After much debating, her parents reluctantly agreed, though it didn't take long for Megan to warm up to the boy. There seemed to be something almost angelic about him.

"Where are all your things? Didn't you bring anything?" She asked him.

"Well, uh, no ma'am, I didn't. I left in a hurry, you see." Lies tasted like ash in Liam's mouth, but he considered it a necessity. Sarah had hurriedly filled him in on his background story before her parents had called him downstairs to talk to him. (A.K.A. interrogate)

So after they had accepted him into their home, they decided they would need to go shopping. Megan ran over to the next door neighbor's house, an older woman who's son was out of the house, and got Liam a pair of trousers and a shirt, as well as shoes, so they could go shopping.

("Don't know how he made it here all the way from Colorado without a pair of shoes…." Her father had rumbled.)

At the store, Sarah was in charge of picking out his clothes. Being centuries old, he didn't exactly have the best sense of style.

By the time they got to Albertsons, Sarah was astounded at how often she kept tripping and running into things. "God I'm clumsy today!" She said aloud, after knocking over the second sale sign.

"You see? I told you. Usually I'm telling you to look out." Liam muttered in her ear. She blushed, and looked away. Liam did this all the time, but she wasn't used to boys in such close proximity.

They returned home, and Liam helped unload the numerous bags from the car. He had everything he could possibly need for the next week.

"Now, there's only one condition to you living here," Megan said, austerely. "Okay, well, two. First: No sneaking into my daughter's room at night…" Liam, for the first time, felt a blush rise. "Second," Liam held his breath as she held up a pair of kitchen shears. "You have to let me cut your hair."

Liam let out a chuckle. "As you wish, Madam."

She set him up in the kitchen on a chair and Liam watched as little snippets of hair fell to the ground.

"This is a little overdo, if you don't mind me saying.." Megan said.

Liam agreed. It had been hundreds of years.

Afterwards, Liam went up to Sarah's room. He wanted to make sure that she was ok before they went to bed..

"Hey, nice haircut!" She said, bouncing off the bed to ruffle his damp hair. Liam was surprised by how it felt to have her fingers running through his hair. He had never felt anything like it before. As an angel, he felt things, but his senses were dulled without a body. He had never before felt sensations as acutely as now, and found it to be quite pleasurable. He felt a pang when she dropped her hand.

"You look good." She said, smiling at him. He felt a tightness in his stomach and that strange, tingly feeling.

"Thanks," He said, ruffling his hair self-consciously.

"So how's being human?"

Liam, for the first time felt glad that his own thoughts were private.

"It's… different."

"I bet it is."

They were quiet for a moment.
"So…" Sarah started, "I have a question. If you were really an angel, why can't you just ask God to change you back?"

Liam stared at her blankly. "What do you mean?"

"You know, God. The big dude sitting on a cloud."

Liam continued to stare at her, bemused.

"What, you mean there isn't a God? How can there be angels without a God? Don't you have some higher authority?"

Liam sighed. "It's very complicated. It would take an eternity to explain what I knew the moment I became an agent of Divinity."

"Well, try."

Liam hesitated, finding the right words. "You see, the human race is very mixed up when it comes to God. Most religions are based off of duality: that there is what's holy, and what's evil. But really, there is no such thing. Everything is both and neither, at the same time, and the universe relies upon this constant dance of opposing forces. Just as we need to inhale to exhale, and just as there must be death to be rebirth, without opposing forces, there would only be nothingness."

"So what are the two opposing forces?"

"Oh, there are millions. Creation, destruction. Hot, cold. Light and Dark. Masculine and Feminine. And for each and every force in the universe, there is a god in charge of it."
"What? I've never heard that before!"
"Have you ever spoken to an agent of a God, before?"

"Uh… well… no…" She was silent for a moment. "So, which god are you an agent of?"


Her eyebrows crinkled. "So why don't you just ask fate to turn you back?"
He sighed. "Fate, that shifting goddess, well, she is awfully busy. Look at it this way- if I were an employee at McDonalds, Fate would be like the CEO. Now, I couldn't very well take my issues to the very head, now could I?"

"You just compared your holy hierarchy to McDonalds?"

"Ok, maybe it's not the best comparison, but you get the idea."

Sarah paused. "So… what is the opposite of Fate?"

He looked at her. "Can you guess?"


"Yep. But all forces are intertwined. We are not simply opposed by chaos."

Sarah sighed. "This is complicated."

Liam smiled. "I haven't even started."

But a knock came at the door. Megan poked her head in. "I think it's time for bed, for you both."

It seemed strange for Liam to be obeying a human, and more counter-intuitive still to be leaving Sarah, but he complied without complaint.

"Goodnight, Sarah." He whispered, as he left.


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