

"Let's get on with it. Seeing you like this has got me hard as hell." His grey face wasn't flushing, but there was a sheen and Taliesin could feel his delinquent excitement. "The more you fight the more it'll hurt. Come on, Taliesin…" his voice was a little pleading, and impatient.

Taliesin closed his eyes. Get it over with. He opened them and stared up. No man, heck not even any woman he'd been with was as attractive as Beleth. The monstrous features aside, his face was beautiful. His body beneath that black suit was beautiful. Of course he'd fantasized about being with a daemon, but could he stomach it happening like this? It wasn't public, but still… Those bright pink eyes watched him beneath that mop of black hair. Just get it over with.

"Unzip it." Beleth kept his voice low.

Taliesin raised his hand weakly and felt for the fly, his fingers rubbing against the daemon's girth. He found the metal piece and zipped down.

"Good warlock." Beleth murmured. "Now take it out. Go on."

Beleth's shiny black shoes were by Taliesin's knees, already sore on the cold hard floor. He was about to give Beleth a blowjob in the library. Reaching through the briefs he felt the tingling flesh of Beleth's stiffy, wrapped his hands around it and pulled it out. Beleth groaned somewhere low in his throat, tilting his chin back and exposing his Adam's apple. When he looked down again he was smiling wickedly. Thrusting forward so the tip of his cock pressed into Taliesin's lips. In this lighting it looked no different to a human's.

Just get it over with.

Taliesin gripped the cock in one hand and then put it in his mouth. Beleth groaned. He started bobbing his head like Celena had done. Taliesin had never sucked off a guy before, it was strange. A hard, fleshy thing taking up most of his mouth. The experience was demystified then. Beleth moaned louder as Taliesin jerked his head back and forth, coating the dick with his saliva. He guessed he was doing it right.

"That's right… suck that cock you warlock bitch." His pleasure was giving way to an aggressive need to dominate.

Taliesin felt his fury returning. Anger at the humiliation, the fact he had no choice. He hated Beleth at that moment, but he kept sucking his cock and wishing it would end quickly. It tasted like salty musk but mostly like nothing. Beleth was groaning non-stop while Taliesin's jaw started to ache. His knees and neck were also hurting as the minutes dragged on. Beleth reached down and he clenched Taliesin's hair, hard enough for it to hurt. He started thrusting into the warlock's mouth, those shocked groans getting louder.

"Oh fuck yeah…"

Beleth's expression turned mean. He bit his lip and gripped Taliesin's head with both hands. Mad with lust, the daemon started fucking his face. Wild. His cock was almost entirely in Taliesin's mouth, deep enough that he couldn't breathe. Taliesin couldn't move, he reached up to grip the daemon's thighs through the shiny material of his trousers. He had no power to slow down Beleth however, and he gagged as that cock went in-out at a dizzying speed. His drool was slopping onto the ground, bubbling on his face as he choked. Panicked.

Regardless of what Beleth had said, this wasn't any fun for Taliesin at all.

It lasted about thirty seconds after that, Taliesin barely able to breathe against Beleth's face-fucking. The daemon was panting, legs unsteady as he grunted. Then for the first time he looked vulnerable. Beleth cursed and twitched as he came in Taliesin's mouth. Lukewarm fluid that was tangy and earthy, Taliesin swallowed the first shot but then kept the next thrusts in his mouth as it filled with the daemon's weird semen. Beleth slowed down as he groaned loud and long, pushing in those last few thrusts before slipping his wet cock out of Taliesin's mouth.

The Shedim stepped back wonkily before sitting down on the floor, breathing loudly. Taliesin spat the cum out of his mouth, but it tainted his tongue. A puddle of drool was between his knees, he wiped the spit off his face and leaned away so he could sit down.

"I can see why you humans want sex so much…" Beleth panted at the roof.

"Are you a virgin?" Taliesin said between spitting and wiping his tongue. Beleth either didn't hear over his breathing or chose not to reply. Taliesin rubbed his knees before getting up on his feet. He staggered and wiped his mouth again "I'm glad you've got it out of your system, because that is never happening again."

Beleth reached down and slipped his softening cock away, zipped up his pants. Taliesin glanced at the stairs and hesitated.

He faced Beleth "Get up. We're going to be late for class."

"You want to walk with me?" Beleth was confused.

"You were the one talking about my trades with Shedim. I have a few questions for you. And you're going to answer them on our way to class."

Beleth tilted his head from the floor, a coy smile on his face. He lifted his legs and sprang up off his back. His hair was messy.

"Let's go then, cocksucker." He said cheerfully.

"Fuck you." Taliesin started up the stairs.

"How does my cock taste?"

"Like shit."

"I doubt it. You loved it."

"I'm the one who asks questions now. You just fucking answer them."

"Alright." Beleth's voice was smug as he followed Taliesin up, but also curious. "Fire away."

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