To Be Read Before Bed

Do you feel it? That strange feeling you get when somebody's watching you, but you can't tell where from? You could be in a crowded room or all alone, but you feel it all the same. Even if you didn't before, you're noticing it now aren't you?

It's not the power of suggestion, it's the cold, simple, uncanny fact. You feel someone watching you. If you don't make any sudden movements, and stay very still, you can almost see It out of the corner of your eye. A shape or a shadow that isn't supposed to be there. Sure, you think that I could be referring to anyone, but no. I'm referring to you and you alone.

You, alone.

Ah, but you're not alone are you? No, It's there isn't it? Watching you, hiding just beyond your vision, just out of your sight. You want to turn and see, but you won't you fear It might be there. And what would you do if you did catch It there? You're afraid of what you'll see. It's the reason you don't want to be in the dark any more isn't it?

If you're looking for comfort, or words of solace, you won't find them here. Some truths are harsh and must be faced, just as this truth must be faced.

You and It.

You might think that you're safe if you don't see It out of the corner of your eye. But you're not.

It's behind you now.

How far behind you, I couldn't say. I'm not there. But you are. Do you feel it now? Eyes on the back of your head? The nape of your neck?

You want to close your eyes but what if you do? You will eventually have to open them again. And what if then…It's no longer behind you?

When you're in bed, you can try to think of happy thoughts, something funny you've seen or read, but in the back of your mind you can't shake the feeling that it's still there. When the happy, sunny, and funny thoughts are gone, just before you drift off to sleep, you will still feel It there.

There! Have you noticed? There's an uneasiness in your stomach, that sort of feeling that comes when you have to walk on stage or jump into a body of water. Like butterflies. It's your body warning you, telling you something is wrong. And something is wrong.

It's getting closer.

Next come the goose bumps, and the hair sticking up on the back of your neck. You can try humming a tune, but that won't make It go away. If fact, in the silence after your hum, you feel the slightest movement on your bed. It wasn't you. You're too petrified to move.

It's here.

Good night.